5 Easy Destiny 2 Tips And Tricks To Impress Your Friends

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If opinions have been divided about a particular game – it’s Destiny 2. While some people think that this game is full of great shooting actions – others think it’s more-less just grinding for better equipment. Either way, regardless of the polarization among the players – this game is one of the ultra-popular and many players are comparing their capabilities with others. That is why we offer you 5 easy Destiny 2 tips – with which you will be able to impress your friends.

Destiny 2: A Game That Everyone Talks About

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Destiny 2 will be the first encounter with this game series for many players – because the first game did not come out on PC. If you don’t know what to expect from the game, we’ll tell you that Destiny 2 is a game that doesn’t have excessive depth – but is extremely organized in the segment around which everything revolves. Whether you like it or not, this game has become one of the most popular shooting games in the world. The main campaign in Destiny 2 has a solid story that is easy to follow – even if it’s your first encounter with the Guardians, Traveler, and other motifs of that world. One of the reasons why it is easier to follow is that everything is explained in the game itself. The game is designed as a long-term adventure – so the real fun starts only when you finish the main campaign.

In Destiny 2, You Will Do Great Even If You Haven’t Played Destiny 1

What’s good about Destiny 2 is the fact that even if you haven’t played the first sequel – you won’t have a problem coping. Moreover, many believe that Destiny 2 is ideal for newcomers who can start the game right away. When it comes to older players who are tied to the first sequel, they will have the opportunity to meet new adventures like flying to Mercury, Infinite Sums, etc. However, new players will also have something to impress their friends. So if you’re planning to do it, read some of our tips.

Wanna Impress Your Friends In Destiny 2? Here’s How To Do It!

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1. Practice on your own, and then form a team

You certainly won’t impress anyone if you first sit down at a console and start playing. That is why practice is always the best way to gain the desired routine. However, the best way to play this game is on a team, that is, playing with friends. Most challenges can be played in groups of three – and if you already have a routine and want to compete, you also have a multiplayer competition option with 4 players per team. There are also so-called cooperative challenges, where a team of 6 players faces the most difficult tasks. One thing is for sure: Destiny 2 is a lot of fun when playing in a team, so with friends – because you can chat, keep each other’s backs, and have a good time.

2. Learn how to choose weapons

Modifying the equipment is one of the most important tasks in Destiny 2. There are many even experienced players who, due to insufficient selection of equipment, fail to reach the desired level. That’s why you need to pay a lot of attention when choosing equipment. You can click here and you can find out how the equipment differs, as well as how to further strengthen it. Keep in mind that once you reach the power level of 280 – you can get the opportunity to create mods that will give you some benefits in choosing equipment.

3. Stay focused on the action in the game

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This is a dynamic game, where situations change quickly. So if you are not focused – things can get out of hand. You must be focused during the fights – because, in addition to the fight itself, you will have other things that hinder you, and which you will have to deal with. Still, don’t give up if things don’t go the way you planned. It doesn’t matter if you succeed in your mission from the start and thus impress your friends. It is important to be persistent and consistent in the things you want to accomplish. That will surely leave a better impression on your friends.

4. Adapt to the weapon you use

We know that there are three types of weapons in Destiny 2, but you can also upgrade your weapons. However, even when you do, it does not mean that you will suddenly become a master shooter. On the contrary! Just as you adapt your weapon to yourself and the situations you find yourself in – you must equally adapt yourself to the weapon you carry. This primarily refers to the use of weapons and their carrying. Namely, you can’t hold every rifle or pistol and use the same method for shooting. You need to adapt to the weapons you use in the game – so you can achieve the highest possible accuracy. That means you have to learn how certain weapons work. This applies to any of the three types of weapons you have available – and you will definitely change them during the game.

5. Be persistent

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Have you heard of the saying that perseverance sometimes pays off? In the case of playing Destiny 2, this is quite true. Although some players lose patience and get annoyed, this is not a quality to be praised. Practice and perseverance are, just like in life, the strongest trump cards in this game. So, don’t allow yourself the luxury of giving up – but be persistent, and we are sure it will pay off. After losing battles, you will be in a position to analyze your mistakes – and when you overcome them, your friends will surely be impressed.

The Bottom Line

Nothing in life goes very smoothly, so not even success in Destiny 2 can be achieved overnight. However, we are sure that with our tips and a little practice – you will be able to overcome obstacles and become a top player, which will be impressive for the people around you.