What Is the Price of Custom Storage Racks?

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From small daily purchases to large company project purchases, we all hope that we can choose the best and most inexpensive products. Like custom-made warehouse storage racks so often hundreds of thousands, millions, accidentally tens of millions of bulk purchases, most of them are hoping to direct contact with the pallet rack manufacturers, to buy cost-effective products.

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So, the current market price of custom-made storage racks is generally how much?

The price of customized storage industry shelving is affected by a variety of factors, according to my summary, gravity racks are considered a more expensive, shuttle racks are not cheap, more than 350 yuan per pallet position, other common types of storage shelves, probably in the 200 to 300 yuan or so. (This price from the network, for reference only, the specific price please consult the specific supply manufacturers) for custom industrial shelving price can not give an exact answer, because each metal shelf factory to calculate the cost of shelves is not the same method, some shelf factory is calculated by the meter, some are calculated by the square, some are calculated by weight. At the same time the price of a custom racking system is related to the material, specifications, material thickness of the shelves, in addition to this, there is a major factor, labor costs, a shelf design structure is very simple, can be done in a very short period of time, that shelf cost is relatively low, on the contrary, a metal storage shelving structure is very complex, even if the specifications are not large, labor costs are very high, that rack price is very high.

But in the daily business operation of the storage steel racks, many customers than the psychology of the price is particularly strong, many warehouse racking system manufacturers in order to retain customers, reported basically the lowest price, but even so, often still cut prices, almost the bottom of profits is. Finally, there is no way, some manufacturers in order to maintain product quality, but also for their own interests, can only choose to refuse to drop this single. But many bad manufacturers in the case of very low profits, but also want to make money, “cutting corners”, in the design of the hands of the situation will often occur. A short period of time may not see the problem, the later stage is very likely to be a great hidden danger.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” is a universal truth. The value of the product, the price, is closely related to its production of materials, manufacturing processes, design optimization, production cycle, etc. Especially the storage racks such as customized industrial metal products, basically a one-time purchase, the nature of long-term use. This time the price of storage racking becomes secondary, the quality is the first.

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So, how do judge the custom storage racks which is good?

First of all, the design should reflect its best rational optimization. The design should reflect both the more appropriate location of the selective pallet shelves in the warehouse, but also to optimize the overall structure of the shelves and the details of processing in place. According to the previous communication, we gave the customer the best design among several optimized solutions, which could reflect the better performance of the shelving and also bring cost advantages to the customer. I think this is the level that a responsible rack manufacturer should have.

In addition to design excellence, the most important thing is to look at the quality of the final shelving. This is a necessary condition to ensure that the shelving are long-lasting and durable. Warehouse cold storage shelves, you must ensure that the material selected has the corresponding strength, symmetrical standard on the specifications, can not happen because of their own cost profit, etc. and theft of materials and other issues, which often leave hidden dangers. In addition, as purchasers, but also actively listen to the racking manufacturer’s advice, the use of materials can not be capricious, after all, the warehouse racks factory personnel is more professional, and generally will give more appropriate advice.

The most common things are often the most solid and durable, are also the most widely used, heavy-duty storage shelves are a typical product, is currently the most common use a rack on the market, the total weight of each layer of at least 500 kg or so, usually should be transported with the manufacturing industry, or logistics centers and other large distribution of goods units. Because heavy-duty storage shelves are stored in very heavy goods, the risk factor is relatively high, so it is very important to choose a quality manufacturer when purchasing.

So, do you know which heavy-duty storage racks are good?

Heavy duty pallet shelves are every manufacturing company needs to purchase storage equipment, however, the market a variety of heavy-duty racks, how to choose but let the boss of the company is difficult.

The following is based on my long-term procurement experience summed up the three main points of the selection of heavy-duty racks:

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1. Rack brand:

If the rack brand is not known in the same industry, or even on the Internet without a decent official website, then in the early stages of screening can not be considered. Screening the initial stage to the strength of the enterprise, such as what influential cases have been done, production, and output value to do an evaluation. These relate to our future orders of heavy-duty adjustable pallet racks can be quality and quantity on-time delivery, but also relate to the later use of the process of whether the problem is guaranteed.

2. Shelf model:

Good heavy-duty shelf can enhance the effective storage utilization and efficiency, shelf manufacturing enterprises will be tailored to meet the needs of enterprises according to the warehouse environment, the storage of goods, and workers pick up the pallet shelf system, so that not only can make the later use of shelves when the effect and efficiency multiplied, but also reasonable savings in procurement adjustable storage shelf costs to avoid waste. These are all needed to take into account when purchasing.

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3. Field visits:

A hundred heard is better than seeing, field visits can find a lot of problems. Not only can see the strength of the real sample, product materials, production processes, etc., the fine print to see the real chapter, but also to examine a company’s corporate culture, the attitude of receiving people and so on. Personality as products, so these are to be a comprehensive inspection. Of course, our fieldwork ultimately has to come down to the product. Product materials and production processes are the keys to carefully examining.

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