The 6 Most Dangerous Intersections for a Motorcycle in Newburgh


Accidents are dangerous regardless of the type of vehicles involved. But a motorcycle accident can be far more dangerous than other types of accidents because of the size difference. A motorcycle is smaller in size and unsafe compared to a car.

With a motorcycle, you can pass the traffic quickly. But cutting time comes with a price -your safety. Motorcycles are very fast and less safe. Nowadays, people love to drive superbikes. These superbikes will usually have a higher cc engine and weightless body parts. This is a problem. To increase the maximum speed of the vehicle, the safety of the driver is being compromised. So, if you crashed a motorcycle and survived, it must be a miracle.

For motorcycles, problems can come from any angle. One of the first kinds of accidents occurs at intersections. Intersections are prone to accidents. Not only bike accidents but also all vehicle accidents. Every driver must stop at the intersections before crossing it. No matter how empty the road looks, always stop before crossing.

Intersection accidents can be very dangerous since an intersection accident will mostly be a T-bone accident. T-bone accident is the most dangerous type of accident. Many will incur catastrophic injuries from T-bone accidents. That is why you must be extra careful near intersections. In this blog post, we will discuss about motorcycle accidents in Newburg city.

Located 140 Km south of Albany (Hudson River) and 97 Km north of New York City is Newburgh city. This is a city that records the most accidents in the United States. The accidents occur as a result of intoxicated driving, dangerous road conditions, and a left-hand turn, just to name but a few.

However, one of the common places where accidents occur the most is along Newburgh’s intersections. Several accidents have been recorded around these places. Check out this post to have a glimpse at some of the most dangerous intersections in Newburgh city, where most motorcycle accidents occur.

1. Broadway and Liberty Street


Broadway and Liberty Street are in the inner core of Newburgh. Liberty Street runs from north to south and passes through major commercial enterprises. From 2014 through 2016, Broadway reported a total of 42 cases of accidents where bicyclists and pedestrians were involved. On the other hand, in the same period (2014 and 2016), Liberty Street reported a total of 206 crashes involving nine motorcyclist injuries.

The contributing factor to these high numbers is none other than high traffic. It is not surprising that these intersections are flooded with vehicles even on weekends. To minimize accidents from happening, drivers, riders, and pedestrians should be careful while undertaking their activities.

2. Broadway and Route 9W

Apart from intersecting with Liberty Street, Broadway also intersects with some of the major roads, such as Route 9W. Route 9W is in the states of New Jersey and New York City, which takes the threads from Fort Le. The road curves southwards. This means that it allows drivers to reach either the Western half of New York.

The two roads are known to have a high fleet of cars. This increases the chances of road accidents in the areas around these two intersections. The accidents involving motorcyclists and pedestrians are minimal because they tend to keep their distance when motor vehicles flock to these roads. But still, it remains one of the dangerous intersections in Newburgh.

3. Park Avenue and South Street


The intersection between these two roads is dangerous because Park Avenue is narrower but connects to a bigger South Street. South Street has been named among the top most dangerous streets around the Utica area. The two pass through major residential areas in Newburgh.

4. Foster town Road and New Road

Needless to say, these two roads are out of Newburgh’s major area but are still regarded as part of Newburgh. The two roads traverse near Elementary School, which experiences high traffic each day, making travel difficult and dangerous.

There was a total of 27 accidents along the intersection during the 2015-2016 periods.

5. Lake Street and Washington Street


The fact that Washington borders some of Newburgh’s major parks make it a narrow street (than average). The intersection is always difficult to cut across, especially during rush hours. The accidents happening along this intersection is as a result of drivers escaping the traffic from Lake Street to circumnavigate the Park.

6. Broadway and Lake Street

Broadway takes the lead on the most dangerous streets in Newburgh. The street intersects with a couple of freeway-connected roads. Between 2014 and 2016, a total of 1000 crashes were recorded along its length.

On the other hand, Lake Street recorded 130 crashes during the same time frame. What makes this intersection so dangerous is the fact that Lake Street is a non-freeway artery leading to Manhattan; the majority of people working in New York City use it as a commuting road.

Take Away

Claiming compensation for the damages caused by the negligent party requires the help of a competent attorney. These individuals have the required level of expertise in handling your case and ensuring it is successful.

The accidents happening in Newburgh have different causes, such as head-on collisions, intoxicated driving, and many others. Learn more here to know about common causes of accidents and common injuries resulting from Newburgh motorcycle accidents. Do not wait to get an attorney after an accident; get hold of one now and secure your life. There are over 170 Para-professionals who will be dedicated to helping you seek not only justice but also compensation.

Accidents will not happen to everyone but can happen to anyone. There is no harm in being prepared for an accident. Learn about your city’s dangerous routes to be more cautious. In this blog post, we covered the dangerous routes of Newburg city. Newburg city residents should be more careful around these areas. Learn about what to do after an accident too. Many fail to protect their rights after an accident due to a lack of knowledge. Don’t be like them. Knowledge is power.