5 Tips for Creating a Beginner Vlogging Kit – 2024 Guide

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Today, most people want to become the next Youtube sensation, because this platform is becoming more and more popular every day. This means that it offers not only fun but also the opportunity to make money and become a new Youtube star. Of course, this is impossible if you do not have good enough equipment. You may initially be able to use only phone vlogging kit, but as the number of views grows, you will need to get serious and buy at least vlogging kit for beginners.

You want your content to be as diverse as possible. So, maybe you’re recording yourself singing a favorite song, your friends, summer situations, or you just want to share your opinion about different things. Common to all these clips is that you need all the equipment to make the channel grow and you get a new audience. Find out in the rest of the text what the vlogging starter kit includes.

1. Microphone

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What does an ideal microphone actually look like? People who do this professionally use special microphones even though they already have ones built into the camera. This way you get much better sound quality that is noticed in the videos you emit. An external camera will sharpen your voice as well as muffle background noise.

For example, if you plan to post tutorials, gameplay clips with comments then you definitely need to get a vlogging kit with microphone. SYNCO, a Chinese microphone manufacturer, provides such a pack of vlogging kit.

Check https://www.syncoaudio.com/products/sy-kit2-vlog for more info.

If you are not quite sure how to choose the right microphone, take a look at the clips in which different models and equipment have been tested. Also, think about your budget. Keep in mind that the two most important components in your role are video and audio. That’s why it’s important to dedicate yourself to them equally. Otherwise, you may have too harsh or quiet a sound, in which case most of your followers will bypass you and switch to a stake from someone else.

2. Vlogging camera

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So now we are talking about another important component of the role and that is the camera. In the beginning, many will use their smartphone and that is quite logical. Today, phones have great cameras that will record your activities well. You can also use accessories such as small tripoids, lenses or LED lights. However, if you want to become a professional, you will need something better than that. Remember that a smartphone is not an equipment but a start.

So you will continue to learn when you decide on the next step, and that is serious recording equipment. When choosing a vlogging camera, make sure you find one with a flip screen and a microphone jack. If your camera has a screen, you’ll find it easier to find the right shot, and the port lets you record better sound.

3. Lighting

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Of course, we must not forget about lighting. You cannot rely solely on daylight or artificial light. While sunlight is very sharp and leaves shadows that do not look nice, usually artificial light will not emphasize the space enough. That is why you should always strive for balanced lighting in which you will include very few reflectors. This is especially effective when the light is placed close to the subject. It is very important to choose the right lighting, because the entire shot will depend on it. It can determine the atmosphere, dynamics and other elements of the content.

Lighting has that power to make or break a stake. It all depends on how you manage it. So carefully consider all the options you have. Also pay attention to technical things such as the position of the light. It should not be behind you but pointed at you. Opt for umbrella lights, light rings, reflectors and anything else that interests you. Each location may require different lighting, so adapt to it, because it will attract the attention of spectators.


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To keep your camera stable, use a tripod. There is nothing worse than a wobbly camera, because then nothing but a tripod helps you. Thanks to them, you will prevent camera shake. They are compatible with all types and brands of cameras and camcorders. However, there is a difference between them. So, you can opt for one of several types of tripod heads. Depending on how you want to control the movement of the camera, you can choose the ball head system, pan and tilt heads or fluid head system.

The first type contains a ball that moves in all axes, the second system has a separate handle for panning and tilting. It is very precise, but fast and unplanned movements cannot be performed with them. The third system is most often represented by professionals, because with it you have a large number of possibilities for panning. We must not forget the tripods with remote controls. They are a special type of tripod and are very practical to use for an obvious reason. You can also choose a selfie stick as an alternative, because it is a great option if you are shooting with your phone. Best of all, it is very cheap, light and quick to use.

5. Video editing software

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In the end, no matter how good the equipment you choose, you need to sort out your material. The raw content will never be as good as the one that went through the editing and every professional knows that. That is why video editing software is an indispensable part of the equipment. Thanks to it, you will have the video exactly as you imagined, and after you edit it, it is ready for publication. You can enjoy a number of features. For example, merge parts of your monologue or videos you found online. Add music to all that, but also many other elements that you like. There are also a number of filters that you can use for this purpose, especially when you are not happy with your lighting during shooting. There are free software options, but also paid ones. So choose the one that suits you best, but remember that paid software is much more powerful than the free version. They also have preset settings to help you organize your content even better.


Role recording can also take place only with a smartphone, but that way you will not get good enough content and followers. That’s why you need a camera, microphone, tripod, etc. With this ultimate you can start your career on the Youtube platform.