4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Smartphone Case – 2024 Guide

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Smartphones are currently the single most important device that every individual carries. It doesn’t matter whether you are in America, in Europe, Africa or Asia, you will notice that everyone is on their phone. These little devices are so useful, so powerful, it does not make any sense not to have one. It provides people with the easiest form of communication, messaging, it allows them to find important information in a matter of seconds and tons of other stuff.

Unfortunately, since they are so small and intricate, they are very prone to breaking. The screen has to be made out of glass, the hardware inside is made out of delicate materials which means that hitting the phone or dropping it may totally be destroyed. What’s even worse is that even the most expensive ones such as the Samsung S20 or iPhone 11 will easily break too. In fact, they might a higher chance of breaking since they are bigger and use more glass.

However, there is one simple solution that can keep our precious little device is safe. And that solution is a case. This piece of protection will not only keep your device safe from scratches or scuffs but will also protect it from breaking. Some have raised lips to protect the front glass, others have raised lips next to the camera to keep it safe and so on.

But, since the case market is so oversaturated, finding the right one can be very frustrating. Considering the number of smartphones on the market right now and the number of companies that create these cases, you are faced with millions and billions of different designs. To help you make the right decision, here are our tips for choosing the right one.

1. Pricing

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One of the first things we have to talk about is the price of these little protection enclosures. You might think that a piece of cheap plastic, rubber, or even glass will cost only a couple of dollars, right? Well, sometimes. In fact, most of the market is filled with companies that overprice their products. Although, there are some products that are definitely worth the money.

To make the right decision, you will need to understand the differences between cheap, expensive, low, and high quality.

For those that do not want to risk getting a low-quality case, I would recommend searching for reliable brands on the market and to avoid any other unfamiliar ones. Sure, AliExpress and eBay may prove like a great place to shop for this kind of product, but you can’t really know what you are going to get in the end if you do not analyze the reviews.

For those that want to save a little bit of money, eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon are the places you should look for. Of course, there are tons of other websites out there where you can shop for similar products, but I am most familiar with these ones. All of these three also have a great rating and review system which you can use to determine the quality of the product.

To put it simply, anything between $5 and $15 is a fair price while everything below that is kinda cheap and everything above that is a bit too expensive.

2. Find the right feature

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Now once you understand what kind of price you should expect and which website you are going to use, you can start thinking about the features you might need for your phone.

  • Magnetic

This is a feature that a lot of people have started to take an interest in. Instead of putting on the case on the back of the phone and mainly protect the sides and the back, you put one part of the case on the back and then put this second part on top of the screen and you will get a perfect magnetic seal. The magnets make removing it much faster, more satisfying, and easier. According to this website, a magnetic phone case offers full-screen coverage that provides a lot more protection than regular cases.

  • Hinge

Hinges have been a feature of cases for a couple of years now and there is a good reason why. You pop out the hinge and then you can place your smartphone on a flat surface while staying upright. Depending on the hinge, it may be able to stay upright horizontally or vertically. It also can be used for leverage while holding the phone with one hand.

3. Level of protection

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Since the whole point of having a case for your phone is for protection, I would assume that you care about the level of protection you will get when you purchase the product. But, this can prove to be a bit of a dilemma. Naturally, everyone wants their phone to protect it from drops and scratches, but no one likes to turn it into a bulky brick.

So, you only get to option. You can either get a slim case that will protect your device from soft bumps, scratches, and things like that, or you could get a much thicker one that will protect it from serious drops. Some can even keep it safe even when dropped from the height of several feet.

In the end, the decision whether you want a slim one or a bulky one is up to you.

4. Design

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Last but not least is the design. Of course, you can just get a cheap rubber case and be done with that, but do you really want to make your smartphone that ugly? There are so many interesting and detailed cases on the market right now, you should definitely do a bit more research before you decide. You can get one with basic colors, you can get a transparent one or even a case with a custom print.

When it comes to choosing the perfect smartphone case, look no further than Ikigai Cases. With its wide range of stylish and protective options, it offers the ideal solution to safeguard your device in style.

By following all of these steps we mentioned above, I believe that you will be able to make the right phone case purchase. You will be able to find the perfect balance between features, design, and protection.