Cultural Nature of Gambling in Asia

Gambling activities have a long history in the Asia region. Interestingly, traditional gambling has appeared in 3000 BC in Asia. Some historical evidence confirms that the Chinese were betting on unearthed tiles. That was actually in the period of 2300 BC. When we are talking about the gambling market nowadays, we can say certainly that Asia is a place where gambling is taking its place the most. Interest in gambling activities is increasing every single day. We will transfer this into a statistic, so you can have a clear insight into how popular gambling is in Asia since ancient times. Approximately 32.7% of the global gambling market is recorded in this region.

However, the cultural nature of gambling in Asia is not just old; it is also specific. That is the reason why we need to make an in-depth analysis of it.

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Legalization of gambling

As evidence shows, gambling activities were very important for the Asian population. There are many destinations where gambling in traditional casinos is a legal activity. Some of them are Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. On the other hand countries such as China, North Korea, India, Kuwait do not allow legal gambling. However, in countries where gambling is legal, there are also some specific rules.

For instance, Singapore allows only two legal casinos. Logically, they share the gambling monopoly in the country. One more interesting thing is that sports betting and some lucky games are under the control of two supervisors. In some countries, gambling is legal only for tourists. The main reason why gambling is mostly illegal in the Asia region is the fact that most of the countries are Islamic. Even though people are very interested in gambling, religion makes trouble in regulating legalization.

However, one gambling option is more and more popular across the globe, especially in Asia. As technology develops, many new options are available to us, and they to make our lifestyle easier. One of the things that advanced technology brings is online gambling. If you want to find out the best online casinos, you can check out DarkSnow. That is the best possible alternative people where traditional gambling is illegal have.

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What makes the Asian population so committed to gambling?

If you are wondering why is gambling so popular in these parts, you will find the answer in their cultural believes. The Asian population is very committed to believing in luck and inducing positive energy. For that reason, their culture created through years different superstitions that are popular even today. People who do not live in that region consider those superstitions as a very interesting phenomenon. In further text, you will find out some of the most specific ones. Moreover, this is a perfect example to show you how important gambling is for Asians.

Wear red before going to a casino, preferably a red underwear

Some people who are gambling can understand and identify with Asians who think that red color brings luck and positive outcome. However, no population believes in this superstition more than Asians. In their culture, the red color symbolizes good fortune and joy. For that reason, if you are wearing red while you are gambling, luck and joy will follow you. This applies mostly to wearing red underwear.


Believing in feng shui

Everyone heard of how the power of feng shui can influence good luck. In other words, they think that they can manipulate with energy and cause positiveness. This especially counts for Chineses. For instance, they avoid entering the casino on the main door because they think they are cursed by masters of feng shui. Interestingly, many Asians who believe in feng shui do not realize the fact that they would never win on gambling because of feng shui. The ancient philosophy and culture do not allow gambling and it is considered as bad luck and damnation.

Praying to the gambling gods is important for the outcome

Praying to the gambling gods is a very important thing for gamblers across Asia. Moreover, they actually have specific circumstances when they are allowed to pray to these gods. Gamblers consider them as gambling spirits. When they are referring to them before going to attempt their luck, they feel very encouraged to think they are going to win. They think that, if they show to gods commitment, those gambling gods will help them in achieving good results.


Two specific rules while Asians are gambling

People from the West will say that this sounds really weird, however, Asians do not allow anyone to touch their shoulder before they are going to the casino. Despite that, it is forbidden to mention any book to the gamblers people. They think these things bring bad luck. The book for Asians has a similar translation as the word “lose”. On the other hand, they think touching someone else’s shoulder is a very unclear gesture.

Women are gambling when they have menstruation

This superstition refers to women, so the male population will not understand it. Women consider that luck will follow them if they gamble while they are having the period. Even though the menstruation period lasts for a couple of days, women use that opportunity to attempt their luck. If they are leaking – it is a big chance for luck “to leak” as well.

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Washing hands before gambling influence the destiny

One more interesting superstition that is very popular among Asians is to think that washing their hands can change the direction of luck. If they are in the middle of the game and they are losing, the key is to run away to the nearest bathroom and wash the hands. In that way, they are washing bad luck from them. On the other hand, if luck follows you while you are on the gambling table, you should not wash your hands at all. If you wash them, you can wash the good luck away. Interestingly, this superstition is now popular even in the West.

They do not have sex before gambling

Even though it is hard to believe in this, Asians are very superstitious about having sex before they gamble. They are thinking in this way – if they want to get lucky and to score on the gambling, they should not experience luck in the bed and satisfaction. Those things just do not go together.