Choosing the Right Brush Cutter for Your Needs and Budget

A brush cutter is a portable but powerful machine that can be used for cutting high grass, heavy brushwood, and small trees. They are amongst the most useful and frequently used gardening tools because of their versatility and ease of use.

If you are looking to invest in a brush cutter, then you are tasked with choosing the right machine. There are many brands to choose from and even many models between brands for you to consider. It can therefore get very confusing for many people especially when doing it for the first time. In this post, we will look at the most essential considerations to have in mind when choosing brush cutters.

While the budget is a major factor for many people, it is seldom the most important thing to have in mind. When investing in tools such as brush cutters, you want to get a return on your investment and get it fast. As such, you might get fixated on the price tag and overlook everything else that is important. You should remember that investing in a quality brush cutter with value-adding features will be worthwhile in the future.

This will save you a lot on repair and replacement expenses in the future. If investing a little more money now means extending the life of your tool by several years or allowing you to tackle a wider range of jobs, it is well worth the initial investment.

Now that we have debunked the price tag misconception, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a brush cutter.

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What will you be cutting?

It is important to think about the different types of vegetation you will cut. Usually, you might be exposed to more than just grass. Some of the other things you will need to cut include hedges, small trees, shrubs, and weeds. Versatility is therefore of utmost importance when choosing a brush cutter.

Your tool should be able to do more than just trim grass. A good example of a highly versatile brush cutter is the Honda 4 in 1 model. It comes with four extensions to use depending on the vegetation you are cutting. It has a pole pruner, hedge trimmer, strimmer, and a 3-point metal blade.

It is better to err on the side of caution by considering a brush cutter that can handle multiple jobs other than getting a simple and less powerful model that will save you money initially but limit your versatility and opportunities. A versatile cutter like the Honda 4 in 1 can allow you to clear just about anything you will come across from overgrown vegetation, small trees, heavy brush, and stubborn weeds.

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Built to last

Quality is another consideration that you should have in mind when choosing your brush cutter. It is tough work and therefore your machine should be built to last. Therefore, the tool should be made of heavy gauge steel or other high-quality materials where it matters. Some of the parts that should incorporate these materials include the shaft, handlebars, and head among others.

The other parts of the brush cutters should also incorporate other materials to ensure they also keep up and do not wear off earlier requiring repairs or rendering the tool unusable. The repair costs and expenses on spare parts can quickly add up and make your investment expensive in the long run.

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Ease of maintenance

Some brush cutters are a menace to maintain. The best cutters are designed for easy maintenance. They draw attention to areas that need greasing and make it easy to change parts. Also, instead of being welded on, good ones should have bolted parts that make access for maintenance easy.

Brush cutters that are easy to maintain cut the costs and reduce downtime. It might even mean reduced profits for your business. Not forgetting that proper maintenance extends the life of your tool.

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Engine power

A versatile machine cannot amount to much if it doesn’t have a powerful engine to match. The engine should provide the required power on demand to quickly enable you to cut different types of vegetation. When you change the blade from the nylon strimmer to a hedge trimming blade, for instance, the engine should provide the required power to ensure the blade achieves the desired rotations per minute to get through the hedge with ease. Enough power also ensures the blade doesn’t get stuck in the trunk of a tree when cutting small trees.

Besides being powerful, the engine should also be quiet. Many premium manufacturers include silencing technology that ensures the engines are quieter. Also, you might want to go with a four-stroke engine over a two-stroke engine since they are quieter. Honda brush cutters come with power four-stroke engines that operate at very low noise levels allowing you to work at peace.

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Other essential features

Do not skimp on choosing the product that offers more features that are essential to your needs. For instance, the design should be ergonomic to ensure you work all day without fatigue. The machine should distribute the weight evenly around your body to make it easy to use and carry around for long hours. There are also wheeled brush cutters that are pushed around like lawnmowers.

The controls should also be easy to reach and use. Some cutters come with simple controls that allow you to vary the speed and direction of the blade using one control. Remember to check for all other features that you deem necessary for your needs.

Choosing a brush cutter from a reliable manufacturer yields better long-term rewards. You save on maintenance, repair and replacement costs. Remember to look past the price tag on your shoppin spree!