5 Devastating Consequences After a Truck Accident

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We see big trucks driving down the highways all the time. Truck accidents are all too common in our society. Truck accidents can be minor with a truck slipping off the road causing no damage to anyone or anything else, or they can be major events that have devastating consequences. Because of its complexities you should always consult a truck accident lawyer in order to protect your rights and possible receive a bigger compensation for your injuries, for more information click here.

Here are just a few of the possible consequences after a truck accident:

1. Multiple Deaths

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When a general accident occurs, concern for all involved is common. Generally, the average accident involves vehicles of similar size, but not when it comes to truck accidents. Large trucks can completely demolish a smaller vehicle and deaths from truck accidents are very common. According to a recent 2018 study, statistics show that out of 4,136 deaths during that year, only 16% were the driver of the big truck. 15% were pedestrians, but the largest number 67% were drivers or passengers from the other, and smaller vehicles.

2. Loss of License

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Truck drivers are expected to ensure the safety of their cargo and others on the road. That can be easier said and done when smaller cars are difficult to see from such a lofty vantage point. However, when a truck driver takes on the position, they fully understand that they are going to labeled liable for most accidents.

Trucking companies maintain high end insurance on their vehicles, but it is most often the trucker themselves that are blamed and in danger of consequences. Truckers can lose their license and therefore, their livelihood due to an accident that is deemed their fault. The possible implications go up considerably should there be loss of life during the accident. It is a huge risk that truckers take when out on the roadways, but losing their license is a possibility.

3. Coma

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Brain injuries can happen in any accident but are a common entity when big trucks are involved. The sheer size of a truck in relation to a passenger vehicle is daunting and with such a large truck and substantial impact, the risk of a coma for one or more of the victims is always a possibility. Coma victims can sometimes wake up after a few days, weeks, or months, but sometimes, a patient is so impacted, their body does not wake up for years.

Comas are more common than one might think and where the actual coma might be generally mild and only last for a short period of time, recovery from a patient waking up from a coma can be substantial. Coma patients can experience loss of certain body faculties that require gradual physical therapy to regain. Patients may have to learn to walk, talk, and feed themselves all over again.

4. Spinal Cord Injuries

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Our bodies can take on a lot of stress and strain, but when it comes to truck accidents, such large scale impacts can have devastating effects such as spinal cord injuries. Our spinal cord is like the interstate of our bodies allowing receptors and important messages to be sent throughout our many body systems. Receptors take information from the brain to our vital organs, tissues, and limbs to allow our body to work as it should. When that important part of our body is damaged, information can no longer pass.

In the event of a spinal cord injury, the person can have some paralysis, be completely paralyzed, or even enter a vegetative state. Some paralysis can leave one or more of the person’s limbs unable to function. Full paralysis means the person becomes a paraplegic, where they cannot feel from the legs down or a quadriplegic where they cannot feel or move anything from the neck down. Once a vegetative state is reached, the person is often only left alive with the help of machines with little possibility of recovery.

5. Severe Burns

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A vehicle fire can happen in any accident. When the fuel line is severed or the fuel tank is impacted, one spark can set off a fire. Fires can also ignite from metals coming together during the actual accident. When an accident involves a large truck, there is far more fuel and flammable materials to contend with. These types of accidents can cause severe burns to people involved in the accident. Burns from chemical fires, common in truck accidents, can not only severely burn the surface of the skin, but when breathed in, can actually burn the interior of the lungs and other organs as well.

Burn victims must undergo a series of skin grafts, surgeries, and can have scarring for their entire lives. Their appearance on the burned portion of their body is altered leading to certain self esteem issues that can take years to manage.

How to Avoid Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents can happen quickly and with little time to react. They can have devastating effects, but thankfully, there are ways a truck driver can avoid most accidents, and also can be insured at Strong Tie Insurance.

  • Proper Truck Maintenance

Truck maintenance is very important and in order to avoid possible accidents, ensure that tread on your tires remains adequate and brakes are checked often. When you can stop faster, accidents can be avoided.

  • Pay Extra Close Attention

Remember, you are the larger entity on the road and cars can see you, but when driving a truck, it is difficult to see the other cars when they are in blind spots. Ensure that mirrors are clear and placed correctly and know where your blind spots are for your truck.

  • Always Use Signals

Signaling when changing lanes is not merely a courtesy, but the law. Truckers should be extra careful in the instance of changing lanes and never neglect to use their turning signals.

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Truck accidents can have truly devastating consequences, which is why it’s so important to remain alert on the roads—whether you’re driving a truck or simply driving near one. If you’ve found yourself in a truck accident, be sure to reach out to the team at Morris, King & Hodge to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.