How to Clean Your Air Fryer Fast and Easy – 2024 Guide

Of all of the new appliances showing up in people’s kitchens, the air fryer might be one of the best ones yet. The ability to fry food to get good crispy textures and tastes without the grease and unhealthy fat is definitely a major innovation. These fryers are starting to get more popular because of a bigger push for healthier lifestyles and better diets. A lot of these diets are finding ways to let people eat the food they love without cutting it out entirely. That is why an air fryer comes in handy.

One thing that comes with these appliances is the maintenance of them and that is the not as fun part. As annoying as it can be, it is essential to ensure your kitchenware remains in good condition for years to come so you can continue to enjoy your food, so these tips can help you clean your air fryer fast and easy.

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Cleaning Steps For Your Air Fryer

  • Start by turning off the air fryer. You never want to clean something while it is still connected to a power source just in case you can get hurt.
  • Clean from outside to inside so wipe down the fryer exterior with a decently wet cloth and a little bit of dish soap if it is particularly dirty. The grease spots, while not many, will come off easily
  • Remove the basket(s) and other internal components like the pan or catch because these can be cleaned separately or in a dishwasher as they are made of metal.
  • Hot water, dish soap, and a sponge or cloth can be used for the inside too, but use more water than the little needed for the outside as the inside walls can collect a lot more residue from food particles and stuck-on grease. Be thorough when you clean the inside because it will make the use of the fryer easy to use for long term.
  • Clean the fryer after each use because the residue can stick too much and become harder and harder after each consecutive use without cleaning it.
  • After everything has been wiped down, give it a second cleaning with just hot water to remove any soap that may be left on then properly dry the basket, pans or trays and dry the inside with a cloth and wait until it is all completely dry before using again.
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Why Cleaning an Air Fryer is So Important

As you can see, cleaning the air fryer is not exactly a tough task but it can be hard to remember to clean it in its entirety and properly after each use. Taking time to do the job properly is important to make sure that it works for a long time. The cleaning advice at makes it pretty clear that air fryers require care, much like any appliance, but a good air fryer can last a long time when you treat it well. This is one of the reasons why cleaning is so vital to these kinds of appliances.

The cleaning process will help keep your food from being cross contaminated from other residue or old grease splatter that may occur. It will keep your kitchen clean and not smelling bad and of course keep the actual fryer working for a long time. Another good tip to consider is to use parchment paper at the bottom of the basket to prevent the basket from getting too dirty and this makes it easier to clean.

You should also remember the safety tips too when cleaning an air fryer. Turning off the power source is a must in case you accidentally turn it on or you burn yourself. Likewise, do not use utensils or other objects to poke around inside the fryer to clean it out. It is best to just do it by hand with a sponge or cloth. Never submerge the fryer in water either. You might clean it faster that way but you will also ruin the entire appliance so what good would that do?


Other Tips for Maintaining Your Air Fryer

Most air fryers are plastic so they do not need too much maintenance, so to speak, aside from the cleaning but it is good to store it somewhere upright and not jammed into a cupboard. The more pressure on it from heavy kitchenware can cause cracks or problems. It is best to store it safely to prevent the cord from getting bent out of shape and creating serious issues with the power source of it.

When using the fryer as well, make sure it is always on a flat, even surface away from edges so that if someone or something bumps into it, it will not fall off and spill hot grease on the ground and harm anyone. Keep it away from small children as well when in use because it can be dangerous to them if they fiddle with it. Remember to let it cool down too before cleaning to prevent burns or any kind of damage to yourself.

When using the air fryer after it has been sitting in a cupboard or not in use for an extended period, make sure to wipe it down in case of dust accumulation which can get onto your food. In general, you should always check out the fryer before use just in case something is cracked or broken just to be safe.

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Air fryers are a great invention that has allowed many people to enjoy the delicious taste of fried food without all of the added grease and extra fat that usually accompanies the delicious tastes. The best part about air fryers is how accessible and easy to use they have become. They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and functions with accessories to go along with them.

One of the most important things to remember if you own or are looking at getting an air fryer is to make sure you commit to properly cleaning and maintaining it so you can get the great tasting food for a long.