How Casinos Use The Winners’ List As Part of A Magnetic Marketing Strategy – 2024 Guide

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The staggering amounts won in jackpot games always holds interest to a variety of individuals. Seeing everyday people grabbing millions in jackpots is both an enviable and aspirational experience. Whether it’s winning the lottery or scratching winning symbols, the appeal of winning big thrives in most people. This desire is innate and exists regardless of the individual’s gaming budget.

While some players are most likely to gravitate toward jackpot games due to the attractive amount, others prefer more achievable objectives. With that said, balancing the winners’ list is also essential in creating a credible picture.

Some players might win at games that have smaller amounts and others might win at the skilled games like roulette. Besides giving realistic expectations, showing small wins gives an impression that the casino does, indeed, payout. This assurance is often needed by players who have been burnt by other platforms or are new to online gambling.

The Art Of Magnetic Marketing

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Magnetic marketing derives its concept from the features of magnetics, whereby they pull things towards them. Its core aim is to invite prospective customers through various means to consider the brand as a worthy gaming staple. While traditional forms of marketing are based on establishing a presence, this form relies on the laws of attraction.

Online casinos use this form of customer allure through visibility displaying their bonuses, promotions, games and even prestigious software providers. Additionally, the display of the winners’ list can also be seen as part of a magnetic marketing strategy. Appealing to a sense of possibilities makes it easier to invite customers onto the platform.

If players can imagine a scenario where they too can win, then the rest is simply showing them the available games. Various lotteries and online casinos showcase their jackpot winners as this is an effective marketing tool. Not only does it appeal to the innate desire for freedom of lifestyle, but it caters to the realisation of dreams.

Seeing a list of the players also acts as a power tool. The various jackpots become attractive to players as they don’t seem so unobtainable. Another way of looking at it is, magnetic marketing is a retention tool. The gambling industry is known for its low retention due to the high local and international competition.

Once customers know of the brand, feel comfortable to join, then the key is keeping them interested. While their own experience might be different, the fact that the winners’ list is ready fodder to feed aspiration makes all the difference. It being regularly updated, also makes players feel their turn on the list is likely to come.

No-Skill Wins

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When it comes down to it, people will always prefer the easy way to gain money. The less arduous the journey, the higher the chances it will be taken. The simple truth is that jackpots appeal because they do not require any skill. Most skilled games like Poker, Blackjack or Roulette are often of interest in the sidelines. Players feel intimidated by the skill levels portrayed in tournament games and are often inclined to feel inferior. This makes it easier for them to shy away from the jackpot challenge no matter how high it might be.

Higher player statistics, on the other hand, show that bingo, slots, lotteries and scratchcards are seen as actionable games. Due to their simplistic nature, they are less intimidating, even if players opt not to understand how the game is played. As such, they often go in search of promotions that offer free spins and often use reliable comparison sites that include to assist them in locating a casino that caters to their desire to try.

It’s the mechanics of the games that differ. Progressive jackpots, found in slots, often feel more possible to achieve due to their no-skill nature. Players aren’t inundated on learning any type of rules or game etiquette. All they have to do is simply select a coin size, line amount and press spin. The lottery players are faced with selecting numbers or opting for an automated selection.

Subliminal Marketing

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Marketing is about getting customers through the door. Casino’s understand this and do their best to create attractive offers, promotions and even in-game bonuses. What this does is show new players the possibilities that being a member of the casino is all about. However, it also gives the platform a chance to showcase their games list. After all, they too have to payout to their software providers, especially if they purchase exclusive games.

What better way can any iGaming platform have to do this, than by showcasing winners of those games. The oddity of this marketing strategy is that it relies on subliminal messaging. Players are hardly aware of the information as they don’t often scroll through the winner list. But, its impact is undeniable.

The players will gravitate toward the game, without realising why. It is by no means a deceptive ploy, it’s more akin to the terms and conditions, where the players know it’s there, where to find it, but hardly give it any notice. However, it creates just the right reaction as it encourages players to try out a variety of games with the foreknowledge that winning is possible.

Jackpots Are DreamCatchers

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Regardless of whether they outright admit or not, players are always invested in winning. They aspire to be the ones that spin the reels for a jackpot win. In a sense, the stage is already set and it’s up to the virtual platform to utilise the opportunity. Offering a variety of jackpot games such as the now-famous various Megaways and Mega Drop jackpots adds to the appeal of the platform.

However, fair games with decent payouts are also essential. Savvy players know when a site is not worth their time and might even question the legitimacy of the winners list if they suspect foul play. At the end of it, magnetic marketing that incorporates the winners’ list is always a winning formula.