5 Small Home Repairs You Should Really Know How to DIY

When owning a home, you know how problems can come out of nothing, some expensive and some of them can be fixed pretty cheaply. The price of the solution for the problem comes from the spare parts that may need to be changed and the biggest factor is the time that the professional needs to spend in your home to finish that job. To avoid paying extra for a problem that doesn’t require professional help, you can do it yourself.

To fix and maintain your home you will need some tools because you can’t just fix anything with bare hands. You don’t need to spend too much on tools, but make sure you have the essential ones like a hammer, different sizes, and shapes of screwdrivers, pliers, torques, and different keys in case you need to unwind special bolts. Other than the manual equipment, you might need powered tools like a drill so you can make holes if needed.

You should keep in mind that you don’t need to risk your life while fixing things in your home. If you need to work on something connected with electricity it might be better to hire a professional because hurting yourself can be really easy and you don’t want that to happen.

We made this article to show you a list of things that you can repair on your own, without calling a professional and paying extra.

1. Replacing a toilet

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Replacing the toilet may seem like a job that requires a professional to do it, but it is not that difficult. Throwing your old one and getting a new toilet has to be done once in a couple of years. Before going and buying a new toilet, you need to see what type are you using right now because there are several. Monobloc is a toilet connected with the water canister, some toilets are mounted to the wall, and some are mounted on the ground.

When you learn what type of toilet you are using, you should go to the sanitary store and get a new one. The installation process is not a difficult job because all you need to do is to unscrew the previous one and screw in the new one. When installing the new toilet, place the rubber rings to make sure that you tight-seal the draining hole and you need to make sure that you don’t miss the draining hole because that can be hazardous. You can finish the job by screwing in your new toilet or applying silicone so it gets fixed in place.

2. Unclogging a toilet

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Getting your toilet clogged up can be pretty annoying if you throw stuff in it uncontrollably. You should never throw things in there that may cause clogging like things that do not decompose. Before calling your plumber, you can try to unclog it yourself because in case you fix it, you don’t need to pay extra for professional service.

How to unclog it is a serious question. First, you can try to use the rubber vacuum tool to pull stuff out and make it passable as suggested by repairdaily.com. If that does not work, you will need a metal cable that you need to insert down the hole and spin it so it can push things that are stuck in there. In case that doesn’t work, calling a plumber would be essential to fix your problem.

3. Unclogging your sink and shower

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Having your sing and shower clogged disrupts your normal living and that is not a great thing to deal with. The shower and sink usually get clogged with hairs if you are shaving while showering or above the sink so when they collect the water can’t get through. You will need to insert a metal cable down the drain in order to push the stuck thing down to the bigger tube so you can have your water draining again.

If your kitchen sink gets clogged that is mostly because you let food go down the drain and when it collects down there your water can’t pass. The method of unclogging is the same as the above. It is better to prevent this to happen than having to fix this. So, that is why you should never throw food down your sink drain and if your sink gets clogged too often, you should invest in a garbage disposal machine.

4. Painting your walls

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If you are planning on renewing your walls with a new color or just planning on freshening them up with the same one you might want to do it yourself, especially if the walls are not damaged. You don’t need to hire a person to do this job for you because it is not hard and it will save you money for another project that you might have. All you need to do is to buy the primer, paint, painting brush, and roller to start working. Brush your walls with a dry towel to remove as much dust as you can, then apply the primer. When the primer gets dry, start applying paint and let it dry, then add another layer. Continue with the layers until you have the result that you want.

5. Cover holes in walls

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This is also a job that you can do on your own. Imagine moving a cabinet and you see holes on the wall from it, not that it just looks ugly but it is also cheap to fix it. If you hire someone to do this job for you, they will find other imperfections on the wall and will charge you more for fixing everything. You can get a filling mass and cover the holes with ease and with the spatula make the wall as even as you can.


Repairing things in your home will not only save you money but you will also feel good about yourself and be proud to your work. The list is not over since there are a lot of more things that you can do yourself, this is just some of them. Keep in mind that when working, if something goes wrong, call a professional immediately to avoid a situation that becomes too expensive to fix.