8 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Employee Communication

As you already know, adding a digital sign is always a good choice for your commercial display, however, if you choose to implement it in your office, it could assist you with various things such as boosting employee communication. When your staff communication is improved, you’ll be able to increase other things as well including commitment and collaboration between them.

However, you may be wondering – what are some of the aspects a digital sign can improve the relationship between my staff members? Fortunately for all business owners looking for an answer to this question, this article might help. Let’s take a closer look at the different things such technology can help with:

1. It Allows Them to Express Their Ideas

In the usual and common business model seen all over the world, workers did not have channels where they could communicate all the ideas that they have. The main way for them to share them is by talking to their superiors directly. However, by implementing such tech, there is now an interesting and fun way to get their plans out there.

It’ll serve as a means to empower your workers and it will show them that there is someone out there who cares about what they are saying. This will improve the transparency within your company and it will encourage people to talk more, which means that you can create a healthy business environment – which is something that can encourage innovation.

Source: TRS Services

2. It Helps People Learn More About One Another

When you use such a sign in your office, you could choose to present staff profiles, that will, for example, show their surname and name, in which department they are operating in, as well as some fun facts about someone. This will allow them to learn more about one another, which means that they can create new relationships.

You could also choose to implement an interactive screen that will allow them to learn even more. By interacting with the monitors, individuals could get to identify their co-workers easily which can lead to better execution and efficiency, and, of course, more friendships.

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3. Create And Show Your Business Network

Now, we are not talking about traditional social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, instead, we are talking about a business system that will show useful information about the organization, as well as some ideas that are worth exploring, one that’ll encourage innovation and change in your office.

Of course, the leaders and supervisors won’t have to post to it, however, they could choose what they consider is important and emphasize it on the screens. Additionally, it will remind individuals that such systems exist, which means that they can utilize it to tap into someone’s knowledge.

Source: COMM-TEC

4. You Can Show Your Newsletter

One problem that a lot of business leaders have is that their newsletter emails are not read by all individuals. However, by choosing to implement digital signs such as the ones featured on www.indigoworkplace.com, you’ll be able to increase the percentage of people that will see the content.

For example, you could place such a sign in an area where people usually take breaks, which can in return, prompt communication between staff members. Additionally, they’ll be able to discover more about what is happening in the office, which can lead to a lot of beneficial things.

5. Promote Different Company Events

If you organized an event for your staff, you probably wouldn’t feel good about only half of them showing up. That happens mostly because of the aforementioned low percentage of individuals reading the organization’s newsletter. But, by implementing a communication strategy such as interactive screens, you’ll replace the old one with a new and interesting newsletter.

This means that it’ll be simpler for you to promote a specific event such as a meeting, training, as well as other important events. It also serves as a reminder, which means that you could increase the chance of someone showing up to an event your managers or boss organized.

Source: DGI Communications

6. Create Team-building Quizzes!

When you create and offer a quiz, you can motivate individuals to learn more about the firm, the history of it, the people operating there, and so on. You could then choose to reveal the winner every week, which will, again, help people get to know each other, however, it will also encourage them to do better.

Utilizing such a digital screen could assist with team-building strategies, which can, in return, allow your staff to learn more about different things, your company, as well as any other thing that you have in mind. Such quizzes can also help with alleviating stress, which means that you’ll create a healthy environment, which leads us to our next point…

Source: eventignite.com

7. More Fun > Less Stress > Healthy Workers

Using a digital display is one of the easiest and best ways to help your staff stay healthy and happy, which means that they’ll be more efficient and productive. You could choose to offer a wide range of things such as free fruit in the break room, discounts for salads, and so on.

These things can encourage people to actually look at the displays for such information, but more importantly, it will prompt conversations between your staff members, which means that they could perform better at the end of the day. Lastly, it can also help them understand your business strategies, which can only be beneficial for you.

Source: OnSign TV

8. Use it For Training Your Staff

You probably already know that it is hard to properly and effectively train your staff, but by implementing a digital sign, you can choose to offer video training, which is a completely different strategy. Doing so will provide you with a way to create a training program that is pain-free, and it will make the entire experience more enjoyable.


As you can see, there are various things that digital signage can help your company and staff members with. Not only will it help your employees display their ideas and learn more about one another, but, it will also help with the overall efficiency, as well as productivity in the organization.

So, now that you know what benefits you could reap from implementing this innovative technology in your workplace, you should not lose any more time. Instead, you might want to start searching for a company that will provide you with a digital sign or signs that will suit your needs.