7 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company – 2024 Guide

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When you work with a lot of employees, clients, and customers, you need to make sure that your business is always clean and well maintained. Nothing shows the professionalism of a company more than the way their offices look and know that if your service, shop, or even medical center look dirty and if things are damaged or broken, chances are, you are going to be losing clients. In today’s world, with today’s competition, no one can afford to lose customers or employees, so you should always make sure that your business space is spotless. Commercial cleaning companies are places that will help you keep the place clean, and they will do most of the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the right service, and what to do to make the vetting process faster and easier.

1. Always do a background check

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When looking for the right service for your business, you first need to do a background check of the service you plan on hiring. This is not an easy process, but it is something that you need to do. The reason why you want to do this is so you can check for any bad reviews they may have had, unsatisfied customers, or any issues that might’ve come up.

The fastest way you can do this is just by Googling them, and see if the name of the service comes up. Check forums, and don’t forget to check social media pages. On social media you can usually see both good and bad comments, you can check their reviews and ratings, and you can see what other businesses think about the service.

2. Ask for referrals

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The next thing that can help you find the right cleaning company for your business is to ask for referrals. Talk to the service, and ask them if they can give you the contact information of a company they’ve previously worked for, or someone who they are currently working for.

If they cannot provide the information, there are two possible options – they either don’t want to share any information about previous clients because their clients won’t have anything nice to say about them, or they have a strict policy of not sharing details about the clients they work with. It would be best if you can talk to some of their current or previous clients and see what they have to say about the cleaning company.

3. Check the staff

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The next thing you want to do is find out who is actually going to work for you. The best services will have a list of their staff, and they will let you know who is going to do the cleaning in your company. You should also be able to see the crew’s names on the website, and you can check their credentials.

You should be looking for a company that only collaborates with professionals, and people who have experience in the industry. You don’t want to end up collaborating with a service that does not hire people who won’t do the job promptly, correctly, and efficiently.

4. Ask about insurance

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Before agreeing to hire a service, you should ask about their liability insurance. This is crucial because you want to know that your business is protected. Mistakes happen, things can get broken, and there are items that cannot be replaced with ease.

Because of it, you need to make sure that you are going to hire a professional company that is willing to pay for any items that may get broken or damaged. When the service has an insurance company, it usually also means that their staff is trained properly and that they always vet the people before they hire them.

5. What’s their cleaning process?

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When talking to different cleaning services, you should talk about their cleaning process, what they do, how much time they need, how often they could come to your office space, and you should also ask about the products they are using.

Talk to them beforehand, and see what falls under the agreement. You should also have this information in writing, so you know if any part of the agreement gets breached. According to www.cleanboss.co.nz, you should look for services that use eco-friendly cleaning products, so you know that both your staff and the environment are protected.

This is the place where your employees spend at least 8 hours per day, so you don’t want to expose them to any harsh chemicals, and you don’t want the fumes to be so strong that they experience headaches or breathing issues.

6. What is their rate?

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This is something that you should never disregard, and no matter how much you like a service, it does not mean that you can afford it. The rate should be one of the first things you talk about, and you should also ask what’s included in that rate.

Note that some services may offer you an extremely low rate, but that may also mean that you won’t get a cleaning crew, but just one person. You should also see if you will be required to pay for the cleaning supplies, or if they bring their own. Talk about all the aspects and everything that’s included in the price. Note that for the best services, you may need to spend a bit more money.

7. Can they work around your schedule?

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The last thing we are going to talk about is the working hours and schedule. Note that depending on the service, they may work before your employees start, after the end of the working day, or if they only do the cleaning once per week, they may work on your free days.

Every business and office have different working hours, so when you are talking to the representative, you should clearly state your open hours, what you expect to be done, and when is the best time to do that. See if they have time to do the cleaning for you and if they are open to work around your schedule.

These are some of the most important things you should pay attention to, and by asking these questions it is going to be easier for you to hire the right service. Take your time, talk with different companies, and know that by hiring a cleaning service, you will be investing in your reputation and your employees’ health.