How Travel Bloggers Domi and Frida Make Money While Traveling the World – 2021 Guide

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It may sound like a Disney-fueled love dream, but this couple managed to make it a reality. Domi and Frida is an Italian couple of travel bloggers who have become popular in recent years thanks to their travels that they love to share on their Instagram profile @weloveourlife. Just take a look at their Instagram feed to understand why they have reached more than 6 figures in followers. In fact, this couple posts amazing photos of their travels showing unique places from their perspective. Thanks to their passion and stubbornness, they have managed to create an income by working with luxury brands and hotel chains around the world.

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Their love story was born in a school forum in 2006 when they both attended high school. At the time Domi was 17 and Frida 15 and they say it was love at first sight. After high school, Domi graduated in Pharmacy, while Frida graduated in Architecture. So they both started working in their fields and earning money. Over the years, the couple has developed a strong passion for photography starting by watching tutorials on YouTube. As well as they have started taking small trips together. In 2017 they made it to the island of Zakynthos in Greece. During this journey, Domi and Frida focused on taking pictures of themselves to post on Instagram. This is how their @weloveourlife couple profile was officially born in 2017.

At first, the couple shared their travel photos on Instagram with a few hundred friends and family. They quickly noticed that people liked their content and continued to post better and better content on their profile. Thus, the couple traveled to Mykonos, Positano, Milan, Madrid, London, Tallinn, Santorini, Paris and many other destinations. Domi and Frida showed all these places with their unique style through the lens of their camera.

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In this way, they caught the eye of thousands of travel lovers around the world and increased their popularity. Domi and Frida say that Paris was one of the places where they created content that became very popular. Just imagine a couple in love in Paris to understand what Domi and Frida experienced in those days. Their photos taken at the Musée d’Orsay and with the countless views of the Eiffel Tower show us the talent of this couple and the passion in what they love to do. In addition, Paris was the first place where they collaborated with a famous hotel.

In the beginning, Domi and Frida had no idea how to monetize their passion for travel. After growing their account for some time, they realized they’d be able to monetize their content and start collaborating with brands and resorts to bring in a new stream of income and have their trips paid. Before long, brands began to take notice and Domi and Frida started striking deals with them. Every brand or hotel they partnered with had positive feedback afterward, and before they knew it the couple was monetizing their passion in a major way. Today these two travel bloggers consistently work with international tourism boards, airlines, luxury hotels, car rentals, restaurants and local services.

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Moreover, Domi and Frida make money by promoting brands of clothes, jewelry and various accessories with sponsored posts on Instagram. They show great passion in their shots and only work with brands related to their mindset. This is one of the secrets of their success. Furthermore, after realizing the amount of momentum, they were gaining on Instagram as content creators, Domi and Frida even created their YouTube channel to show people the world through their eyes by vlogging the experiences. This channel exudes the pure passion with which this couple lives their dreams through travel and beautifully documents their adventures for people to experience the magic of travel.

As travel bloggers, they have their own blog called We Love Our Life. Their website features destination guides, photography tips, hotel experiences and countless travel inspirations. They worked hard to create the blog from scratch, building eye-catching graphics inspired by their concept of life. The couple says they spend many hours each week curating and developing their blog. In fact, Domi and Frida believe that their website is a central part of their project and so it deserves all the attention.

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In the future, they plan to better develop some parts of the site with the help of expert local travelers who can tell their experiences on the blog of Domi and Frida. Furthermore, one of their main goals in the coming months is to create their own official shop where they can directly sell their official products and above all the Instagram presets for photo editing. In this way, by purchasing Domi and Frida’s presets, it’s possible to color your photos with the unique style and tones that you can find on their Instagram profile.

In 2020 Domi and Frida traveled overseas to Cuba. They say this was one of the best trips they have ever done in recent years. In fact, they took some beautiful photos in the capital Havana showing all its charm and colors. The Italian couple was able to travel to Cuba shortly before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. The pandemic has greatly affected their travel plans in the coming months. However Domi and Frida, when it was possible by the government rules, continued to travel in their country sharing the beauties of Italy as in their last trip to Sardinia at the end of the summer.

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In all these years they have made great efforts to achieve everything they have created together driven by their great passion and love for each other. At first, they never expected to achieve this popularity but now they know this dream has come true. Domi and Frida said that passion is the most important thing in a long term project. If you start thinking only of how much money you can earn, you will probably never earn anything from it.


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