Is Colorado Springs a Good Place to Move to in 2024


Colorado Springs is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is an amazing city with stunning mountains and great weather.

It also contains plenty of charming tiny neighborhoods where you’d love to live. Colorado Springs has quite a lot more to offer people wishing to move, from the urban air of new projects to downtown’s daily bustle and the ancient alleys of Old Colorado City. If you are looking to buy new real estate properties, reach out to Venterra Real Estate agents.

What to Expect When You Relocate to Colorado Springs


One of the major reasons why so many people prefer to reside in The Springs is  because of its closeness to Denver. It’ll only take an hour to get there, and much less in the future with Highway I-25 being renovated. However, if you are travelling during peak hours or during snowy months, expect a 1.5 hours ride. Here are a handful of several reasons to relocate to this city, which is called “Olympic City USA” by locals.

1. Housing is Reasonably Priced

Real estate in Colorado Springs is generally less expensive than in other regions of the state, which is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer to stay there. Because this city is around an hour away from Denver, most people working or traveling into Denver usually prefer to reside there.

Families with children love the town because it allows them to reside in a more suburban setting while having easy access to Denver. One of Colorado Springs’ most appealing features is its affordable homes market.

2. A sense of belonging exists.


The town’s community spirit is another factor that contributes to its popularity. Despite its status as a metropolis, this city has a much more suburban vibe, making it a good choice for families as well as married couples.

Be it art fairs, local produce, or music festivals, there will always be something or the other going on in the area. There will never be a dull moment in El Paso Valley, no matter what your desires are.

3. Take a break from work and enjoy yourself in a business casual environment.

Unlike New York City, Boston, or other “classy” cities, citizens of this place love going on magnificent treks in the Colorado Rockies during the weekends. You can dress casually no matter whether you’re going fishing, hiking, or to your workplace.

Of course, if you’ve got a business meeting or a formal occasion, you should dress properly, however, most Coloradans prefer leading a simple lifestyle.

4. Expect a high standard of living, and not just because you’re higher up.


The city’s living standard is among the most essential parts of life here. People can enjoy a range of outdoor pursuits year-round thanks to the nice climate. Cycling, jogging, and camping are all popular types of exercise in this city, and they keep the locals happy and healthy.

Moreover, this city routinely appears on lists of places with the purest air. The Springs is ranked as the 46th cleanest city in the United States, making it an attractive place to live and start a family.

Colorado Springs is indeed a city that is diverse, pleasant, and healthy. There is nothing not to like about this city when it offers mild weather, decent housing, and high quality of life.

5. Maintaining a healthy and fit body is a primary goal.


Colorado even sent most athletes to the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea as compared to any state in the U.S. Fitness level and health are given attention in Colorado by all the citizens here. You’ll find it much easier to get your workout with all of the great parks and recreation nearby.

6. Nightlife & Food

There are many pubs, hotels, and cafes in Colorado Springs, and visitors may relax with a sight of the state’s stunning Rocky Mountains. COS has something for everyone’s tastes, including bakeries to steakhouses to Italian restaurants.

The city also features several eateries that serve vegan options meals, something which many other cities still have to do. If you’re a geek like me, you’ll enjoy the range of dining options available in Colorado Springs, mainly the fine dining restaurants. So far, fitness, diet, and enjoyment have all been checked.

7. Historic Sights and Landmarks


There are numerous historic attractions and sites in the city, which is one of the main reasons the city tends to attract thousands of visitors every year. The Garden of the Gods, a city space that allows tourists to observe the city’s stunning sandstones from several hiking paths and viewpoint spots, is one of Colorado Springs’ most famous sights.

Pikes Peak, the tallest peak in the Southern Front Ranges of the Rockies, is yet another famous hiking destination. Pikes Peak has been one of the most popular peaks in the United States since it can be reached by car at 14,115 feet. Colorado Springs is ideal for those who wish to experience the city as well as the beautiful outdoors.

8. Good Academic System

Because the education system is among the best in the area, it is particularly popular with families with kids. Parents may relax knowing that their kids are receiving an excellent education. Test scores in Colorado Springs schools are usually excellent, and high schools are noted for putting a great focus on college preparation.

In or around the Springs region, there are many different universities and colleges, and the region is popular with commuting learners. The University of Northern Colorado as well as the University of Colorado, 2 of Colorado’s premier universities, also have satellite campuses in Colorado Springs.


Final Word

We hope by now you are aware of the best reasons to relocate to Colorado Springs. It’s a lovely and interesting city that continues to draw visitors from all walks of life to this day.