5 Things To Know When Choosing A DWI Lawyer

Accidents do happen all the time—especially on the road. When you drive, it’s important to take extra precautionary measures to avoid such accidents. That said, there are moments in your life where you become the wrong kind of daredevil, and driving under the influence is one of them.

Drinks and beverages are often seen at parties, so it can be hard to avoid drinking when everyone is having fun. The problem is that when everyone’s ready to go home and you have a car with you, will you risk driving and getting caught by the police? Or worse, causing an accident?

Getting caught while driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is a serious violation, since you’ve put everyone at risk—even yourself. You’ll often see checkpoints in the area, and police checking passing cars. When you’re requested to stop, it’s important to obey the authority to avoid further complications and suspicions.

In the event that you get caught for a DWI, being calm is the best response to avoid any other charges. Likewise, looking for a competent DWI lawyer who can handle your case is a must. Otherwise, aside from paying the fine, you may end up serving time in jail or having your license revoked.

Knowing who to call in this kind of situation will definitely help you to get out of further unwanted situations. However, you should consider the following before hiring a lawyer to help with your case:

1. Experience

Having someone who completely understands what you’re going through is a must. As mentioned, lawyers who have already encountered cases similar to yours will definitely know what to do and how to defend you in court. You can learn more here about experienced DWI lawyers to defend your case.

In order to find out about the credentials of your lawyer, there are some firms who provide details on their websites. Checking through it first before sealing the deal with the lawyer is advisable, as you’ll find out if whether or not they can really help you with your case.

You can also ask questions about cases that have happened in the past, and how they handled them. That way, you’ll have an idea as to whether they’re a perfect fit for your case or not. Surely, to protect the privacy of their clients, lawyers will not tell you the exact specifics of the cases and how they ended. Nonetheless, asking questions can help you to identify whether the lawyer is knowledgeable about the subject.

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2. Specialization

Lawyers may be well-equipped with information or details about policies in your state. However, similarly to medical workers, lawyers have specializations. Looking for a lawyer who is well-keen on charges and policies about driving under the influence should be the best option. You should choose one who’s locally registered in your area. That way, they know the state laws and regulations regarding your case.

Not only has this lawyer already mastered the ins and outs of this violation, but he’s definitely been through many situations where he’s had to defend his clients in similar situations to a DWI. With this, you can rest assured that they already have enough knowledge with charges similar to yours to be able to handle your case.

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3. Professionalism

How people act and treat each other in every situation depicts their values and ethics. The way in which a lawyer responds to your queries and behaves in front of you, or in front of other people, will likely say a great deal about him and his work ethics.

You should observe them: Is the lawyer arrogant or irritated when you ask them questions? Are they always late when you have an appointment with him?

The answers to these questions are important, and should be taken into consideration.

Working with someone who has poor work ethics or is not professional will likely make you uncomfortable. On the contrary, someone who’s professional to work with will give you an idea that they’re taking their job seriously.

A professional attorney should give you a sense of security. You’ll definitely feel that this lawyer is doing their best in order to help you get out of the situation that you’re dealing with.

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4. In-person consultation

In this modern age, communication has been made much easier. Some are doing virtual meetings via video call or sending messages via emails or chat. This may seem convenient, since it will not require you to leave your house or make an extra effort to dress up. However, in serious situations such as being charged with a DWI, this should be approached with great caution.

Initially, when you’re looking for a lawyer, it’s best to meet each one of them in-person so as to know properly whether they’re qualified to represent you. Your comfort with your lawyer should also be considered. Sensitive details will probably be disclosed, and in order for you to feel confident giving these out, you’ll have to work with someone whom you’re comfortable with.

Lastly, when you meet your lawyer, you must bring all the documents and provide all the necessary details that will help him to get you out of this unfortunate situation.

Some clients will hold back pertinent details due to embarrassment. While this may be an embarrassing detail, keeping it non-disclosed may put you and your lawyer in ambiguous situations, decreasing your chances of being able to escape the charges.

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5. Rates

With all the problems incurred due to being caught driving while intoxicated, your financial capacity should also be considered. Lawyers are also human beings with bills to pay and a family to feed. That said, there are many lawyers who may be willing to take the challenge and help you for free.

Aside from being honest with your situation and disclosing all the details to your lawyer that could help you with the case, you should also be direct about your budget, so as not to have any misunderstandings in the end.

Before signing an agreement with a lawyer, knowing how much his professional fee is and whether they provide terms for the payment may be very helpful for you. This also avoids being unpleasantly surprised and drowned in debt.

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Looking for someone who can truly help you to escape this situation is like looking for a Godsend. If you already have a family lawyer, than all the better. But when you choose a lawyer, having qualities such as being professional and dealing with you with great respect should never be overlooked.

Getting caught by the police, regardless of the violation, is already humiliating enough. As such, it becomes a nuisance in the disruption it creates in your schedule. Furthermore, dealing with this may take a while, depending on how competent your lawyer is and the complexities of the case.

Make sure to be extra careful, and remember that being more mindful and compliant with the laws around driving while intoxicated will surely keep you away from situations like this in the future.