10 Common Problems Students Face During University Life

Education is the key to success. The more qualified a person is, the higher chances he or she has to get an excellent salary package. University life is the most cherished stage of education. But, university life has its own perils.

Now, let us take a look at the 10 common problems that students face during their university life:

1. Study

Source: Telangana Today

Problem: The university curriculum is challenging, as well as lengthy. University students are often needed to complete the syllabus of two years within a year. So, naturally they feel burdened. It becomes impossible to complete the whole syllabus on time.

Solution:  It is a good idea for students to choose a university offering a semester-based curriculum. This way, the lengthy curriculum is split up into parts. They can concentrate on preparing for individual chapters. The process of writing so many research papers can be also be tiresome. You can get help from professional writing services providers like paperwritingservice.com

2. Expensive:

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Problem: The universities have a high fee structure. It seems they are promoting only the wealthy class for pursuing higher studies. Apart from that, the price of textbooks and reference books has skyrocketed. As a result, many meritorious students are compelled to drop out of universities every year due to financial constraints.

Solution: Call centers, and many organizations hire university candidates. The monthly salary may contribute towards paying the high cost. Even private tuitions are an excellent option to earn a decent sum.

3. Health Conditions:

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Problem: The weather of a city may not suit the resident of another city. Several cities like the north-eastern part of India are not known for the quality of colleges. Many students flock to universities in Ooty, Kolkata, and other cities, in search of premium quality education. However, the weather may affect them adversely and lead to many health issues.

Solution: The candidates should maintain a balanced diet. Also, they should have a healthy sleep cycle (that should not be affected by the lengthy syllabus).

4. Roommates:

Source: The Colorado Springs Business Journal

Problem: Having a single room is expensive for people who shift out of their native place to pursue higher studies. So, many people stay as paying guests. For this, they need to share their rooms with roommates. It is distracting to have a roommate who believes in playing loud music as long as they are awake. This person may not have any concern for the roommate who seriously wants to study.

Solution: It is better to find a roommate who has similar preferences. This way, the activities of a roommate will not affect the studies of another. The idea is that a sincere student should have another genuine one as a roommate.

5. Ragging:

Source: Free Press Journal

Problem: A university student is subjected to ragging. Those who attend a university from the suburbs or a different city are mainly subjected to ragging. This results in depression or suicidal tendencies. Students from the suburbs and rural areas have no clue about how to deal with ragging. So, they find it difficult to concentrate on studies after a brutal session of ragging.

Solution: It is essential to know the principal or some authorities in charge. Studies reveal that people who rag others are inherently cowards. Once disciplinary action is taken against them, they become aware of their limits. If things go beyond control, and complaints to the college authorities are of no avail, the victim should boldly complain to the local police authorities. Staying quiet is of little help in case of ragging. It is not worth sacrificing the academic career for the sake of some bullies.

6. Choice of subjects:

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Problem: Choosing the correct subject is often difficult for candidates. Some subjects are considered more beneficial for careers than others. For example, students who are more inclined towards humanities are compelled by their family members to choose science. This happens because of the traditional belief that science helps students secure a job. If the student is not inclined towards science, he may find it stressful to deal with the subject.

Solution: It is essential to choose the correct subject as majors. However, being stressed out over the subject is not worth it. Academics do not define their career wholly. It is more critical to acquire the relevant skills that will contribute to a job.

Also, a proper subject is more about acquiring knowledge than scoring grades. So, the students should focus more on learning.

7. Homesickness:

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Problem: Many students attend the universities of a different state. It may be the first time some people are away from homes. So, they may feel homesick. This, in turn, might affect their concentration and grades.

Solution: The best practice for a homesick person is to divert his/her mind. This diversion may come through studies, listening to music, or speaking to loved ones. Also, they have to convince themselves that they are better equipped to take care of family members with a university degree.

8. Relationship:

Source: University of Stirling

Problem: If a university student gets into a relationship, he or she may get distracted from studies. Students easily get overwhelmed by a relationship and decrease their focus towards their education.

Solution: The best advice is not to get into a relationship to distract the university student from his goal. A piece of practical advice is not to get entangled by a relationship while studying. In case a student gets involved in a relationship, he/she should not allow it to be more of a priority than studies.

9. Partying:

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Problem: It is a fashion for university students to stay out partying all night. Even if parents impose restrictions, students find ways to attend the parties that continue for long hours. Some of them are scared of being socially isolated if they do not attend the parties.

Solution: University students have to be aware that their studies are more important than partying. So, they need to say “no” firmly, if they get invited to a party just before their exams or project submission.

10. Addiction:

Source: The Aviary Recovery Center

Problem: University students are prone to addiction. Often, they are victims of depression because they didn’t qualify for their favorite subject. A breakup or the death of a loved one may also affect them adversely. So, addiction to drugs or alcohol may be a form of escape to them. This addiction, in turn, affects their concentration.

Solution: Some relatives or parent should be available for the student. He/she should be able to speak freely with this adult. As soon as the adult senses something is wrong, he/she should get the student professionally counseled.


University education is a priority. It is worth all the distractions and expenses. So, the students should leave no stone unturned to acquire a university degree.