How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture – 2024 Guide


As a homeowner and an adult in your home (or one of), you know full well how many tasks there are in a single household. Taking care of the property is no easy business. As a matter of fact, it is a team effort that all members of the family should partake in irrelevant if some of them are still children or teens. Good habits are born this way, and nothing bad will happen if a child is taught to clean up their own room once or twice a week!


Doing What You Must

Regarding the rest of the home, whether it is a small apartment or a multi-story house, vacuuming, washing the dishes and clothes, dusting, and tidying up are just the basics. You cannot really run away from them or put them aside. They will only pile up if you fail to do them regularly. Sadly, this is not all you need to do. Doing the classic chores that we all hate only covers so much. There are other features of every home that have to be done in a timely manner if you want comfort and relaxation to last you for years. Therefore, we ask you, how often do you clean your furniture?

Taking Care of Furniture

We do not need the answer right now, nor do we need some of the answers because in reality, a very few people clean their furniture at all, let alone properly. If you think about it, they go through much of the same wear and tear as the floors and carpets. Nobody steps on them, but the dust, dirt, and other particles end up on them all the time. People sitting on them have been sitting in public transport, outside, and at their jobs before this. Once they sit or lie down in the same clothes, guess what happens. That is right, se same type of thing like walking with your outside shoes over your rug.


How and When?

So how do you actually do it? Well, you do not really have to do anything but use your phone. Real cleaning of the furniture is extremely important and it needs to be done at least once a year. It comes in the form of deep cleaning where professionals come to your home and do their thing. The type of your couches, sofas, and chares barely matters. They have the means of cleaning every type of fabric so do not hesitate to call them. Deep cleaning your furniture is the only way to effective eliminate the germs, clean away the dirt, and give it a fresh new coat of pleasant fabric cleaner/softener smell.

If you like the smell of your clothes drying up after the washing machine has done its thing, wait until you do this with your furniture! To find out more about deep cleaning furniture services, be sure to check here. In the meantime, you must also know how to preserve the fresh and clean furniture you have just had washed for a while. You hardly want to call in the specialists every month. It would not be cost effective and you will have nowhere to sleep or sit because the fabric remains wet quite deep in there and needs to dry for up to 12 hours. To take care of an already clean piece of furniture and only call the experts annually, check out the following sections.

Preserving the Cleanliness

A little bit of care and diligence among family members who share a home is all it takes for the furnishing to be spotless. Basically, if you do not have any rules right now, something needs to change because you are already doing too little for your furniture pieces to remain clean.


Cleaning After Pets

If you have pets, you need to vacuum over the furniture and use lint rollers to collect their hair as well as larger specs of dust and fibers. If you fail to do so, the sofas and chairs will never look clean despite maybe being clean underneath. In addition, accumulation of dust, dirt, hairs, and fibers will cause the fabric of furniture to become dirty more quickly and help with the wear and tear. You should vacuum at least once a week and use the roller once every few days to see some amazing results.

Take Care of Stains

If something that leaves stains is ever spilled on soft fabric, you have to make an attempt to clean it immediately. Even if a small stain remains, the deep cleaning will take care of it. What you never want to do is ignore it. Spray it with some heavy duty fabric cleanser and rub it with a wet sponge. There are many other novelty ways to clean fresh stains from juices, sauces, grease, and ink.


Change Clothes

We mentioned this already but there needs to be a separate paragraph for it really. You and your family members should change clothes once you come back from your daily responsibilities. Work and school clothes should not be worn inside. Wearing them while using your furniture is a great way to rub off the dirt and the germs from outside. Introduce a habit of changing into home clothes as soon as you arrive and enter your private quarters. Informal home clothes are comfier to be in for long anyway! Why wear jeans, pants, and smart shirts when you can jump in a fun T-shirt or a sweater and a pair of loose but warm sweatpants.

Ban Smoking

Last but not least, do not allow anyone to walk in without taking off their shoes first. Some guests may get annoyed but they have to respect you and your home. Similarly, ban smoking inside your home especially if none of the adults in your household are smokers. The smoke gets in everything and causes furniture to smell.


It is hard to get out and it is even capable of making clean and light stuff look darker and dirtier. With these new habits your furniture will remain clean but your entire home will also benefit!