Crete Transportation Guide: Best Beaches To Visit and Things To Do


Summer is already here, which means that it is the most ideal time to have a good rest. Vacation can mean being mentally rested, physically rested, being in some peaceful and beautiful place in which you will recharge your batteries nicely to be ready for the new challenges that will be in front of you. And what is better than going to the beach in a beautiful place? The beach has wonderful energy and gives a feeling of safety and beautiful energy, which is actually what every person needs. That is why it is time to decide to start thinking about where you will spend your days in relaxation.

Many beautiful places in the world can enchant you with their energy. These places are open for all of you to visit. All you need is to see all the offers that exist, study them nicely and in detail and see where you would go to have a good rest. Of course, there are certain factors that you need to take into account, which is why it is important to consider all the offers that are open to you. This is where your preferences for places and locations come into play, and if you have no preferences, that is, you leave it to enjoy the beauty and diversity of each place, then you are in an ideal situation.

When you are in such a situation that you can go anywhere and choose any place and the beach is the best, you know why? Because you can fall in love with any place, you can choose a place where you will discover, explore and be yourself. Looking for an ideal place that will be like that? Don’t know where to go? We would recommend the beautiful Crete in Greece. Crete is the choice of a large number of people who want to explore, have a good time, enjoy all the activities, and have an ideal mode of transport on this island. Have you already become interested in Crete and beautiful Greece? Do you also want to enjoy the beautiful nature, the beautiful sunsets, and the energy that this place has? In that case, we have prepared for you a detailed guide that will focus on transport, beaches to visit, and what you can do in Crete to have an ideal holiday. Let’s get started!

1. What type of transport can you choose when you go to Crete?


Crete is a wonderful place with nature that will enchant you with its beauty and its offer. If you already want to go to this paradise on earth, you need to know more about transportation and how to get from point A to point B. More on that below.

* You need to get to Crete by plane – the only quick way to get to Crete is by flying to the main airport from where you can then choose to take a bus to your destination or rent a car at the airport itself or from and other available rent a car services.

* After your arrival, you have several transport options. That’s because Crete is such a place that gives free hands, i.e. open opportunities to choose the transport that suits you best, and the following options are only a part of those that you have as a tourist:

– use of a rented vehicle (rent a car in Crete);

– using a bicycle (you have the option to choose a standard bicycle or an electric one);

electric scooter;

– taxi;

– bus transportation, etc.

* Crete is a beautiful area in which you can also walk, so if you are a fan of movement and walking, you can also opt for this option.

2. Which beaches can you choose during your stay in Crete?


When you have already come to this beautiful island that offers a lot to every tourist, it is necessary to take advantage of what it has to offer. What to use the most? You can make the most of the beaches that Crete has to offer. A large number of beautiful beaches are at your disposal this summer, and there are certain ones that you need to visit. Which ones should you visit? Find out in the sequel.

* Agios Pavlos – a beautiful beach that is covered with fine gray sand. All lovers of beautiful views and all those who want peace can come to enjoy this beach.

* Balos Lagoon – another beautiful beach is in front of you that offers you complete freedom and relaxation. All that is required is to pack everything you need for the beach and go to enjoy this sandy paradise.

* Kedrodassos – this is one of the more secluded beaches that the residents keep secret for themselves and special guests. Here you have an ideal opportunity to learn about this beautiful beach which is above all calm, sandy, has a beautiful view and can give you a real feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Fun activities to enjoy while in Crete


This place is also wonderful because it offers a number of activities for individuals, but also for the whole family. So if you are already going to Crete, there you will be able to enjoy wonderful lunches and dinners, you will be able to go to one of the shows with Greek dances and Greek music, you can also choose to walk in some of the most interesting cultural places, take a tour around the coast and many other activities. All that is required is to choose the one that suits you best and that would give you the best feeling of fun and a good time. Choose something from this or what they will offer you from your resort where you will be staying and enjoy the tradition and beauty of Greece.

This is the place that will rest you and give you energy for the new days and for all that will follow. Are you ready to enjoy nature and feel all that is beautiful in Crete? You have all the information you need in front of you, and now it’s time for you to start planning your next treat.