How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?


Today, we talk more about the benefits of CBD for human health. The hemp from which we get CBD was almost anathematized a few decades ago. However, today this cannabidiol is becoming one of the sources of treatment for various ailments. We use it for treating many health issues – from insomnia and stress, as well as various painful conditions, to its application in the cosmetic industry. The consumption of CBD can be in different forms. Besides oil, one of the most used forms of CBD for consumption is the gummies. Still, how do we know how many gummies we should eat? We will try to answer that question.

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Although Useful, CBD Is Still Targeted By Prejudice

If we ask industrial hemp growers, they would tell us that CBD is an extremely valuable part of this plant. Today, most of the medical public agrees with this. However, CBD isn’t equally and widely accepted everywhere. Unfortunately, CBD and industrial hemp in general, still struggle with many prejudices. These prejudices exist mainly due to insufficient knowledge about the benefits of this plant. The most common prejudice we enslave – is that this chemical component has a psychoactive effect. This is completely incorrect because it doesn’t actually have any opioid effects. On the other hand, experts have proven that this particular cannabis compound actually has very good effects on our health.


The Most Popular CBD Products

Today, CBD can be used in many ways. Certainly, one of the most well-known ways of consumption is CBD oil. However, in recent years, the market has been flooded with other products with this ingredient. Today, CBD can be consumed through vaping, but there are also products such as CBD tea, coffee, and famous gummies. Gummies are especially popular among the population of the younger and middle-aged generation – but even with the elderly people who will consume them more easily, and feel the effects and benefits in a relatively short time. Gummies have even become so popular that you can find recipes for their preparation on the Internet. However, proven products from reputable manufacturers are always advised. It is because you will find the optimal amount of CBD substance in them. And speaking of the optimal amount, the question arises: How many CBD gummies should we eat?

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How Many CBD Gummies Should I Consume?

This is a complex question that actually has a very simple answer. You will consume as much as you need to feel better. Every individual who decides to consume CBD gummies has their own reason why they use them. Some people have trouble sleeping, others have anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammation, headaches, or acne. These are all things where CBD gummies can help you feel better. However, the right dosage depends on many factors. Certainly, the dosage cannot be the same for a 55 kg person or a person who weighs 90 kg. There is also the issue of individual resistance or hypersensitivity to the active substance. Therefore, we always suggest that you consult with experts. Reputable manufacturers put the amount of CBD on the packaging of their products. You can visit here and see that certain gummies are intended for certain conditions, the amount of CBD is expressed in milligrams – and you will also see what flavors were used for their taste.

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Are There Recommended Doses For Consuming CBD Gummies?

Although the quantities are individual, for certain conditions some parameters are considered optimal. CBD in the range of 10 to 25 mg is considered the ideal amount for sleep. In a state of high blood pressure, it will probably be enough for you to consume 30 to 50 mg. In inflammatory conditions, the range depends on the nature of the inflammation, so a dose of 50 to 150 mg is recommended. As we can see, everything depends on the nature of your problem – but also your constitution and tolerance of your organism. In any case, according to the problem due to which you use CBD gummies – you will see for yourself what is the right amount for you. And what health problems can CBD gummies help us with? Here is the answer.

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Benefits Of Consuming CBD Gummies

Numerous benefits of CBD to human health are known, and although many are still enslaved by prejudice, we know that CBD gummies help with some acute or chronic problems such as the following:


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Anxiety is a disease of the new age – and is becoming more common in young people who are under constant tension and stress due to work. If you think that it is not possible to overcome fear and make your day more beautiful – you are wrong. CBD has that ability. Namely, this substance stimulates serotonin receptors that have anxiolytic and antidepressant properties.

Sleeping disorders

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Due to stress and living a fast-paced lifestyle – sleep disorders are almost inevitable today. If you feel sleepy during the day or you can’t sleep at all – then you know that you are facing this problem. Regular use of CBD gummies will get you back on track, and you will sleep like a baby.

Chronic pain

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This is certainly one of the biggest benefits of CBD. Its best feature is definitely the ability to reduce or eliminate pain – whether it is chronic, caused by certain conditions, or acute.

Stomach problems

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Gastrointestinal problems also belong to the diseases of the modern age. Improper diet, irregular meals, obesity, etc. – cause other problems that are not visible from the outside. CBD has proven to be helpful with bloating, pain, heartburn, gas – and even some more serious stomach problems.

Inflammatory conditions

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CBD has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that actively protect our bodies from various acute or chronic diseases.



Is your first aid for headaches an analgesic? Think twice. Why use all that chemistry? CBD is a natural substance that helps with headaches and frequent migraines. It is enough to consume gummies and feel far better.


As we can see, CBD gummies are a very simple way to alleviate many unpleasant conditions – from those caused by stress, to organic problems that occur due to a disease. When it comes to dosage, it all depends on your resistance, and the fact whether you are using CBD gummies for the first time – or you have already had experience with them. Also, we must note that there are CBD gummies with a certain small amount of THC component. In that case, you should definitely consult about the application and dosage – so this doesn’t disturb your daily routine.