How To Create Beautiful Paintings From Shiny Little Diamonds


If you’re looking for ways to escape boredom, you should try diamond painting. It is a remarkably fulfilling creative activity where you make shiny mosaic artwork. Although it might seem like a difficult task initially, it’s quite simple when you get the hang of it.

I can bet that after trying out diamond painting and get a kit from, you’ll be addicted. It’s super relaxing and helps you let off steam while improving your mental and physical health. With diamond painting, you can explore your creative side and enjoy the benefits that come with that. If you’re looking for the perfect escape from a hectic day’s work, diamond painting is your go-to solution.


What Exactly is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is also sometimes known as 5D painting. It involves using an applicator to place shiny drills that look like diamonds on an adhesive canvas painting. The result is a mosaic artwork that you can easily frame and keep in your office for others to see.

You can classify it as a combination of and cross-stitch. This creative activity can help you improve your concentration, boost creativity, and clear out brain fog. Diamond painting offers enormous benefits for all age groups.

To make your painting possible, you can get kits with various designs and styles suitable for every skill level.

What is in a Diamond Painting Kit?

  • Shiny diamonds in separate packages according to colour.
  • Canva with the design chart already printed on it
  • Adhesive wax
  • Diamond applicators, including pen and attachment
  • Tweezers
  • Small tray
  • Ziplock bags to keep drills after packets have been opened

Step-by-Step Diamond Painting Guide

Although you can easily figure out diamond painting, you must go through certain steps to get exceptional results when you’re done. Here’s how to go about it:

Purchase A Kit

There are numerous diamond painting kits that you can explore. Some are made specifically for adults, while others are better for kids. You can purchase a kit based on your level of expertise, either at a beginner, advanced or expert level.

Diamond painting kits also come in designs like custom diamond art, animal diamond paintings, landscape diamond paintings, flower diamond paintings, and many others. Choosing the right kit for your painting activity depends on your preference and skill level. Ensure that all the necessary items are in the kit before you start using it so your workflow can be seamless.

Prepare Your Canvas

The next thing you want to do is flatten your canvas. Roll it out on a flat surface and make sure the space is clear so your painting can come out nice. You can improvise with kitchen or dining room tables to level your canvas.

Afterward, learn the right way to read the canvas. Every diamond paint canvas has little boxes marked with numbers or letters. In other cases, they have different colours. You’ll find a chart with colours that relate to a specific number. Following this chart is essential to creating a beautiful painting. Once you’re done, take out the covering over the canvas.


Take Out Your Diamonds

Remove your diamonds from the package and pour them into a tray. Determine the area you’ll start painting from so you can pick the drills accordingly. You should take it one colour at a time, especially if you’re a beginner.

Use The Wax

Apply your packet of wax to the end of your diamond pen. The wax works like a diamond magnet that helps you quickly place diamonds on canvas. Pick up a crystal with the pen and place it in the appropriate box.

Complete The First Color

In the same way you picked the first diamond and placed it on the canvas, do the same for everything in the tray. It won’t take too long for you to finish placing each one in its right box. Also, you should be confident moving the diamond from the tray to the canvas because the wax keeps it in place. There’s nothing to worry about.

Repeat The Same Process For Others

Look for the next crystal bag corresponding to the number on the boxes and start placing the crystals there. Make sure there’s enough glue on the pen to deliver optimally. Then, proceed to fill up all the vacant spaces on the canvas.


Place A Plastic Sheet On The Canvas

When you’re done with placing all the diamonds on the canvas, the next step is to cover the canvas using a plastic sheet. Using the one that came along with it is a cost-effective option. However, you can also consider getting a replacement. Afterward, you can place a heavy object on the canvas that’s already covered with a plastic sheet to ensure all the diamonds are levelled. Another option is to use your hand to level the surface if you’re sceptical about placing an object on it. A scraper tool can also come in handy.

Display Your Painting

Get a glass for your painting and situate it inside a paint. This will make it more long-lasting and easy to hang for your visitors to see. If you’re also looking for a perfect present for a friend or loved one, a diamond painting can be a perfect choice, especially when it’s in a frame.

You can display a diamond painting on a book cover or pillow with a flashy and unique look that stands out. Making beautiful paintings with shiny diamonds allows you to explore different creative ways to display your art without being confined to conventional ways.

Popular Diamond Painting Techniques

  • Colour by Colour Method: It simply means placing your drills (diamonds) on the canvas one colour at a time. The disadvantage is that the exposed areas become less sticky with time.
  • Row by Row Technique: This works best especially if you have one colour on a large block on the canvas. It helps you arrange your diamonds in an orderly manner.

Final Thoughts

Although diamond painting came to the fore around 2010, this exciting art quickly spread through different parts of Europe because of its enormous benefits.