12 Best Christmas Gift Boxes for Her

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift? If so, we have just what your recipient needs! We offer an array of options that will suit any taste and personality. So whether they’re funny like me or fancy-free with everything in general…you can find something special here at our store and await them this December 25th when it comes time to exchange presents.

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. It’s also a time when we need to buy Christmas gifts for the people in our lives that we love. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, best friend or wife, there’s a Christmas present here to suit their tastes and personality.

Christmas gift boxes are an excellent way to package up your present and make it look more special. Here’s our list of the best Gift Boxes for her, whether she likes expensive luxurious ones or less expensive options!

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4. Best Christmas Gift Boxes for Mom not

For Christmas, you need to get your mom a gift box that she’s going to love. Here are some of the best ideas for Mom!

1. Coffee Break

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Give the box of an indulgent Christmas pick-me-up with Taken Care Of’s signature ‘Coffee Break’ curated gift box. The perfect present for your mom, the curated box is filled with premium Espresso Chocolate Coffee Beans as well as a Black Sol Eco Coffee Cup, Mixed Nut Dark Chocolate, Personalised Candle (Initials), and more!

2. Pamper Gift Basket

Pamper your mom with a basket filled to the brim with her favourite things that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Pamper Gift Basket is the perfect way to show her your love and care.

3. Cookbooks for Mom

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Cookbooks are one of the best presents for mom. They’re filled with recipes that give your mom something to share with all family and friends. The special touch of including a recipe book will ensure that she has something delicious and new at all her holiday parties.

4. Essential Accessories Gift Basket

Get your mom gifts containing hand warmers, slippers, earmuffs and socks. Add some cosy pyjamas as well as minimalist jewellery to make it extra special!

4. Best Christmas Gift Boxes for Sister

Surprise your sister with an elegant present this holiday season. Here are the best presents for your sister!

1. Food Basket

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A box filled with a Cheese Board, Cookies, Mints and Sweets will put a smile on her face Christmas morning.

2. Winter Warming Patches

Soothe aches, pains and strains with Winter Warming Patches. These gifts are the perfect way to show your sister you care this Christmas!

3. Makeup Kit

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Christmas gifts don’t need to be expensive. Why not surprise your sister with a makeup kit with all the essentials? A makeup kit is a perfect present for any woman. It can range from eye shadows, blushes and lip gloss to nail polishes – all of which are packaged nicely in one kit. Your sister will love receiving a makeup kit.

4. Leather Tote & Bags

Leather totes and bags are the ultimate Christmas present for your sister. They fit her stylish lifestyle perfectly, and she can use them for going to work, going on a trip, or just going out for a day in the city. Since leather is a natural material, it’s quite easy to maintain and will last a good amount of time before it needs to be replaced.

4. Best Christmas Gift Boxes for Wife

Christmas is a time for love and happiness. Choosing the right things for your wife can be tricky. Think about what she loves, and find a gift representing her passions on this special day of love. Show your wife that you care by getting her things she’ll cherish forever!

Here are some of the best ideas to give your wife this holiday season!

1. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

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This Christmas, gift your wife the Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box that comes with milk, white, dark, and semi-sweet chocolate bars for all sorts of preferences. Plus, add some cookies. This is a great thing for anyone who loves chocolate!

2. All-natural Skincare Kit

Give your wife the chance to pamper herself even more than usual by getting her an All-Natural Skincare Kit for Christmas. This year, give her a beautiful box filled with handmade natural skincare products that use organic ingredients!

3. Home Spa Gift Basket


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A home spa gift basket is the perfect present for your loving and loyal wife. Fill it with bath soap, salts, and lotion to have her own private relaxation spot at any time during the day or night. Add some scented candles, comfy robes and plush towels, and you’re golden!

4. Champagne & Wine Basket

There’s nothing like a glass (or two) of wine or champagne to end the day at Christmas time. Pair them with some chocolates, crackers, puddings or truffles to get her in the festive spirit!

Plus, you can include a set of personalised wine & champagne glasses.


It’s not easy to find the perfect way of showing someone you care. Gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with varying levels of personalization that can show them just how much they mean to us.

It is a perfect way to show someone you care, these boxes are available in different sizes and shapes so there is something for everyone. Customization options like adding a name or message on the front of your choice make an ideal present idea too.

Gift boxes are the perfect way to show someone you care. We hope that this list has given you some inspiration and ideas on what Christmas presents would be best suited for women in your life.