Cause of Accidents in Florida

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According to statics from Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (FLHSMV), there was an overall decrease in the number of accidents in 2018, however, the number of fatal accidents has risen.

Now Florida is a state in which people can’t survive without a car. However, if you are in an accident in which you were not at fault then for the compensation you would need a professional as suggested by West Palm Beach auto accident attorney from Also, even if you are not at fault even then please consult one because they won’t charge you for that and if your claim is right then they can help you get your rightful compensation.

Here are a few reasons that are common amongst all accidents:

The drivers were distracted

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In 2024 the reasons the attention of drivers can be lost are many of them are checking the mobile phone for messages, eating food whilst driving and sometimes thinking of other things like the office stress or a fight with a loved one. It only takes a second to be distracted and you will hit the driver on the side, behind or in front of you. Even though the traffic police have been giving out tickets but the people seem to be consistent in making this mistake.

The fact that you simply do not have any kind of control over the actions of other people can sometimes be scary. It doesn’t matter if you are a very experienced driver with the most versatile vehicle ever, once someone makes a mistake such as running a red light, you won’t have even a second to react to the situation. It seems like the best way to prevent accidents from ever happening in Florida and all over the planet is through automation and AI.

Fortunately, we have seen a rise in automatic pilots in many automobile manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, Kia, BMW, and many more. Some work better than others, but that is not important. What is important is the fact that in the near future, the number of accidents will be reduced to almost zero because of autopilots.

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Over speeding

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Mostly young car owners, bus drivers, and truck drivers are responsible for accidents caused by this action. If you are driving fast then your braking time will be prolonged hence you will be either hurt when an obstruction comes your way either you will hurt an innocent pedestrian (who may or may not be following the laws). Hence it is essential that you drive in the limits set by the law because they are set to avoid problems for you and others. In these accidents, the injuries are severe for both parties.

However, it is also important to note that places with no speed limit have a much lower rate of an accident than places that do. For example, Germany’s highway, the “Autobahn” does not have any kind of speed limit, but its traffic collision is at their lowest count than ever. This shows that the knowledge of the drivers and the quality of roads are very important in preventing collisions too.

Of course, there should always be limits in cities because there are pedestrians and many vehicles moving left and right. Maybe one day, obtaining a driving license will be much more difficult, leaving only the most skilled and responsible people driving on the roads through Florida.

Driving under influence

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This has been the most common cause and we have been warned against it by our parents, teachers, and even laws. However, some people still end up doing it ‘for the thrill’. They are mostly teenagers who are partying on holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and the weekend. When you are drunk your reaction time is delayed hence the chances of accident ten-folds and you end up hurting a lot of people. It is a severe crime with heavy fines to pay in Florida – so you better be careful.

We should also mention that a DUI could also lead to jail and even bigger problems in your life. For example, many companies avoid hiring people who have been charged for a DUI or have been in jail because of such a situation. If you truly care about your future, your family, and your career, you should never drink before driving.

Driving irrationally

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The basic rules that are taught to you before you sit in for your driver’s license and the same rules which you are tested for are there for a reason. However, drivers ending up disobeying that instruction when on the street like moving lanes, tailgating, ignoring a stop sign, and being ‘smart’ on the roads. That is when things go bad and accidents happen. Hence it is necessary that you follow the laws as prescribed.

If you ever find yourself in a collision and have hurt other people because of driving irrationally, not only will you have to pay the damages for both your and other people’s cars, but you might also face a serious sentence. People might take their cases against you to court. Is it really worth it to save a couple of seconds on the road by driving irrationally? Being patient and a safe driver will go a long way. It is your responsibility to keep yourself, other drivers on the road, and anyone else in your car safe while driving.


Now driving is different in all conditions of changing roads like when you go from smooth to rough and steep roads. If you don’t change your driving pace in each one you become prone to accidents. So this is the driver’s intuition on how to navigate on each road and play their cards right.

However, you should also be aware of the actions of everyone else you are sharing the road with. If those people can’t think for themselves then you will have to think for them too. If everyone tried to predict the movement of every driver on the road, the number of accidents would reduce by a lot.

Accidents happen around the world daily and people often lose their lives or get permanent injuries. Hence a little attention and obeying will not hurt us rather save us and someone else’s life.