Car VS Taxi: Evaluating the Pros and Cons

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Driving your own car or a taxi is a dilemma that visits each car owner with a certain frequency. As long as large corporations and statistical institutes find out which type of movement is more profitable, it is worth thinking about the compliance of each option with the lifestyle of an individual.

Making a choice in favor of your own car or taxi should be based on the characteristics of your character and lifestyle. As stated by experts from Zutobi AB, if you have never driven a car, you would need to get a license by finishing a course, since it is quite important to follow all the procedures and get to know yourself with all road rules. In the meantime, let’s compare the advantages of each option to see all the strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of using a taxi

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1. Lucky at any age and condition – No need to spend time, money and nerves to get licence. Just call and the car will come for you. A taxi will pick you up from your office, from a bar, from friends’ place, or bring you to a party.

2. No need to look for parking – Workers in the center know how hard it is to find a place to park your car. There is no such problem with a taxi. You also do not need to swear with neighbors in search of a place to park a car at night in the yard.

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3. No additional expenses – There is no car, and you do not need to spend money on gas, buy insurance or give money for regular maintenance.

4. Save time – While driving in a taxi you can read a book, answer mail, listen to music. There is no need to be distracted by the road.

5. A personal car may crash. In this case, the owner spends time filling out papers and money for repairs.

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6. Efficiency. You can call a taxi and it came to you at any time and in any weather. In winter, when snow fell, or in autumn in the rain, it takes a long time to wait for a taxi. It is likely that you will have to spend a lot of time phoning a list of popular taxi services. In this case, your car near the house will deliver you to the point faster. As you can see this is a rather controversial advantage.

Advantages of own car

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1. Long journeys. By car, you can go to the sea, to another city, loading everything you need into it. A taxi here either does not help or is too expensive.

2. Trips to the countryside. Having a car, going out for a picnic is not a problem, you only need a wish. A taxi driver will not take you to the place where the navigator does not work and there are no roads.

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3. Guaranteed level of comfort and safety. In your car you can adjust the air conditioning as you like, this is especially important if you are traveling with a child; you can listen to your favorite music or vice versa ride in silence. Sitting in a taxi, one can only hope that the car is technically sound and that it has airbags present and working.

4. It is convenient to travel with children and carry goods. Unfortunately, not all taxi drivers are ready to transport a child, because you will need a child seat, plus additional problems, noise in the cabin, additional space for a stroller is required, etc. And for the transportation of baggage exceeding the standard size of a travel bag, a taxi may require an additional fee. All these difficulties disappear if we drive our own car.

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5. The pleasure of riding. The machine gives a feeling of freedom and mobility when you decide where and how to go, where to stay and how much to stand. A similar feeling in a taxi is not available.

6. Efficiency. You can leave your car at any time you need, if there are children in the car, there is a mandatory child seat. In the case of a taxi, it is required to clarify whether the driver carries the children, put additional ticks when ordering, wait and hope for a positive outcome.

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To make an unambiguous choice in favor of a taxi or your own car is possible only if you have already been in the role of the driver.