Eero Saarinen Piece of Art: Womb Chair & Ottoman

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The only furniture items worth creating replicas for are those of styles from renowned pieces that transcend time. The Womb Chair & Ottoman is still iconic more than 60 years after the Finish-American designer Eero Saarinen had the concept to create it.

The dreamy basket full of cushion that designer Florence Knoll asked for at that time is still alive and standing. Nevertheless, like numerous extraordinary ideas, it took a long time to create, and needed numerous iterations to perfect.

Eero Saarinen before the Womb Chair

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Known worldwide, Eero Saarinen was born in the Republic of Finland in 1910. Saarinen is acknowledged for his developments, design and for the controversies that enclosed his work. This particular architecture symbol pressed the limits of design and produced new styles in each job he worked on.

An artist primary steps

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Everything started when Eero’s household moved to the USA when he was 13 years old. Motivated by his dad Eliel Saarinen, who was a popular figure in the American (and European) art circles of the time and his mother Loja Gesellius, an extremely famous sculptor, Eero started operating at an extremely young age.

Right after graduating from Yale, he began his long-road career by dealing with numerous amazing projects like the design of architectural symbols such as St Louis Gateway Arch in Missouri, CBS structure in New York, and the TWA flight center in John F. Kennedy international airport.

It wasn’t until he chose to follow the steps of his dad by signing up with the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan, that he was going to begin crafting furniture innovations. Undoubtedly, while studying in the Academy, he became pals with different mid-century modern designers and nowadays figures, consisting of Harry Bertoia, the Eames couple, and Florence Knoll.

Is the Womb Chair & Ottoman still famous?

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Nowadays it is one of the most popular furniture pieces from mid-century contemporary design, and among the best-sellers from our store. Perhaps, the only method a reproduction can exist is by following designs of iconic furnishings pieces, this chair made its method after the Finish-American designer Eero Saarinen had the idea to make it take place, to the 21st century, 60 years later.

In consequence, the basket loaded with pillows dream-chair that designer Florence Knoll requested at that time, is still alive and standing.

As we have actually spoken about previously, it was in 1946, simply after a short meeting with Florence Knoll at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, that the Saarinen principle was born. Back then, Knoll informed him that she needed a chair that she might merely “being in sideways or any other method she wanted”, tired of uncomfortable lounge chairs that everyone had back hens.

Saarinen then proceeded to work on the primary variation of the piece by taking a modern’s womb as motivation. He felt that not many individuals had been comfortable in their lives considering that they left their mom’s womb.

This specific seat is a favorite by heaps of individuals all over the world who are very praised for the sense of safety that communicates. With an ottoman by its side, the piece has achieved a long story of making people naps, breaks and reading times the comfiest ones.

If you browse the net for ideas, you’ll realize that most people concur that the comfort the chair provides isn’t only singularly genuine but interesting. Similarly, a fast Google search will pop-out many forums where individuals seeking comfy chairs that don’t break their backs and posture are being advised to get Eero’s creation.

Reviews from celebrated furnishings websites concur that the chair is almost non natural, a fact we won’t comprehend up until experiencing resting on one. Nevertheless, public opinion has actually set a spotlight for this piece, thanks to whole womb seat enthusiasts making clear their point amongst the whole designer furnishings field: The womb chair is among the most comfortable and lovely chairs and it may be the very best for 6″ 1 individuals who can’t fall for Eames lounges. For more information visit

One of the most popular uses: a comfy book reading seat

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Thanks to its functionality the best places we can advise you to fit it are research studies, offices or libraries. Maybe offices are infamous for their boredom-monotony, it does not imply you’ll keep all of them such as this. Certainly, Eero Saarinen’s development, whether it is an initial or reproduction, is suggested to break boring visual appeals and add a splash of eccentricity.

Let’s use our imagination again: Home workplace or research study, old-fashioned accents (wooden systems, wall panels, desks, devices), brown and white pieces, library. Now, include a red or purple Saarinen seat, for those into the retro-eclectic kind-of eccentric vibe, to the photo. Or, if you’ll prefer the modern however conservative “cozy fulfills elegant” type of plan, picture it white or gray.

It doesn’t matter what style you are into, it’ll be the mold-breaking presence in the space that everyone needs. This seat style and convenience are two of its most attractive qualities; making it the best candidate for comfortable, contemporary created reading nooks. This seat has a sculptural shape – it not only fits and molds shapes of your body in comfy, natural ways but serves as a piece of art.