5 Most Difficult Achievements in WoW – 2024 Guide

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Users are rarely interested in easy missions, so developers foresee creating complex tasks. Today, there are about 7 thousand different achievements in the popular game World of Warcraft, but our attention fell on those that are quite difficult to get.

Of course, the list of time-consuming missions is much smaller than it seems at first. However, some of the existing ones involve not only a long collection of the necessary artefacts but also a long-term farming of the character. Some of them cannot get the achievement for a simple reason: a mismatch in characteristics.

The game developers don’t hide the fact that the initial set often doesn’t correspond to the optimal version. It is possible to enhance the original characteristics by searching for new equipment or unique items. The finds allow players to improve their characters and gain access to the mission.

1. Seething shore

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The first mentions of the mission date back to 2017, but only a few players managed to complete it. It’s not so much about the players’ unwillingness to develop the gameplay but more about the fact that to get the result, they had to lose the trust of the team.

The essence of the task is to get 2500 azerites and win them back from other players. The process turned out to be quite lengthy, since the team doesn’t like to wait until the pursuit of the achievement is over. It also adds to the complexity of the fact that in the fight for azerites gamers had to fight with other players.

Nevertheless, it was still possible to achieve the set goal. This was facilitated by the support of the team and the search for like-minded people. In addition, such conditions had already been changed, as it was almost impossible to fulfil the previous requirements. The creators had to reduce the number by four times to make the players pay attention to the mission again.

2. Naxxramas or the Deathly Hallows

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A new mission of the game didn’t surprise anyone, but it was quite difficult to become a happy owner of this achievement. The company didn’t leave such an opportunity for newcomers who have recently become fans of the game.

At first glance, the conditions for getting the achievement are simple, since the player only needs one item from the raid. However, the first problem faced by almost all users was the lack of a mission as such. It became impossible to get the desired artefacts or items, which means that it was very difficult to complete the mission. Some users were still able to bypass the system and purchase the necessary finds. Nevertheless, it is still impossible to call this task a simple one. The thing is that the owners of exclusive items began to take advantage of their position and often set unaffordable prices. Interested players have to collect coins for a long time and then look for a seller for another eternity.

Players had to spend a lot of time getting items. Constant monitoring of offers, searching for missing items and long-term accumulation of funds require a huge amount of time and patience from any player. If they lacked at least one feature, it made the achievement unavailable.

3. Horde of hoofbeats

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This achievement is the most controversial in the game. You can get it only if you collect 400 types of vehicles. Many of them are obtained only after a long fundraising for completing other missions and maps.

It is possible to get a new item into your collection in several ways, including:

  • visiting the dungeons to find new items;
  • collecting gold coins and purchasing the items on the black market;
  • a chance to replenish the collection with new items from the game.

But in the latter case, success may be as distant as it was before. The developers readily suggest new vehicles, but no one can say that the achievement will remain unchanged. For example, new vehicles may be the reason for the discovery of a new achievement.

4. Exalted among hundred factions

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The conditions for the achievement seem simple, since it’s enough to win the battles with a hundred factions. But still, pitfalls become obvious almost immediately after you get to the mission. The thing is that there are only 103 factions in World of Warcraft.

It is quite difficult to get an achievement, as it requires a huge investment of time. The number of hours it takes to add an achievement to your collection is not taken into account by anyone, since it turns out to be almost impossible.

It is quite easy to make sure of this, since it is enough to try to participate in skirmishes with at least 50 factions. This will take a lot of effort, and the final stage of the competition will still be far ahead. Decide for yourself if this achievement is worth your time.

5. Warlord of Draenor

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When you first read the terms and conditions, you may think that the task is fairly simple, but in fact, it won’t be easy to achieve. The main rule of the mission is to fulfil two conditions: kill 500 representatives of rare races and win the battle in the Colosseum.

As for the second part of the task, everything is simple here, but the first condition cuts the ground from under the player’s feet. The task receives an additional difficulty star, since at the same moment players can deal exclusively with one goal, that is, to kill representatives of only draenors or goblins.

By the way, it’s worth focusing on the fact that some races appear very rarely. You won’t be able to use any tricks, since the developers foreknew it and blocked this action. It’s still silly to ask friends to create various races.

There is also a limit for this achievement. There must be at least 5 minutes between killing the same character. Thus, the wait for the achievement will stretch for 300 hours. You will also not be able to jump from task to task.

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