Why Choose A Premium Leather Jacket Instead Of A Cheap One

There are very few people who don’t want a leather jacket to be a part of their wardrobe. But when it comes to buying this particular piece of clothing, there are a string of decisions one needs to make. The primary among these is whether to go for a cheap thrift store leather jacket or buy from a premium international brand.

We are of the belief that spending a few hundred dollars on a piece of leather product is usually worth it, especially if acquired from the right source. If you are wondering why you should spend that amount if the same look can be availed for a lower price, keep reading, and you are bound to change your mind!

Vast Range of Leather

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Cheap leather jackets don’t always mean that the leather product is fake. But it always means that the range of leather that you can avail of is limited. Cheap leather jackets are made from mostly goatskin, or in very few cases cowskin. Premium leather jackets, on the other hand, are crafted from a much wider range of leather such as sheepskin, lambskin, calfhide, etc.

Each type of leather has its unique qualities. Some are heavier than others, while some are smoother and easier to craft into premium designs. The leather you choose will ultimately reflect many of the qualities of your jacket. So, you should definitely do some research before buying your leather jacket and choose the type of leather that suits your needs.

Cheap leather jackets will always feel the same and provide a similar level of warmth. On the other hand, the feel of a premium leather jacket and its warmth level can vary widely based on the choice of leather.

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Worth The Investment

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A cheap leather jacket is bound to last you 2 – 3 years before the material starts chipping away and deep creases form on the surface. A premium grade leather jacket will last you at least double that time period, if not more! So, the amount you spend on a premium quality leather jacket will ultimately pay off since it will be a long-lasting piece of premium fashion in your wardrobe.

Most people don’t usually buy multiple leather jackets. So, treat it as a one-time investment and take care of it with the various leather care products available. Leather jackets are not simply a piece of clothing but also a creed unto themselves. So, when you buy a premium product, you become a part of a creed of timeless fashion.

If you are thinking that you are only going to use the jacket during winter and then store it away, a cheap jacket is more likely to get creased if stored for a long period of time. Rather, a premium quality jacket will feel fresh when you take it out after months of storage. So, you will not need to update your winter wardrobe every year with a premium leather jacket by your side!

Better Design

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Let’s be real; thrift store leather jackets come in a maximum of two or three designs. You can find a bomber jacket design, a biker jacket design, and a straight forward design. But premium leather jackets, on the other hand, come in a huge range of designs. You can have one meant for parties, another to hit the road, and one for casual wear as well.

The choice of color in the case of premium jackets is also much wider than the cheaper range you can avail. Apart from the usual brown and black, premium leather jackets come in various bright colors. You also have customizable options when buying from most premium brands. And overall, the make of the jackets crafted by premium brands is much more detailed and long-lasting. Most of these brands hire master craftsmen and designers to create their products. So, you are not just paying for the quality of the leather but also professional craftsmanship.

If you want a jacket that does not look its quality, surely you can go for your thrift store options, but if you want a jacket that truly fits your design requirements, then premium brands are the only option.

Fashion Statement

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Thrift store leather jackets will never be the centerpiece of your wardrobe. It will be a jacket-wearing which you can go to the grocery store or for a walk around the neighborhood. But if you want a leather jacket that will show the world the fashionista that you are, then a premium jacket will serve the purpose perfectly.

Premium quality leather jackets can be worn for a wide range of occasions and can be styled in a vast range of manners. You can throw one over a dress, go for the classic leather and denim look, or even have a semi-casual look with a bomber jacket and a tuxedo underneath! With a premium leather jacket by your side, the choices are truly endless, and this is why such jackets stand out from the crowd.

Final Verdict

A leather jacket reflects the kind of person you are. So, do you want to be a part of the crowd or stand out? Do you want to be just another somebody with a leather jacket or create a fashion statement that turns heads? If you are drawn to the latter, then a premium leather jacket is exactly what you need!

After all, they are superior in every way. Be it the quality of the leather, the craftsmanship, or the range of designs and colors, a premium leather piece will always be the go-to choice for those who truly respect fashion. And as mentioned before, the price of the product actually pays off as it will be much more long-lasting than any other cheap product in its category.

So, find a premium leather jacket vendor, and order the jacket that suits your style. When buying a leather jacket, one should never make sacrifices, and that is why the premium quality is what you deserve!