A Complete Guide About How to Download Insta Videos on iPhone, Android, and PC

Instagram is the perfect place to connect with your followers in real-time and a great platform to promote your business. That’s why you may find content on any topic, whether it’s a guide to choosing a cream or an instructional video on lead generation. It is challenging to remember everything you need for whatever purpose with so much information. It is very often the case that saving an informative video is simply necessary.

Instagram provides a great way to view real-life moments, share thoughts, and different content with friends, or save a favorite video or photo to an archive or highlights.

But if we desire to get the video for viewing without the Internet or without using Instagram? Sadly, Instagram doesn’t have a function for downloading videos to your phone’s gallery. But there is a way out.

I’ll tell you how to get any media content on any device by installing an external app or using the platform to download Instagram video that doesn’t even need to be installed. Choose the one you like best and save important moments for a long time.

If you’re not sure why you need to download the Insta video, here are some reasons that will change your mind.

5 causes to download videos

1. Save videos for future inspiration

It’s an excellent opportunity to save videos so you can be inspired or motivated after watching them later without the Internet and Instagram access.

2. Save videos with useful content

Whether it is a manual or a step-by-step guide, the core moment is that the information is not lost and is always with you at all times and all opportunities.

3. Download videos from your profile

To keep your memories from your Insta profile with you for longer and in better quality, it is better to save them on your device. Thus you may watch good videos with your friends even at a party without internet access.

4. Keep and browse videos in the gallery 24/7

You may go anywhere in the world that has never even heard of the Internet because you may get your favorite Instagram videos and view them anytime you desire without having Internet access. Browse and enjoy 24/7.

5. It’s legal

There is nothing illegal about saving other people’s videos. Just keep a copyright law in mind if you intend to use the video in the future for any purpose, especially commercial ones.

Instagram video downloading to any device

Bigbangram Video downloader

The convenience of this tool designed by the Bigbangram platform is a video downloading to any device. The only thing you need is Internet access to activate the service. It’s free, and there’s no installation.

How to use:

  • open the platform via the browser on any device;
  • go to the Insta acc to find the necessary video;
  • pick out “3 dots” at the right video top and pick out “Copy link”;
  • insert the link into the downloader input line and press on Download;
  • pick out the video location and enjoy the saved media content.

Instagram video downloading to PC

Downloading Instagram videos to any device using external apps can be dangerous to the device. There are a couple of safe ones to use for media content downloading: installing secure apps, as discussed below, or using platforms that require no installation at all.


The platform works online. The tool is handy and simple to use. You may upload videos both from Instagram and from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks too.

How to use:

  • go the service and choose Instagram to get videos from that platform;
  • switch to Insta in a new browser window and log in to your acc;
  • pick out the desired video and press on “3 points” at the top right of the video;
  • pick out “Copy link” in the context menu to copy the video URL;
  • switch to the DreDown window and insert the copied URL into the input line;
  • click on the “DreDown” icon;
  • wait for several minutes and then download the media content to your pc “Downloads”.


The service working analogy is the same as in the previous case but uploads content only from Insta.

Source: Android Authority

How to use:

  • switch to the Insta acc via the browser;
  • copy the video link (URL);
  • switch to a new browser window with service and insert the link into the input line;
  • click on “Download” and view the content into the pc “Downloads” folder.

Download Instagram Videos

The service works only for Instagram video content saving. The working principle is the same as in the previous cases.

How to use:

  • open the Insta acc via the browser;
  • copy the URL of the necessary video;
  • open the browser page with the service;
  • insert the copied URL and pick out the purple button;
  • to seek out the video with Mp4 format, open the “Downloads” folder on the pc.

Instagram video downloading to Android

Video Downloader for Instagram

The tool is free and located in the Play Store. You may get videos, photos from FB and TikTok, too, or share them with friends.

How to use:

  • install the instrument from the Play Store;
  • switch to your Insta account;
  • find the video you desire to get and pick out “3 points” at the video top;
  • copy the media content link and insert it into the downloader tool;
  • pick out the “Paste” button and wait for the downloading process will be complete;
  • you also have an opportunity to browse saved videos in high quality using different settings, change their name, and of course, view them offline from your gallery.

Instagram video downloading to iPhone

Blaze: Browser & File Manager

It is a paid instrument that is located in the App Store. The tool is handy and useful for managing files both from Mac/PC.

How to use

  • go to the Insta page and pick out the desired video;
  • copy the video link (URL) via “3 dots” button;
  • insert the copied URL into the installed app and click on “Download”;
  • then pick out “Export to camera roll” and explore the content there.

Pick out the option that works best for you and benefit from media content anytime and anywhere.