Does Cryptocurrency Affect Mortgage Income and Affordability

Virtual money is enjoying great popularity all over the world. The first cryptocurrency to appear on the market was Bitcoin, which was created in 2008. From then until today, this currency is considered the strongest, although it has had many ups and downs. It is believed that there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies in the world, and that very often we can hear about a new, hitherto unknown. In any case, many see an opportunity to make money on digital gold, regardless of whether they enter Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, or some other currency.

In some countries, cryptocurrencies are recognized as the official means of payment, while in most of them the situation is still unregulated. In any case, with Bitcoin, you will be able to pay for many things such as dinner in a luxury restaurant, airline ticket, family vacation, and much more. You will also be able to play your favorite game in the casino starting with cryptocurrencies, but also get a salary in this currency if you wish. So, we would say that their time is yet to come.


Now back to class in February this year when Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin. The highest value of this currency was recorded then, but after a short time, ie when he stated that he was still withdrawing the decision to accept Bitcoin as an official means of payment in the company, the value dropped. What we want to say is that cryptocurrencies can also buy big things like cars, real estate, and so on. But what interests us is whether cryptocurrencies affect mortgage income and affordability.

In case you want to take a cryptocurrency mortgage, we do not guarantee that you will succeed in every country. Ok, some companies will accept, but most will suggest that you exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money due to volatility, ie its instability.

Ok, but you are determined to invest in cryptocurrencies first, try to earn a decent amount of money, and then direct it to buy real estate. How to do it?


The first step towards that is of course buying the currency you want. You can do this in a number of ways, most commonly through an exchange office or ATM. If you choose the first option, it will take a little longer, and you will have to leave your personal information. Although neither the government nor the bank has the authority, in this way it is still checked whether it is money laundering. In case you opt for an ATM, the transaction will run smoothly – you will swipe the bank card, choose the currency and the amount of money, and with one click make a purchase and place the crypto money in the digital wallet you already have.

The next step and the question that many who encounter cryptocurrencies for the first time ask themselves – mining or trading? Yes, we are talking about opportunities to invest and earn.

One of the main qualities you need if you decide to mine is patience. Why? because this is a very slow process that will take you a lot of time, but the wait will pay off. What does not benefit mining is the fact that it harms the environment (high CO2 emissions) because it consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, trading is an option that many, especially new investors, most often choose.


To trade, you need to choose a trustworthy platform to which you will entrust your money. Many platforms also offer support in the form of an application that facilitates trading by informing the trader about changes in the market, using artificial intelligence. It is also very practical because almost every platform has a mobile application which makes it very simple and practical to use. You can learn more about trading by visiting

The value of the cryptocurrency is fictitious and is based on the last transaction conducted on a particular exchange and on user confidence in bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. The price is not technically defined and depends on the law of supply and demand. When more people want it to buy bitcoin ie there is a higher demand, the price will rise because people are willing to pay more and conduct transactions for a higher price. When fewer people want or when the offer is smaller the price will fall.

Due to the very concept of cryptocurrencies, the movement of their price depends solely on supply and demand which makes cryptocurrencies quite risky, but still, a lot of individuals decide to buy them because of many of the benefits they bring with them. One of them is non-payment or less payment of taxes, anonymity, fast and secure transactions, and many others. The problem in regulating cryptocurrency transactions is the fact that it is a decentralized currency and that everything is done digitally.


Final thoughts

We can agree that the future of e-commerce is in digital money and cryptocurrencies. When exactly that will happen will depend on the moment when the banks will mutual funds are interested in this method of payment, ie when they will see your chance to make a profit. It is certain that in the coming years big events related to cryptocurrencies are happening, primarily with BTC and ETH.

Although this market is still insufficiently researched and uncertain, more and more people see it as an opportunity to earn money and provide better living conditions for themselves and their families.

Time of the traditional banking is over, and banks will necessarily have to adjust. Those banks that do if they do not understand in time, they are doomed. It is also necessary understanding of reality by central banks and the adoption of appropriate regulations in order to regulate the new financial market. With or without regulation, understanding of banks or without it, cryptocurrencies will continue to develop building a new technological and financial system, for the benefit of users.