Choosing DEPO Lights for Trucks


Commercial transit vehicles require high-quality replacement parts to keep them in good working condition. This is especially true for Australian and New Zealand truckers, who drive through diverse terrains to ferry cargo to their destination.

The challenge gets after sunset and during adverse weather conditions like strong winds and mist. This is where reliable lighting solutions like DEPO lights come in handy.

DEPO lights is a company that manufactures dependable aftermarket parts for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. These include high-quality lights that enhance visibility at night and in bad weather, increasing road safety.

The following sections summarise the company, its products, and its mission to provide a risk-free driving experience by developing innovative road safety solutions and replacement parts.


Company Overview

DEPO lights is an established manufacturer of replacement parts for trucks and buses, focusing on developing reliable lighting solutions. The company is renowned in its native Japan for making durable products using the latest technologies.

In Australia and the greater Oceania, the firm is the leading provider of inexpensive and efficient lighting systems for American, European, and Asian trucks, such as MAN, IVECO, Hino, Isuzu, and Nissan Diesel.

A Brief History

DEPO lights got its name from Deer Port, a small town in central Taiwan famous for its enviable cultural heritage. Besides borrowing the name, the company embraces the city’s tradition of sustainability.


Current State of DEPO Lights

The company’s leadership and staff have a common goal of developing reliable lighting solutions that enhance road safety. By adhering to this ethos, the brand aims to increase its global reach to all continents within the next few years.

The multiple awards in the firm’s trophy cabinet are a testament to its commitment to achieving its mission. Some of the notable accolades received by DEPO lights include the Taipei TAMPA Innovation Award and a listing in Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands. As a result, the brand is recognisable in Asia, Oceania, and Europe and has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Why Should You Use DEPO Lights?

If you want quality aftermarket parts for American trucks, go for DEPO lights. The company’s products have approval from the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA). Before issuing and approval, CAPA assesses a product’s appearance and design, composition, and on-road performance to see if it meets its safety requirements.

Additionally, DEPO lights comply with the advanced road safety regulations set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety authority. Other quality assurance accreditations awarded to DEPO lights include ISO 9001 and 14001, ECE Certification, and TS 16949.


Wrapping UP

Although DEPO lights develop products for buses, it primarily focuses on producing high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks. These include lights and other electrical components.

The company’s dedication to using the latest technology promises to reduce visibility-related accidents on Australian roads. Moreover, DEPO lights are inexpensive and readily available. Thanks to a widespread aftermarket distribution network, you no longer have to wait for weeks once you confirm your order!

Perfect truck lights – perfect safety

It is highly important to ensure that your truck has reliable lights. Every driver needs to realize that every time he seats at the wheel, he is in charge of his own safety, and the other’s people safe on the road as well. Since trucks are very hard vehicles, they can cause huge and fatal damages on the road. Therefore, only highly responsible people should drive trucks.

In addition, every responsible driver knows how important it is to have a completely safe, controlled, and well-maintained vehicle. Only in that way, they can be able to drive peacefully. One of the most important things that drivers need to pay attention to is having adequate lights on their vehicles. Poor lighting is something every truck driver should consider as a red flag and not ignore the problem.

Even though there are different truck lighting accessories that are meant just for fun and you can be free to add them, others are intended to ensure a safe driving experience. Before every driving, you should check whether or not your truck has two properly functioning headlights.


What can happen if you do not drive with functioning lights?

Driving with less than two adequately functioning headlights is a highly terrible idea. We are not talking about just getting a warning ticket that you are going to need to pay. It can deceive you into thinking that an oncoming vehicle in the dark is bigger or smaller than its actual size.

Despite that, it will not show you some danger on the road that you need to get around. On the contrary, driving with more than two headlights can emit too much light which can blind other oncoming drivers and potentially cause an accident.

Be fully aware and responsible driver

Now, you understand why all the specialized trucking lights should make your truck completely visible to other drivers on the road without blinding them and at the same time make the overall driving experience to you as a driver as easier and safer as possible. This means that you can easily spot oncoming cars and prevent the risk of any potential dangerous scenario that can happen on the road. Just a tiny detail of this kind – having inadequate lights can cost you a lot and represent you as an unresponsible driver who caused the accident by his own negligence.

Despite the most important headlights, you also need to ensure that your brake lights are in good condition. Brake lights are the ones that are giving a signal to other drivers on the road behind you that you are slowing down or stopping which automatically means that you are going to reduce your driving speed. Corner lights are just as important as the other ones because they are alerting drivers around you on the road that you are going to take a turn on the road ahead.


Lastly, there are also emergency flasher lights that are developed with the purpose to help the driver to notify other drivers on the road that he is into an emergency mechanical problem. This problem can mean that you are having a flat tire or something else and because of that reason you want to pull over your truck as soon as possible. All these lights are equally important for both you and other drivers on the road. Therefore always think about your own safety, but the safety of others as well, and because of that invest in the high-quality DEPO lights.