CoD Weapons Tier List – Best in the Game

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With the upcoming Modern Warfare remastered, we’ve seen a surge of popularity in the CoD series that was somewhat lost with previous titles.

What CoD lacked in the past two titles was now fully made up for with Modern Warfare. With this exciting new game came also a list of weapons for the community to explore. From M4s to MP5s, we’re going to take a detailed look at the CoD weapons tier list and judge the best ones in the game for you.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1. M4A1

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An absolute GOAT when it comes to weapons, the M4A1 is a favorite in the community and a recommended one for beginners. You can unlock the M4A1 at Rank 6, and what you get is an overpowered gun that has required little to no control.

The sheer speed and lack of recoil make the M4A4 an instant pick after Rank 6, and it even comes with a few attachments.

Adding the commando foregrip will give you more mobility while increasing horizontal recoil, but it’s very manageable. Another attachment is a reflex sight; an absolute must-have. And the last attachment is the sleight of hand which increases reload speed.

The M4A1 gets an S Tier rank, which is the highest mark on this list.

2. Kilo 141

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Available from the very beginning once you start your game, the Kilo 141 is a very high fire rate weapon that has even less recoil than the M4A1. This makes the Kilo an even better weapon if rookies and beginners. The sheer lack of control means you can easily point and shoot, and many people in the community describe it like a laser. With all that said, you can add some attachments to make everything that much smoother.

A commando foregrip to increase mobility, while lowering horizontal recoil is preferred; you won’t suffer by increasing the knockback. A reflex sight to see better and sleight of hand for reload speed are your choice of attachments.

The Kilo 141 gets an S Tier rank.

3. PKM

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If you’ve ever played CoD, then chances are you know why the PKM is on this list.

With a large magazine allowing you to spray everything before you, excellent accuracy, and an above-average rate of fire for an LMG, the PMK is every LMG lover’s dream in this game.

The sheer mobility that an LMG should NOT give you is precisely why this gun is so overpowered. With the PMK, you can run & gun everything before you, if you have the right choice of attachments. The gun is unlocked from the very beginning, and very noob-friendly.

Attachments for the PMK include a snatch grip for better aim and recoil (you will suffer mobility), a stippled grip tape for the opposite, and a 25.9 heavy barrel for increasing firing range and bullet velocity. Adding the last one will drastically decrease your aim down site speed.

The PMK gets an S Tier rank.

Every gun in the game can be customized with skins; it’s one of the coolest features that the game has. For more information about skins to customize your favorite guns and to buy CoD MW weapon camos, make sure to visit this website.

4. MP5

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Who doesn’t know what an MP5 is? One of the most iconic weapons in the game, the MP5 can be unlocked after rank 12. Unluckily for beginners, they will have to wait before getting their hands on it.

Luckily for those succeeding rank 12, the MP5 is a beast of a weapon that poses above-average stability, accuracy, and excels in close range. The MP5 is also a very high-DPS weapon that has, unfortunately, an average fire rate.

It comes with a few attachments such as the commando foregrip (we’ve discussed it a few times), a 10mm auto 30-round mag that offers higher DPS, range, but reduces the already average fire rate. The last attachment is the merc foregrip that drastically increases hip-fire accuracy and improves handling control.

With an S tier rank, the MP5 is definitely one to try after catching rank 12.

5. MP7

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Yet another SMG on our list, the MP5 bolsters a superior rate of dire and controlling than the MP5. Although the controlling is very debatable, what isn’t debatable is the rate of fire, which can be instantly noticed once you compare the two.

However, the areas where the MP7 excels in close combat where there’s need for run & gun. The gun poses superior ADS speed, easy controlling, and very fast fire rate make, giving this weapon an S Tier Rank.

The MP7 also comes with a few attachments such as the merc and commando foregrips, and no stock. Also, the gun can be unlocked after rank 54, which takes time reaching.

6. AUG

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Yet another timeless gun that spans across multiple games, the AUG in CoD is absolutely unplayable against.

With excellent control, high DPS, and a very lucrative set of attachments, you can turn this timeless SMG into something your opponents will rage about. It is immediately available for every player and the gun is very noob-friendly. The AUG is a prefer weapon of choice for both close and medium combat, due to its superior hip-fire accuracy.

A few attachments can be added on the AUG which include the 407mm extended barrel, and the 5.56 NATO 60-round drums that give you more bullets per round, and more damage, but it does reduce your mobility and fare rate. Luckily the drum also gives you a higher damage output, meaning you can also excel at longer ranges while using it.

The AUG is an S Tier gun that everyone should try.

7. M91

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Only the 2nd LMG on this list, the M91 excels in locking down corridors, providing cover fire, and everything that an LMG is supposed to do.

The gun is pretty much effective against everything and excels in medium to long-range skirmishes. It’s also very effective against drones and heli’s and can be customized with a few attachments.

The attachments include the commando foregrip, the flash guard, which reduces your fire signature, and the tactical suppressor which silences your firing.

With an initial A Tier rank, the M91 can be unlocked from the very beginning.