6 Common Myths about Addiction – 2024 Guide

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People often see things differently. When we say different, we usually mean the wrong view of things and how things are. Yes, each of us receives information differently and therefore makes judgments and decisions. It is not at all simple to make a decision, but everyone tries to make the most correct one according to what he thinks. So each of us beautifully analyzes the data, sees things, thinks and thinks, and makes a decision, but not always the right one. Sometimes we make the wrong decision, such as looking for a solution in alcohol, drugs, or something else that is addictive.

Addiction to any beverage or narcotic is the worst thing that can happen to a person. It is the worst decision a person can make. People usually take such a step because they think it is the best way out of the situation. After all, they think it is the thing that will help them best, so they take it. But that is not the case. It is necessary to ask for help from someone else for the person who is addicted to being able to judge things more easily and correctly and to see that what he is doing is wrong and that in that way he is only delaying, that is, harming himself and himself. own body and health. But it is even more difficult for these people when people around them see things wrong.

Adding something is not a personal choice. It is the result of an unstable state in which the human mind witnesses an imbalance that is not pleasant at all. It is an imbalance that tells the addict that everything that is bad is good for him and if he takes the bad thing for granted, he will help himself and the problems will disappear – but only while you are under the influence of the narcotic. Then the problems come back. People look at all this with different eyes and look very condemning, which is wrong.

From the wrong views of these things, people have created a kind of delusion that grows into myths associated with addiction. In these myths, what is most frightening, many people believe that they are true. But in order to help the people who are under some kind of addiction, to help the people who are in error, and to solve all the dilemmas and ambiguities, today we decided to work out these myths. Our goal is to help in perceiving the myths and thoughts that are wrong and to look at things a little more realistically. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. It is the choice of the person who has decided on such a step

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There is no choice in any person. Everything is subject to consideration. Thoughts can be very wrong and make us take the wrong step. That is a fact! People should not think that everything that is done is a decision of the person. Maybe something was the only way out of the situation at that moment, but for everything, there should be corrective action and the whole thing should be fixed, and in that, we need help and support from others.

2. It is easy to get out of such a situation, it only takes desire

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When it comes to problems we can conclude that there is no easily solvable problem. Yes, and addiction is a problem that a person can face and that problem is not easy to solve at all. When it comes to addiction, everyone thinks that the person can get out of that situation on their own, that it is easy to get out, and that usually, the person has no interest in correcting himself. But they are wrong. If they give the appropriate help and support, the person will cooperate much easier and will accept to get out of the whole problem.

3. They do it out of boredom

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No one would decide to hurt themselves out of boredom. This is due to a problem or lack of understanding and support from other people around the person who is addicted. There is no one who out of boredom would decide to take alcohol, drugs, eat too much food, smoke cigarettes, and the like. It is a complete lie that many people believe in, but it is not true.

4. They behave this way because they do not know what to do with themselves and their lives


Each of us has plans for himself and for his life, but at certain moments each of us can simply be disappointed and all plans fail. You just fall into the water and seek solace in something else that is wrong and that creates an addiction. That is why it is wrong to express such thoughts and to believe that people who are addicted to something do not know what to do with themselves.

5. It’s a result of failure – addiction is everything, it’s just not a result of failure. Many people were or are now known to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or whatever. When a person is disappointed, he decides to take such a step, when he loses confidence in himself and people, when he is sad, and when he has no support or understanding from the people closest to him. Then there is mental turmoil, great sadness, and the person simply seeks solace in something that is wrong.

6. Those people will never be able to get out of it

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This is just a big nonsense. Yes, those people will get out of the whole situation and fight. All that is needed is for all of us to be their support and to be their true friends, their partners who will lend a hand and tell them that no path is easy, but we must walk to get to the end as a winner.

You can read more about these and all the other myths that people have about addiction, but also ways to deal with it, at www.wefaceittogether.org.

It is not at all easy to fight, much less easy to fight when everyone thinks that you do not want to fight and do not want to be able to get out of the battle. So let’s all come together and send more support, and create more misconceptions, myths, and misconceptions about addiction and the people who are part of that bad transition. Remember, only together can we win.