6 DIY Home Office Decor Ideas – 2024 Guide

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When you want to decorate your home office, in addition to stylizing the walls, ceiling and floor, you need to add a few colorful pieces of furniture and decorative details that will beautify the workspace. One can do without it, sure, but you’ll all agree, everything seems to be better when the atmosphere in which we perform our daily duties is pleasant and cheerful.

Although you get the impression that the decor can distract your attention and prevent you from working properly, your space still needs to have cool things inside. You know, just to inspire you. In addition, the embellishment of our study or working place should be highly functional and practical in order to motivate you to give your best shot during work.

Here is a way to enrich your living space where you spend a large part of the day in a unique way, and moreover – to do it yourself, at home. If you’re an artistic soul, love handicrafts and in case various DIY projects don’t seem like something unknown to you… we have the right thing for you.

1. Colorful file holders and document binders

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Certain office-based businesses frequently involve innumerable piles of paper and databases that aren’t located only in your PC or laptop. Ah… all those mighty contracts, documents, folders, file holders.. and they seem so boring in those uniform and plain colors.

Having this in mind, why not take advantage of a sudden rush of inspiration to turn these pieces of inventory into something more lively and aesthetically attractive?

Really want to start from scratch? Then make your own file holders from an old box, plywood or some harder material for the purpose of creating a container with stronger support, in case of many folders. After this step is completed, the containers prepared in this way can be lined with decorative, crepe or hammer paper – as you wish. Pinterest pages might serve you as a lovely example of other creative versions, like the ones covered with pages of magazines and books, stickers or leather.

The choice is yours, however, an extra piece of advice would be to keep in mind the color of your other furniture in order to best match the shades and patterns.

2. A huge corkboard calendar

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Yes, planners are cool, but have you ever had your wall calendar as a huge agenda in front of your eyes, above your own desk? You haven’t? Then you’ll simply love this!

Cork is a frequent guest and a part of various wall creations. It’s mostly known to us because of its use in making boards used to pin photos with your fave people and other little things that we want to have in front of our eyes. And how about making a nice corkboard calendar that you’d be able to customize in the way your heart wants it? Check blankcalendarpages.com and find some of the option.

This project may take a little more time, but we promise it’s too much fun. What you need is a large piece of cork (you can connect several smaller ones as well), 35 hammer paper squares in the color of your choice, thread, colored pegs and a lot of pins. It’s easy to find all these since a number of physical and online stores like Jetcube.co tend to sell materials for crafts like the ones we mention here.

After you frame the cork or attach it to the wall, make a grid of 35 squares (5 weeks x 7 days) on it and draw or pin the numbers from 1 to 30 or 31 on them, depending on the month you’re in. Of course, you’ll be able to change it next month.

Above each row of squares, attach a thread in the width of a cork board, and then add multicolored clips or pegs to it above each square. You’ll use them to attach the papers and sticky notes with your daily obligations. Of course, in addition, you can place some pics with friends and family there, or inspirational quotes, sweet messages from dear people, old movie tickets or anything similar that means something to you.

3. Miraculous sea bowl on your desk

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Sometimes we find inspiration exactly in those things that await us at the end of the tunnel, that is, after the completion of all business endeavors and hard tasks. These are often vacations, trips and wandering around beautiful places, so it might not be a bad idea to create a little reminder of what comes after all that work as a reward.

If you have a place on your desk or on the shelf next to it, or basically anywhere in the vicinity, take a classic glass bowl – even better if it’s a cool shape – and fill it with everything. Sand, shells, colorful pebbles, pieces of colored glass, starfish and all the other things that remind you of the sea, the beach and the endless freedom you feel while relaxing on vacation.

Empty shells can also be used as fantastic mini candle holders – it’s enough to fill them with wax and insert a wick. A real little sea fiesta right there on your desk view!

4. DIY vivid mouse pad

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Yes, we know that you can find a whole bunch of different mouse pads in stores, with customized images and various other special features, but it’s much more interesting when you put in a little effort to make your own. Or, when you get bored of that old and worn out one you have for years… Why would you spend money on buying another when there’s nothing easier than restoring an existing one?

Coat the old pad with a piece of fine material of the same shape in the color you want. This depends on the nuance of the rest of the inventory in your office, since, as we said, it’s desirable that the shades match. On that piece you can draw gold or white polka dots or paint something of your choice. There you go – you can be sure that you’ll have a unique and special piece of equipment that no one else has.

5. Houseplants you planted by yourself

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Workspace plants, just like potted flowers for your home, create the necessary harmony in your office as well. Not only do they enhance its appearance, but they also make the air much cleaner. Even when there isn’t enough light or the rooms are not ventilated during the weekend, some species will save the day with their mild and cleansing characteristics.

Experts advise you to choose plants that aren’t too demanding to maintain, as these aren’t supposed to  require much time to be kept in a good shape. Dracaena isn’t only simple to grow, but it’s an exceptional air purifier. In addition to oxygen supplies, this plant also releases droplets that collect harmful substances from the air and reduce the amount of dust.

There isn’t enough light? Ivy, aloe, fern and bamboo are perfect plants for you in such cases. Of course, to make things more DIY, it would be great to plant these yourself and maintain and take care of them until they grow into beautiful tendrils or twigs. You can even paint the pots to whichever color you prefer – so much fun!

6. Customized mirror

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We left a pretty cool detail for the finals here  – DIY unique mirrors that you’ll paint or decorate yourself. You know that it’s often possible to find a classic, ordinary piece of mirror, without frames or other additional parts. Your job will be to make it a lovely extra piece of your workspace.

You can find glass paints with which you can draw ornaments along the entire edge of the mirror in all better-stocked shops and bookstores. A hand-made frame is also an option – it’s possible to make it from thin slats, colorful pieces of glass, twigs, wooden sticks or dried flowers.