Can You Become a Singer in a Month? – Think Yes!

A lot of us have been singing all our lives, yet we wouldn’t class ourselves as ‘singers’ because it is just a hobby that we practice at home or in a karaoke bar. If somebody said that they could turn you into a real singer within the space of a month you’d think they are nuts when actually it is entirely possible if you go about it the right way. It will require a change of attitude because you will need to start thinking outside the box, and it will require a huge amount of dedication and application, but with a positive mindset it is certainly achievable.

Here’s how you can become a singer in a month.

Be Positive

Positive mental thinking can take you a long way in life, and if you want to learn to sing in a short period of time, you are going to need plenty of positivity. It is not going to be an easy task and will require you to use your voice every day, but if you start slowly and gradually build your voice up you can achieve your goal. Talk to as many people as possible so that you can bounce ideas off each other, and it will also give you accountability, because if you’ve told people you will succeed you are more likely to keep to your promises, and then you will succeed.

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Improve Your Voice

You may have been taking lessons for years and already think that your voice is perfect, well let me tell you something, it is not perfect, there is always room for improvement. Even Grammy award-winning artists will still take lessons to improve their voice. You can never stop learning. Find a personal tutor who can give you one to one advice and you will find the quality of your voice improves no end. Maybe you could join a choir, which will allow you to get used to singing with other people so that you can practice harmonies, or improve the range of your voice? Most of all, though, is the importance of just singing, every single day, whenever you have a spare moment. As we all know, practice makes perfect.

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Online Classes

Online classes may seem a strange way to learn to become a singer in as little as a month but, in reality, they can provide a very different way of learning due to the flexibility they allow. Experts from can talk you through classes available that offer sharp, quick lessons to help you to train your voice. Learning online also allows you to record your voice so you have immediate feedback from which to build upon. Moreover, these classes will help you to understand the nature of the music industry and how you can go about monetizing your love of singing in as little time as possible.

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Market Yourself

If you want to make it as a singer you need to learn how to market yourself, and more importantly, you need to sell yourself to the right people. Finding the decision-makers within any industry is difficult, but in the dog eat dog world of the music industry it is doubly difficult. You need to start attending gigs and performances and getting to know the people in your field. If you are looking to become a member of a church choir then it makes sense to go and see them perform. You could also offer to give free concerts in order to build up your exposure, or find local public places such as parks and practice there. Do all of this with a smile on your face and with a can-do attitude and you will be surprised how many doors open.

Embrace Rejection

Quickly learning to embrace rejection is going to be a key part of your armory when it comes to becoming a singer. For every 100 people you approach, you will probably only get a response from 1 or 2 and they may not even be positive. Even when you do get on stage you may find that your style is not to everyone’s liking and you get heckled, and in these situations, you really need a thick skin. Don’t be demoralized, though, remember that every successful singer has to go through this period of rejection and that ultimately you will emerge on the other side as a better person and a more rounded singer.

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Have A Go-to Song

Singing in front of a new audience or at an audition can be extremely nerve wracking, so it is often sensible to have a go-to song that you can use at times when you are feeling uncomfortable or stressed. It should be a song that you have been singing for years that you know back to front and that perfectly fits your voice and vocal range, and ideally, it will be a classic hit that everyone knows. Maybe you are midway through a gig and the audience isn’t engaging with you? Well, now is the time to pull out your go-to song to restore a bit of confidence. Over time you may manage to fit 4 or 5 go-to songs in your repertoire so that you know that half of your set will be well received, leaving you in a better frame of mind to try out new material.

As we have discovered it is perfectly possible to become a singer in a month, but first of all you need the right tools in your bag, and positivity is the key. Without it, you’ll get nowhere. It is then a case of honing your skills via personal classes or online tutoring, and once you have your voice where it needs to be you can start marketing yourself. Boost your confidence by having a go-to song in your arsenal, and you will be better received by your audience. You will have to embrace rejection, but ultimately this will make you stronger. If you follow these tips then you will be well on course to achieve the goal of becoming a singer in a month.