For the Person You Love: Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

First and foremost, to be engaged and on the road to a happy marriage is something to be celebrated, no matter the scenario. It isn’t every day that two people decide they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, and for the person purchasing the ring, the proposal will dictate what happens next. It’s an incredibly exciting — and stressful — time for anyone, which is why it’s never a bad idea to do your research and take your time when purchasing a ring.

The perfect engagement ring isn’t something you can get without making an informed decision first. Even if your gut tells you that you’ve found the best possible choice, it would still be a good idea to keep looking and to pace yourself. After all, it is the ring that will help determine how the rest of your life will go, and congratulations are in order for anyone in the process of buying an engagement ring for the person they love the most.

And so, without further ado, let the ring hunt begin! It’s time to figure out the best possible ring for your significant other, and the tips below will help push you in the right direction! As an added bonus, if you’re looking for some of the best engagement rings for women, has plenty of choices that can help you make the most out of your decision.

Getting started with what your significant other might want

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While not everyone has the luxury of knowing what type of ring their partner wants, it will undoubtedly help the search. Fortunately, quite a few people out there know their partner’s taste in jewelry — specifically their favorite rings. Pay close attention to the rings your partner wears, and try to figure out an engagement ring that might fit along those lines.

If you want to get more information, it is never a bad idea to simply ask about their taste in jewelry. It might seem like a strange question, but you can mask it through curiosity based on your partner’s taste in clothing and how their jewelry matches. Most women are big fans of these types of questions, and they would be more than happy to educate their partners regarding how certain types of jewelry can make any outfit shine. When everything are all set, you can shop gemstone rings for women online.

Little do they know that what you have planned is to present them with a ring that is going to make them burst into tears, but that can be saved for when you actually purchase the ring!

The stone size matters

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The carat size of the diamond will always be a topic of contention, as there will constantly be varying opinions on how it should be done. That said, when it comes to carat size, going for the less standard sizes will undoubtedly help you save on money. While those who aren’t too bothered about spending as much as possible on a ring won’t have any trouble with carat size, those that might want to spend more on some parts and less on others will want to consider the carat size before going further.

As stated above, the less common carat sizes are typically the best for those on a budget, though they aren’t the only thing that can be tweaked. The shape of the stone is also something that will be much easier to figure out if you knew what your partner liked the most.

On the topic of the clarity and the cut

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Depending on the stone you use for your diamond, it can be hard to tell by the naked eye if there are any inconsistencies or flaws. For example, a top-quality ring with a flawless stone can look incredibly similar to one with quite a few discrepancies, as certain flaws are too challenging to tell with the naked eye. Clarity is something that can be tweaked for a budget without necessarily messing with the look of the ring. It can look absolutely gorgeous without having to worry too much about the price, mainly due to the cut of the engagement ring.

The cut is the one thing where it would be a good idea to splurge. It is the one aspect of the stone that will allow it to sparkle as much as possible, making it practically impossible to figure out the actual price of a ring due to how beautiful it looks. The sparkle is generally what savvy individuals will focus on, with the rest being a mix of quality based on preferences. Of all the things to consider, it is undoubtedly the cut that deserves the most attention, as everything else can be tweaked.

There’s no reason not to negotiate

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While it is understandable to feel a little hesitant to negotiate when buying all sorts of things, the engagement ring is one such matter where there is no reason not to negotiate. As a matter of fact, most suppliers (with wholesalers being the exception) mark up their rings by a tremendous amount. For example, there are some suppliers that will immediately mark down their rings the moment you talk about lowering the price. It typically means that the price is marked up to the point where they absolutely expect the buyer to negotiate. At that point, try to negotiate further and mark the price down as much as you can.

It is understandable to want to get carried away due to the gravity of asking your significant other for their hand in marriage. However, there are some price markups when buying an engagement ring that is just there to get more out of the buyer. While there might be bragging rights at the end of the day, was it really worth spending twice or three or even four times more than necessary?

You will still end up with a surprisingly beautiful engagement ring, except you also managed to save quite a bit of money in the process. It’s something your partner will undoubtedly love, and it will make the proposal that much sweeter.