Do Payday Loans Have High Fees?


These days when everything gets more expensive by the day, being short on money is not something uncommon. In addition, there are unexpected situations where you have to pay for something expensive, and you need the finances quickly.

Luckily, with all the possible mechanisms we can consider such as the payday loan, all this can be quickly overcome. Although this type of loan has been notorious for its large fees and interests, and many people get baited for quick money, it also has certain benefits.

In this article, we’ll talk more about this type of loan, whether they have high fees, and what are their good and bad sides. This should help you understand whether this is the option you should consider. Keep reading and learn more.


Explanation of payday loans

These are loans that have a short-term period where you have to repay what you have taken plus the interest. This makes them great for situations where you had an unplanned expense, and you need finances until the payday comes.

What makes them popular is that you can quickly get money with a simple registration and filling out a form. For that, you’ll need an identification document, the number of your bank acc, and the last payment you received. In case you get accepted, which is a high chance, you receive the finances immediately.

Since paydays usually happen in fourteen days, that is the exact time you have to repay the sum you have taken. Be sure to do that on time since after that the expenses are only growing and you are falling into a virtuous cycle.

What costs and fees do these loans have

When it comes to the fees, they can vary depending on the financial institution you have chosen. However, they vary from ten to thirty dollars for each hundred that you take. If we can take the average fee of fifteen dollars per hundred, this makes your 200 dollars loan to be 230.

Calculating the annual basis, you’ll see how these credits have more than four hundred percent rate, which is surely expensive. However, by doing research and looking for a financial institution that has the lowest fees, you can surely save a lot.


What happens if you cannot repay on time

If you decide to prolong the payment if there is such an option at all, you first get to pay the fee. With that, you two hundred are moved into the next two weeks, However, you get to pay new thirty dollars for the extension. This is how the fees get stacked and you are constantly being left with the initial sum unpaid. That is why you have to be careful in these situations.

In case do not prolong the loan and you are being late with the payment, you should expect another fee that is highly dependent on the institution. In case you decide on getting a payday help, be sure to pay for everything on time.

The good sides of this loan

After going to the basic with an explanation of the loan as well as its fees, it is time to see the good sides if you consider getting this type of loan.


Can be accessed quickly

The ability to access the needed financial amount quickly is what makes this loan popular. Since this is mostly used by people who had certain expenses in their home or need finances to repair their vehicle quick funds are a great thing.

As mentioned above, all you need to do is find a platform and register. With a quick response whether you are being approved, you can expect the funds to be on your account on the same day. In case you consider getting this type of loan, visit website.

Do not have lots of requirements

While taking finances from the bank over a longer period requires multiple documentation and proof that you can repay, that is not required in this type of loan.

Even if you have currently a small income, you can surely get a financial sum. However, this is not advised since you might have problems repaying because you’ll need your payday finances to live.


Good in case of a bad credit

As mentioned above, if you plan to get a financial sum from the bank, you’ll need to provide lots of documentation, as well as have relatively good credit. In case your score is damaged from the past, you don’t have to worry since payday lenders are not concerned about that.

It is not secured with property

Lastly, most payday lenders do not oblige you to secure the loan with your property. That is why you don’t have to worry about exposing your belongings in case you are unable to repay on time.


The bad sides

After going through the good sides, it is time to see some of the drawbacks that this type of loan has. If you are concerned by any of them, this might not be the financial move you’d want to consider.

They can be expensive

Depending on the lender that you choose, the fees can be extremely high. With lenders that offer such service with more than a thousand percent of interest, this is not something you should regularly do. Instead, consider asking friends and close people for help since you’ll not need to worry about repaying more than double in a couple of months.


You can get inside a debt cycle

Since this service is mainly used by people who do not have a great income, getting into a debt cycle is extremely easy.

Although you rely on your next payment to return the finances you have borrowed, you’d not have enough to survive until the next payment. For that reason, you will want to postpone the payments, and you will quickly duplicate the fees resulting in astronomic expenses you cannot afford to settle.

Can take away finances directly from your bank

Since you provide banking information during your application, bear in mind that they can simply withdraw from your account to cover the expense. Although you are getting your loan paid, you might not have sufficient funds to survive the next period. At last, nobody should have freedom over your account since that is ultimately yours.

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There can be intimidating collection activities

With certain questionable practices, certain lenders are intimidating their borrowers to return everything quickly. By implementing scaring techniques, you will only want to repay without looking at your other options which leads to a bad decision.

For that reason, be sure you are selecting a great and established financial situation to avoid these things. At last, every one of us might get in a situation where finances are quickly needed. However, by researching and informing us prior to the move we are keeping ourselves safe which is surely the highest priority.