6 Tips for Choosing the Right Health and Safety Solution for Your Workplace

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Safety and a healthy work environment should be a priority for every employer. Also, the employees themselves should contribute to maintaining that order in the company. This means that such a program should be introduced first, and then well-respected according to the requirements and the nature of the job. See MIRA Safety for safety and personal protective equipment.

If you are an employer, who wants to introduce a workplace safety and health program. This includes:

  • Regular cleaning and ventilation of offices
  • Protection against hazardous chemicals
  • Protection against physical injuries
  • First aid training
  • Education about potential dangers
  • Regular deep cleaning of office furniture
  • Good risk management
  • The crisis management plan

We highly recommend you always hire a company for cleaning and office maintenance, so you can be sure everything is nicely cleaned and disinfected properly. If you check on Urban Clean, you will see what most of these companies cover, and you can easily incorporate them into your safety and health management plan.

Also, these plans should include both mental and physical health aspects, so the employees can avoid all the risks related to them. But, what does that mean? What is exactly a good safety and health solution at the workplace? Who is responsible for that? How to implement it in the current workplace? Why it’s so important for the work culture?

In this article, as we share the tips for choosing the right solution, we will also answer most of these questions too.

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1. Health and safety must be a core value of the company

No matter whether you are a large or a small company, you need to pay attention to is the proper implementation of this culture in your work environment. This means that even when hiring, you need to explain those values to employees. Insist on consistent adherence to the rules. If necessary, display them in a visible place in the office. Many employees may feel some pressure if they are overwhelmed by rules, but that is the only way to improve their safety.

Why is this important?

As you insist on respecting the rules, the employees will be focused on their tasks, and the work discipline will be on the highest level. But, try not to overdo it. No one wants to be under pressure due to some rules. Explain to them that you want to make health and safety a core value of the company, and they must do their part for that.

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2. Work on their general danger awareness

If the nature of the job brings some risks, then the employees must be trained in advance, so they can know how to react and behave in particular situations. Always explain the risks before you hire them. Not every candidate is comfortable with working in such conditions, so you will have to be transparent when they come for an interview.

Explain the potential risks (chances for accidents, hazards, and so on), and encourage situational awareness.

That will help them recognize the risks as early as possible, without letting the situation get out of control.

3. Invest in personal protective equipment

Probably you won’t have to use them, and we hope that it would be always like that. But, you need to estimate the risks and buy proper safety equipment, especially if the job position is somehow risky for the employees. This includes protective clothes, masks, earplugs, eye protection, gloves, boots, and so on. Also, the first aid equipment must be included. All the employees must know how to handle simple situations before the ambulance comes.

This is a small, but still important step for the company owner to take.

This way, they show the employees they are important. Creating healthy workplace conditions must be a top priority for every CEO or manager. That’s the best way to maintain the workplace discipline we are talking about.

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4. The facilities must be clean all the time

Sanitary conditions are the best way to keep health discipline at the highest level. All the surfaces and rooms must be properly maintained every day. Every employee is responsible for the desk and office equipment they use. But when it comes to the restroom, coffee and lunchroom, and all the other places in the office, that’s on the manager.

Poorly maintained office increases the risks of health issues, but also chances for injury. Everyone is responsible for themselves, but they need to have safety conditions, so they can do that successfully.

5. Quality office equipment

Employees need to be comfortable so that they can feel safe. What does that mean? You need to invest in quality office equipment, which includes ergonomic chairs and comfortable desks. In this way, you protect their health, in terms of proper sitting and keeping the body in a healthy posture. This is for all the employees, no matter the nature of their job.

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6. Keep growing and keep improving

The things don’t stop here. You must follow the trends and implement them properly. Keep organizing training for the employees, and teach them how to protect themselves alone. At the same time, create healthy and safe conditions for them. Is a long process, but once you establish that type of discipline, all things will go much easier. Always discuss the safety aspects with the employees, and let them give you suggestions on how to even make these things better for them.


Every company must have rules and discipline policies. All this is for the benefit of the employees. When there is such discipline and rules, they learn how to protect themselves, and their colleagues, but also how to react in case of an incident. All these things make your company a desirable job and a reputable work environment. Could you wish for more than that? Satisfied employees are a much better compliment than advertising yourself as a good workplace. It’s worth giving it a try.

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We are sure that now you know the lesson. Implement it today, and see how your employees are getting even more satisfied with their job.