5 Reasons to Celebrate All Your Wedding Milestones

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Finding the love of your life and deciding to spend the rest of it together is something that everyone hopes to experience. True love is sad to be harder and harder to find and many people settle for less than they deserve just to feel what it is like to live with someone. Marriage is supposed to be more than that, the final stage of an already happy and flourishing relationship. It should be the final prize before the rest of your life starts, together as you want it to be.

All in all, the institution of marriage has always been important. While the reasons for marrying someone changed with the times, customs, and traditions, it remained prominent to this day and it could be said that marriage is bigger than ever. A lot of that has to deal with the industry behind it as weddings have become greater and more diverse than ever. The most important day in the life of a couple is now a genuine celebration and the best part about it is the fact that it can be whatever the bride and groom want it to be. Church or no church, destination wedding, classic or modern, you name it and the wedding organizers and vendors will make it happen.

Once the wedding is done and the married life begins, it is important to remember the day and frequently celebrate the milestones. However, many people fail to realize the importance of giving time and attention to the anniversary of such special occasions. If we do not remember, we forget, not just the day but the importance and the happiness behind it. In this article we give you the most important reasons to celebrate all of your wedding milestones. Read on to learn more about this important topic.

1. It Is a Milestone

Source: readers.com

First and foremost, you should celebrate a wedding milestone because it is exactly that, a milestone. It exists to be celebrated and there is not much to it. The whole premise behind remembering an important event is to feel good about it again. Otherwise the date itself would not be worth remembering. It is the same for birthdays, holidays, and any other important day. You do not need a special reason. The reason it happened on that day years ago is enough. Once you realize that wedding milestones like the anniversary of the wedding itself and of the proposal are important, you will not need any other reason.

2. Family Time

Family gatherings are some of the best and most loving affairs you can have in life. In modern times families do not get to spend a lot of time together during a regular working week. The kids are at school, the grownups are working, resting, or doing things around the house, and the grandparents life far away. Family time with the extended family is even harder to organize. Therefore, a wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to get everyone together for an additional day in a year. Those closest to you can come for lunch or dinner or you can go out together for some fine dining. There should always be time for family, and since there is never enough a wedding milestone is perfect for it.

3. Giving and Receiving Gifts

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Is there anything better in life than getting to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift and watching their reaction? Well, maybe getting the gift yourself! Joking aside, celebrating wedding milestones comes with gifts too. As it is an important day in the lives of a happily married couple, it calls for something to remember it by. Since it happens every year and due to there already being many annual celebrations that imply gifts, it does not have to be anything big or expensive. Five-year, ten-year, or twenty-year anniversaries are more special, but everything in-between can be marked with a small yet significant and loving gift. This is done best between the two of you. You do not need anyone else for the gift exchange. After a year or two, it will surely become a tradition. Ladies are better at giving gifts than the guys, so make sure to check out Mrs At Last Inc. if you are having trouble picking the right present for your wife.

4. Reconnecting

Wedding anniversaries or other milestones surrounding the biggest day in your lives is a great chance for the two of you to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Married life is amazing but over the years many couples drift further and further apart. For some it is inevitable while for others it comes out of nowhere and worsens with time. In order to keep things at the right level and never lose the love and passion between each other, you have to remember to reconnect. Quality time with your beloved can be spend in numerous ways and you usually do it for birthdays, Valentine’s days, and holidays. But for the wedding anniversary, it is the celebration of you two tying the know and saying “I do!” to each other, promising to love, cherish, and care for one another. Revisiting those emotions and recalling the day can be very special and all you really need to stay as connected to each other as ever.

5. It is an Excuse for a Getaway

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Last but not least, a wedding milestone is the perfect moment to get away for a day or two, or the entire weekend, and enjoy a trip in the company of nobody else but your partner. Finding the right time to travel is never easy, and the fact that people always wait for the right moment to do so makes it even harder. When you add your wedding milestones as important annual dates worth devoting time and money to, they become the perfect excuse to leave everything behind for a few days and travel for an efficient breather from reality. Doing this once a year is enough to make you look forward to the milestone more and more every time.