Choosing a Stair Lift – 5 Tips Before Buying 


As we age, we find ourselves much more exposed to accidents and injuries. Thanks to the technology that we have today –  we have solutions for almost everything. Stairlifts are becoming increasingly common due to their practicality and comfortable use. But how do you know which stairlift to choose? This article will help you find the best one for your home. If you are based in the UK and are in need of a stairlift, visit for more information.

The need for a stairlift

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Old age inevitably brings several limitations and risks. Alarmingly, every one in three people in the UK, above the age of 65, suffers at least one fall a year. At the same time, 50% of the population suffers from even more frequent falls. Sadly, falls are a significant reason for deaths in elderly people.

As you or your loved ones grow older, it is necessary to be mindful of each other’s security and health. Areas such as the bathroom and stairs pose a grave potential risk.

Since older people are more susceptible to several diseases, as well as reduced bodily strength, it does become harder to navigate the stairs. Particularly people using walkers or wheelchairs find it impossible to use the steps without assistance.

A stairlift comes as a boon in this situation. It is a machine that is installed in the stairs and is used to make the movement easier. It takes away the worry off your chest and allows the elderly to enjoy higher mobility. If you are settled in your current house, you might want to invest in a stairlift to make old age anxiety-free.

Suitability of the rider

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Safety is the first and primary concern when buying a stairlift. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand the machine before you make a final decision.

The manufacturers take the utmost care to make the design comfortable and user friendly. If there is any obstruction, these devices use motor sensors to detect it, and immediately stop the lift (thus, avoiding any accidents). The seats come with a belt that secures the rider to the seat so there are no chances of falling off. Fortunately, with the help of advanced technology, it doesn’t need to be dependent on electricity for functioning. The batteries charge themselves regularly to work even in the case of a power failure.

Though it offers a range of safety measures to allow a secure movement, there are certain things that the rider needs to be mindful of at their end. For wheelchair users, one should ensure that they can shift themselves from the rider chair to the wheelchair comfortably. Always go for a licensed and experienced company, since your loved ones’ safety comes above everything else. It is also strongly advised to schedule maintenance appointments at least once in a year to keep a check on the wears and tears.

5 tips to keep in mind

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With its practical design and easy application, it is not very hard to convince yourself to install one. However, do not hurry. Here we have some tips for you before you make the big purchase.

1. Location

Location is the key here. Before getting the device installation, you need to conduct a thorough examination of the installation site. Do you require assistance in navigating stairs inside your home or outside? Is the environment conducive to accommodate the device?

Along with your safety, you need to ensure that the device stays healthy. There are stairlifts designed especially for outdoor applications. These are sturdier and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Thus, the environment and location are significant factors in deciding the type of device that you need to install.

2. Stairs

Don’t we all love designing our houses extravagantly? However, with old age, practicality, and comfort takes the front seat. The type of staircase in the house is a significant consideration while buying a stairlift. Some stairs are straight, while others are curved and display various designs and turns.

For a straight staircase, straight stairlifts work best. These are simple designs made for the least complications. They are easy on your pocket and quick to install. However, if you’ve had a thing for complicated staircases, you need to be slightly more cautious. For such instances, custom made stairlifts are used. Since all stair designs are different, they are individualized to the site to offer smooth movement. They are quite expensive and take time for installation.

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3. Cost

Before immersing yourself into the search for a perfect stairlift, you need to gauge the price that it will cost you. You would certainly not want to spend days and in research only to find that they are unaffordable at the moment.

The curved models are almost double the price of straight stairlifts. However, do not merely look at the device’s cost but weigh it against other options at your disposal. Naturally, moving to a new house will cost you much more than installing simple equipment. However, if the rider’s mobility is not too often, you might want to postpone the idea for a more pocket-friendly day.

4. Weight capacity

These devices are built to carry an estimated weight with safety. Therefore, before diving into the purchase, you need to understand the rider’s profile that the device is suitable for.

Typically the companies design stairlifts for 300 lb. It is the standard weight and size that all the companies follow. However, if the rider has heavier body weight, or is likely to register an increase in weight due to medical reasons, you must buy a higher-capacity device. A few of these also come with an option to upgrade the chair later as per your convenience.

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5. Purchasing

To suit their customer’s comfort, most companies these days offer in-home assistance. Therefore, go for the manufacturer that provides trained professionals to help you find an affordable solution to your requirements.

Design is essential and also a fun component of the whole process. Some apps let you visualize the device of your choice at your home. See, it’s not just about the comfort, but also aesthetics.