Diamond Painting: Best Way To Kill Boredom During Covid – 2024 Guide

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Ever since COVID 19 has struck the world, it has resulted in changing lifestyles and our outlook on life to a great extent. People are bound to stay at home, limiting their social activities. Everyone has taken the boredom by collar in their own interesting way.

Gardening, blogging, cooking, baking, painting, crafting and many other activities have been keeping people busy during Covid times; but Diamond Painting was a phenomenon that took people and the internet by storm.

What is diamond painting?

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Diamond painting is a new trend across the globe. This new painting technique is a hybrid version of Cross Stitch and Painting by Numbers. In this painting technique, numerous little rhinestones are to be stuck to a coded canvas which results into a mosaic painting with the dazzle of diamonds. It’s not just the end product that is jaw-dropping gorgeous; but the entire phenomenon of creating it is mesmerizing and relaxing.

Why Diamond Painting?

The reason diamond painting is gaining so much popularity all over the internet is because it is very easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) technique and its equipment is easily available. You do not need to be a skilled artist to create pieces of art. Despite all the ease, diamond paintings turn out to be perfect eye candies.

Diamond Painting Kit

The diamond painting kits are available at various offline and online stores such as PaintWithDiamonds or perhaps paintingkits.net which contain everything you need to create your very own masterpiece of art. Each kit consists of the following materials:

  • DMS coded canvas
  • Paddy wax or glue
  • A plastic Tray to sort the diamonds
  • An Applicator/pen to pick up the diamonds
  • Lots of sparkling rhinestones or drills that work the real magic (3D or 5D)

Different diamond painting kits are available according to the skill levels of the customers.

How to make a diamond painting?

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Lay out your canvas and take a small part of the plastic off the canvas. Match the drills with the color codes. Dip the applicator in the paddy wax and use the applicator pen to stick the right drills at the right spot. Keep on repeating this till your craft is ready. Gets your final art piece framed to avoid any dust getting into it. In order to master your skills, you can take online courses online. For more information, click here.

Uses of diamond paintings:

The final product of this painting technique is so beautiful; it can serve as a great decoration item at your home. It can also be an amazing gift – to be remembered forever.

Diamond painting and COVID 19:

Diamond painting comes as a savior in the COVID times.

An antidepressant:

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During COVID, when people are locked down in their homes, there is a pervasion of depression and anxiety. There is gloom and darkness around and it is imperative to stop that darkness to seep within ourselves. Where healthy eating, spending quality time with our families and exercise are keeping us on track, hobbies are also playing a great role in keeping us busy both mentally and physically. Diamond painting is also helping people across the globe to keep boredom and depression at hand. It is keeping people busy at homes, beautifully. The technique itself is very relaxing and serves as a stress reliever. It is a great tool to avoid or fight depression.

An addictive hobby:

As beautiful as the paintings are, the technique is equally addictive. Even the sound of sticking the drills is so satisfying, once you are into it, you can do it or watch someone do it for hours without getting bored.

A sense of accomplishment:

Not everyone is an artist or a craftsman, but with diamond paints, anyone can have the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

A family activity:

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Diamond painting is a great family activity. If you engage your spouse and children in diamond painting with you, you are sure to have a great family time. In the era of technology, we are all pulled apart from the members of our family. This would bring the entire family closer by pulling them to one table top to work upon, on the sparkling project. You can always look at your painting with pride as it becomes a symbol of love and togetherness for the rest of your lives.

A screen time averter:

Screens have become a menace for kids of this age. Screen time on average has increased drastically with the onset of corona virus. In order to combat increasing screen time in kids, we have to sensibly provide them with engaging substitutes for entertainment. Diamond painting comes to the rescue. Kids enjoy creating and crafting. Using this technique, they would employ their time is something constructive instead of being just YouTube junkies or couch potatoes. When they reach their finished product, no doubt they would ask for more.

A me-time for mommies:

If you are a mommy whose workload has increased due to COVID, and staying all day at home makes you stressed out, get yourself a diamond painting kit and lay out your canvas. You would be amazed how relaxing me-time it can be.

A side income:

You can turn your hobby into a part time side income. Make your guests go wow with the amazing wall displays crafted out of diamond painting and start selling pieces of sparkling beauties to earn additional bucks. During the pandemic, when many people have lost their income sources, diamond painting can help you to support your family, financially, while staying at home.

Dazzle the positivity:

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Since the world is going through a dark era due to pandemic, you can create, reflect and spread hope and positivity through dazzling diamond paintings. You can also accessorize your cushions, head bands, clips, notebooks, folders, jewelry, key chains and the like. You can gift them to your loved ones to spread hope, kindness and love.

The insta-showstopper:

Last but not the least, diamond paintings are so instagram-worthy, you cannot resist posting your final product on your instagram. It surely leaves your followers awestruck to see the sparkle

“Every dark cloud has silver lining.” When the COVID bounds you at home, take it from the front and explore the artist in you. Make diamond painting your silver lining. Dazzle and sparkle!