Cryptography Explained in Simple Terms – 2024 Guide

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Cryptocurrency is the main topic these days and seems to attract both lovers and haters in equal measures, which is only adding to its popularity. Most of the people who show reservations for this industry claim that it is unregulated, a bubble that will burst any moment, and there is always a question regarding the safety of our data.

Because of those thoughts, they are avoiding it and do not have any intention to try to use it. One of the ways of ensuring that the data and information of the users are protected is through cryptography. It is a technique that uses codes to safeguard information, and only specified parties will read and process such day. Did you know that the prefix crypt means vault or hidden, and the suffix graph means writing?

In essence, this technique represents a strategy where secure communication and information are transmitted in codes that are hidden and hard to crack. There are so many algorithms that are used to generate this type of message, which make it safe and secure to use. Even though the term cryptography is nothing new, and secret services used it since they exist, modern versions of cryptography are not only something you can hear or see in movies but are used by us, regular folks, every day.

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For something as common as texting, a similar type of system is used in order to protect your data and the content of that text. Furthermore, digital signing and data verification are made possible through this process. There are different techniques that can be used in cryptography, as we shall see shortly, so if you are interested in finding out more about this subject, continue reading.

Common Techniques

Cryptography is a concept that borrows some disciplines from cryptanalysis and cryptology. It is a combination of various techniques like merging images with words and microdots.

This is commonly used so as to conceal the information that is in transit. However, times have changed, and the world has modern technology, which changes many things. Cryptographers have become popular thanks to cryptocurrency. There are four main aspects that modern cryptography focuses on:

  • Confidentiality

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This technique assures us that the information will not be understood or make sense to unintended parties because of enhanced confidentiality. It basically means that those who shouldn’t see it are not going to see and understand that info. It is crucial because, besides confidentiality, it also enhances safety, and we can feel safe while using them.

  • Integrity

As far as the integrity of the information goes, this technique prevents any alteration of the information while it is in storage or in transit. The data will be safeguarded from the sender to the recipient without any form of manipulation. It is crucial for the transactions because all the information remains safe during the entire process, so we do not need to worry that someone else will have access to them.

  • Non-repudiation

With this technique, the creator of the information cannot rescind or deny their intentions in creating or sending the information. Not being able to deny the validity of something is often overlooked but is crucial in terms of the legal security concept. Let’s take digital signatures as an example, as they exist to speed things up, are unique, and cannot be a forgery, and that authenticity is of vast importance.

  • Authentication

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The origin and destination of the information are very clear with this form of technique, and it is impossible to hide them. In addition, both the sender and the receiver will be able to confirm each other’s identity and make sure that the money is going to the right address.

As you can see, this one is closely connected to non-repudiation and represent a great way to stop criminal or malicious activities from happening when trading. So, unlike what many think, safety-wise, it’s more likely that your money is safer with these types of transactions than with any other.

How is Cryptography Used in Cryptocurrency?

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The-NewsSpy is one of the platforms that support cryptocurrency trade, and users get so much. While you may not be aware, the cryptocurrencies you see on such platforms use cryptography for various purposes. However, there are 3 key areas where this technique is applied:

  • Verity the transfer of crypto assets
  • Controlling the creation or introduction of new units
  • Securing transactions

All these are functions that are made possible by public-key cryptography. This is a case where a crypto user will have both public and private keys and can use both of them. These keys have encryption in the form of random numbers and letters, so hacking them is almost impossible, even for the most experienced hackers. The whole point is to grant security and stop any possible cybercriminal activities.

The main purpose of the public key is to generate an address where people can send money to. On the other hand, the private key will be used to give the public key access so that the money sent can be received. As such, it is only the holder of the private key that can be able to unlock the public key and get the money from that address. Cryptography secures these transactions, and this has increased the overall acceptance of crypto assets.

People around the world now can see that these currencies are not as unsafe as they used to think, and the number of their users is increasing every day. All of this is good news, as the more people start using digital currencies, the more secure everything will get, and it will also have a vast influence on the value of these currencies.


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Cryptography is one of the techniques used to ensure that there is adequate security in cryptocurrency transactions, which is crucial to feel and remain safe while using them.

Some users take a step further and invest in hardware wallets to get an additional layer of security for their assets, which is a great idea to improve security. Multi-factor authentication also plays a huge role in all this, as the more security layers there are, the harder it will be for hackers to get access to your information and money. There are so many attacks that target these currencies because of their great value, and as such, it helps to be more vigilant and have security measures enhanced.

Enhanced security of these currencies means more users, and because of that, their future is bright. With the advancement of techniques and technologies used for these transactions, we can expect many changes in the future and even more improved safety.