4 Easiest Sports to Bet and Make Money on – 2024 Guide

Source: The Canberra Times

Sports betting has been attracting fans of this sphere who find great fun in guessing the outcome of matches in the domain of various categories for years, and at the same time are delighted to obtain a couple of bucks here and there, depending on their engagement. Of course, it can’t be said that such activities bring money for sure – the matter is a bit more complicated than that. In order to reach those sums, it’s necessary to come up with a solid strategy that includes a lot of factors – and that doesn’t have to be an easy task at all. It all depends on how willing you are to explore, find out more about all this and take some risks.

Now you’re probably wondering: where to start? Even betting requires some prior knowledge of the sport itself, the rules, the teams or individuals who play and their strengths and weaknesses. The first and key thing you need to ensure before you start visiting betting shops and giving some precious money from your wallet is to observe and inform yourself, as well as choose a specific sport from which your endeavors will start. For a start, it’s best to opt for a single category and study it well, with a lot of attention.

You never know with sports. Each outcome depends solely on the current performance of the player and it’s difficult to find an infallible formula by which you can ensure yourself complete success. However, some of the categories are easier to predict and carry a lower risk of losing money, which makes them ideal for beginners. Let’s find out more about those, shall we?

1. Football

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When it comes to the popularity and majority choice of both beginners and experienced bettors, football convincingly has a fixed leading position. It attracts the most people, both because of the love for this particular sport and because of the somewhat solid system by which one can evaluate and bet. First of all, what encourages people to start with it is a constant, since competitions in this sphere never stop. There are a huge number of leagues around the world and something’s always at your disposal.

In addition, by following the statistics of previous leagues and matches, as well as the history of the team, you can know in advance which team is more likely to win. Betting on singles brings more success for the simple reason that you only have three possible outcomes from which you should choose the one you think is most likely.  Instead, you can try to take advantage of the Asian handicap where you actually have a 50% chance of guessing correctly, as there are no draws in this version as in others.

Good and verified pieces of information regarding the player lineup, the general condition of the team, the presence of player injuries and other factors that can affect the game of any team are of key importance here. Luckily, betting websites have experienced a huge expansion, which means that you can enjoy this kind of betting on specific sites like sbo360.com that even provide some tips for beginners.

2. Tennis

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Right after football, there’s also tennis for those who prefer 1:1 games or doubles. Its advantage over football is that there are practically only two options – either you bet on one or the other player/team. As a result, you automatically have a benefit over what you could achieve by betting on the previous sport.

The rules themselves, as well as the choices you can make, are easy to understand. There’s no draw, and it’s enough to take a look at the tournaments from previous years and assess which player could achieve a better result. It’s for this reason that tennis is at the very top of the ladder of the easiest sports to bet on, as there isn’t much room for misses. The good thing is that in case of a player’s injury, when the defeat wasn’t the result of his or her game, it’s calculated at the rate of 1.00, which means that you’ll get a refund if you only had a bet on that match. Great option for beginners who are just starting their journey in this field.

3. Boxing

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It may seem that boxing has lost the old fame it once had and that now some other sports have taken over its spotlight, but that’s not really true – it’s still going strong and people definitely earn money through betting on it. There’s an option to predict only the winner, which is also safer for your pocket, but in case you decide to test your luck in some slightly more demanding aspects, you can delve deeper with the prediction related to the specific round in which the match will end and in whose favor. This is in some cases an even more secure variant than the first one. Among the options available for this type of betting there’s also the choice of whether there’ll be an interruption or a technical announcement of the winner.

If you’re well acquainted with the previous endeavors of certain boxers who compete, you may be intrigued by the prediction of the method of winning and want to try it. Knowing which are the favorite moves of the boxers fighting for the title, you’ll be able to guess in advance whether the match will end with a knockout, a technical knockout, a judge’s decision or in any other way – the chances are usually quite good here.

4. Horse racing

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What actually makes this sphere favorable for these types of assessments? Simply – the type, character and previous competitive history of the horse. Of course, as in any other sport, there are always certain unpredictable situations that can affect performance, so a lot of care should be taken of the conditions in which the horse we bet on runs. Even if it’s considered the best, the type of field and other similar criteria could significantly change the course of the race. But believe us, it’ll be enough to rely on your knowledge of racehorses and statistics related to the deterioration or improvement of performance due to different terrains and conditions.

There are at least a dozen betting opportunities here, but for easy earnings the so-called ‘place’ and ‘show’ bets are most often recommended, where the in the first case horse needs to take one of the first two places, while the second case requires your favorite to be on any of the first three positions on the top list. True, the odds are lower, but you’re much more likely to actually guess what will happen. There are also ‘exacta’, ‘quinella’ and many other systems, but if we look at the ones with which we’ll reach enviable results in the easiest way, then these would be the two examples listed above.