Can a Phone Be Tracked by the SIM Card?


In the past, the phone was simply unusable without a SIM card. Not only did it allow us to call and send messages, but it also stored certain information that we need. Today, the phone does not need a SIM card for all these actions. The memory of the data stored by the phone has long exceeded the capacity of the SIM card.

However, most of us still use SIM cards because we want to have our unique phone number and we feel somehow safer. In general, people trust SIM cards much more than applications, since most of them can be deleted in two strokes. Although, you will wonder how secure your data is with the SIM card, including the location where you are. We are sure that you have at least once seen in action movies how one guy follows another one only with the help of a cell phone and his sim card. Mostly, what we see in the movies does not have to relate to real life, but scenes like this made us think: can my phone be monitored only with the help of a SIM card?


At the very beginning of solving this so-called mystery, we must keep in mind the fact that people generally trust technology and electronic devices more than they should. The privacy provided by electronic devices is low, especially in an era when the professionalism of hackers and cybercriminals is growing. However, if you are a simple, ordinary person, without many important secrets of interest to others, you do not have much reason to worry. These things can also help you, such as when you lose your cell phone or want to know where your child is right now.

The SIM card itself does not mean too much. It does not hold the transmitter and without adequate equipment, it does not have too much function. As such, it certainly cannot be traced. However, when you insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and turn it on regularly, things change a little. Every time you turn on the phone with the SIM card, the phone’s IMEI number, together with the serial number of the card, automatically travels to the nearest transmitter, ie mobile phone tower. So the tower closest to you receives a signal with an exact SIM card, phone number, and the name on which the phone is registered, or not registered, is located in the district where that tower is. If someone wants to follow you, this information can be useful to them. However, precise location, such as satellite or email, is not possible. Okay, what’s next? If you move and cross from the area where one tower is dominant (let’s call it to tower A) and enter the area where the other tower is in charge (tower B), this is already information that can be much more interesting. The person following you now knows in which direction you are moving and if he knows the roads of that region well, the thing is quite simple. For someone who follows you, or if you want to fight someone in your way, a big obstacle can be if a person with an interesting SIM card finds himself in an area where two or more towers are equally dominant. It would look like some intersection of towers A, B and maybe C. they all receive the same signal and it is not easy in this situation to track down the SIM card. All that remains is to wait for the signal strength received by one tower to increase.


However, this sounds much more interesting and simple than it is. Making an accurate assessment this way is very complicated, and very often the weather conditions are not conducive. The signal can also interfere with bad weather, battery power of the phone and similar circumstances. Also, if someone wants to hide (hopefully we’ve sure you’ve learned this from action movies as well) they’ll take shelter in some enclosed space or underground space. In these cases, the signal is almost completely lost. Some distractions can completely bother you in this whole action, but about them on another occasion.

So, tracking a mobile phone with a SIM card looks like a real detective story. It’s just a question of whether you want to find your mobile phone, someone specific or you are simply the ones you are looking for. The essence of the search is almost the same. If you know the unique SIM card number, the matter is resolved to some extent. Contact your service provider and ask for assistance. There are also many applications through which you can solve your doubts to some extent. Maybe your phone was lost or stolen, and if your SIM card was in it, you can easily locate your phone. For detailed help, just click here. This application is quite simple and in just a few steps you will be on the trail of your phone.


All this indeed sounds uncertain and you may have been afraid of your privacy and confidential information after this story, but not everything has to have a bad side. The search for mobile phones via SIM cards has saved the lives of many believe it or not. When a man, quite by accident or by force of circumstances, finds himself in an unknown situation or gets lost, it is enough that his mobile phone with a SIM card is turned on and his life can be saved. It may sound too cinematic again, but that’s the way it is. All you need is someone who wants to find you or report your situation yourself. The provider will immediately forward the sauce call and things can be resolved in a very short time.

On the other hand, if you want to hide from someone, or simply make things difficult for hackers and burglars, this information on how SIM card locating works can be of great help. Now you know how to block them or where to go.