Understanding The Process Of designing A WordPress From Scratch

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If you are thinking of designing a website, then you are expected to pay attention to some technical entities such as coding, use of wireframes and most importantly management of content on your website.

Constructing a website does not focus on how you intermix social media sites or how smooth your graphics are, it is all about developing a website that will put you in a primary strategy.

Beauty is not the factor responsible for a well-designed website, the deciding factors of how great your website is, are: Is your content full-fledged, satisfying, up to date; Is it able to catch visitors’ attention, if not then try to make it straightforward for the visitor so that they can understand the service and information they came for.

Today many corporations use numerous pointers, along with many visuals, and interactions (text). The main motive of all the articles should be to work in coordination so that the developer can achieve the goal he is looking for.

But if you are new in this field of developing a website and are encountering problems while choosing the correct element which is essential for building a good website, then this Is possible only through a process of web design. If you learn the way to fuse both forms and functions, you will be on cloud nine.

Some Ways For Website Development Are:

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1. Recognising Your Goal

This is the first step towards web design. Web designers must be clear with the end goals of the website he/she is about to work on, typically in private alliance with the consumer.

In this step of the web development, there  are questions to analyze and answer: What purpose is the site for? What is the central goal for designing a website? Are you making it for selling purposes, or for informative or amusement purposes? What do viewers expect to find on your website? Is it important for the website to transmit the brand’s core message?  What will be the leading features of your website that will help it to stand out?

Getting the Answers to the above question plays a very significant role in any website design. Thus, it becomes important to answer all the above-asked questions and that too in time as this can make or break your goal.

2. Significance And Scope

The most common problem encountered by web designers while working on a project is Scope. The main cause of this problem is that in starting the process consumers have a single goal in mind, but as time passes while designing, their objectives may change gradually, which includes improving it or remaking it entirely.

Before designing a website first you need to develop web applications, emails and push notifications. Developing them is not an issue for a developer as it will steer to more work. However, the project becomes ideological in no time if the client’s expectations are not confronted by boosting the funding and timeline.

3. Developing Sitemap And Wireframe

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After following the above-discussed points, you can now go about creating a plan for your website. This Is the stage where you design a sitemap.

The main topics and areas of the website and also a sub-topic if needed are included in the sitemap. It works as a manual or guide to know what type of article will arise on the website and this process plays a significant role in creating a durable and understandable use of navigation.

An important thing designers should always keep in mind while creating a website is client and user demands. Because of this clients and users are the ones that will be inquisitive about your products or services. The idea behind a sitemap is to create an easy to use and eco-friendly interface.

The next step is creating a wireframe. The wireframe is like a skeleton in our body,  as it gives a framework that permits the website to compile graphic design and some other content elements. Another use of wireframes is to detect possible challenges and drawbacks with the sitemap.

Generally, wireframes have no designing elements but act as a guide because it shows how the website will appear once it is completed

4. Content Creation And Search Engine Optimisatio

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In-depth reviews of website content are the only thing this process includes. At times you need to review the pre-existing content if the client has a website already but make plans for generating new content for his website.

The visibility of your website on search engines is mainly dependent on one thing that is the type of content your website has. The process of developing and enhancing the content to improve rating in the list of search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation.

To make your website bloom, try to use the right keywords and key phrases. It is recommended to use Google Keyword Planner. This Google tool exhibits the volume of searches so that you can potentially target keywords and phrases. The main motive of this item is to let you know what people are searching for over the Internet.

Your designing process should always be focused on developing sites with SEO. And try to use  Keywords to gain ranking on the first page. Make sure that your keywords always arrive in the H1 caption

5. Theme And Plugin Selection

In this fifth stage of developing a website, you have to choose what kind of technologies should be used. The only goal in this is to direct you to develop a site rapidly.

You must know the significance of a wordpress theme and principle before using it. This will be a time and money saver for you. Additionally, design a list of what you are looking for. To create a website without any budget restraints using WordPress plugins that have no functional limitation for almost free visit GPLcrafter.

6. Testing

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After following all the above stages now your website is ready to be tested. Confirm that all pages are analyzed properly to ensure that all links on the website are active. There might be some errors that may come because of coding mistakes, you have to fix them if you find any.


After you confirm that everything is working as expected, then it is time to launch your website.  Both launch timing and communication tools come under this phase. Having read the complete details on how to build a website from scratch on WordPress, make sure you design one that stands out in most of the aspects.

Happy developing!