Can I Ride My Escooter to the Shops

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Many factors influence your choice when buying an electric scooter. The speed they can develop, the distance you can cross with a single battery charge, whether it can be assembled easily and quickly, the color, the manufacturer. A lot will influence your decision. And of course the price. A positive trend of declining prices of electric scooters has been noticed, as there are more and more manufacturers and production is growing. So it becomes more accessible for every budget. For this reason, we see them more and more often, and people start driving them in all sorts of places.

What are e scooters?

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An electric scooter is a vehicle that has two wheels and whose power source is an electric motor with a rechargeable battery. The battery is adapted for charging in ordinary sockets, so you can charge at home or work, unlike electric cars, which generally require a different way of charging. The speed reached by average electric scooters is between 10 and 30 kilometers per hour, but there are also models that can reach almost 100 kilometers per hour. They are for experienced professionals and are very expensive. Battery autonomy varies from many factors, primarily from the weight of the driver, driving conditions and the like. For now, in most countries of the world, they are not regulated by law, so you do not need a driver’s license.

As problems with environmental pollution are an increasingly important topic, advancements in technology have enabled us to have vehicles like electric scooters that have multiple benefits for both us and our planet. And at, you can find everything about electric scooters which can be great before you buy one.

Can I Ride my Escooter to The Shops?

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Many people love using their escooters to get to where they need to be. Escooters are a very modern form of transportation that is also quite environmentally friendly. However, according to, you should not ride anything that could cause difficulties for pedestrians. While the law does not mention escooters, many people have translated it and decided that these should not be ridden on pavements.

If you want to ride your escooter to the shops, you may, therefore, consider riding it on a quiet road. This is where the 1988 Road Traffic Act can come in and put a dampener on things.

Using your Escooter Safely

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However, escooters have been built for use in urban environments and they are becoming increasingly popular. There is also encouragement among the riders to make people use their new modes of transportation safely. So what should we do until the law changes? Here are a few suggestions:

Do Not Ride On The Road

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You should not ride on the road under any circumstances, at least until the UK’s laws change. Motorists will not be able to see you and they won’t be looking out for you. Roads are not made for small wheels, so you’re likely to catch them in potholes or on uneven areas of the road. If you fall off your escooter when you’re on the road, you could be seriously injured. Stick to the pavement for now, even if the shop you’re headed for is just around the corner.

Do Not Frighten Pedestrians

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Be nice to other people. Don’t zoom passed them too quickly or too closely. You could hurt someone, so make sure you consider pedestrians and other pavement users.

Find an alternative route if you need to or use the pavement at a different time of day. Just make sure you don’t frighten anyone as you don’t want to give escooters and their riders a bad name.

Don’t Take Risks

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While you might feel the need to take a few risks, you should avoid doing so at all times. Expect a pavement’s surface to change, expect there to be inclines and unstable surfaces. Don’t take any risks as they could result in serious injury. If you’re not sure whether you can ride on a particular surface, don’t. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Plan Your Journey

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Plan where you need to be and how you’re going to get there. If the pavement is usually busy at 9 am, use it at 8:45 am. Think about the pavements you’re going to be using, are they narrow? Is there an incline? Try to use flat pavements that aren’t too busy. Your journey will be quicker in the long run.

Make Yourself Known

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When you’re using your escooter, you should make yourself known. Ensure that other people can see you. If you’re riding at night or in the early morning, consider wearing a high viz. You might also want to add a light to your scooter if it doesn’t already have one. You could also consider using a bell to warn people you’re approaching them. Anything you can do to make yourself more visible is good.

Stay Protected

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Protect yourself by wearing a helmet every time you use your new escooter. If you have a fall, you’re less likely to injure yourself. You might also want to think about wearing knee and elbow guards for extra protection. Yes, you might only be going to the shop, but accidents can and do happen.

Have Fun

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When you ride your new escooter, you should make sure you have fun. Riding an escooter can take valuable time off those commutes. Enjoy using your scooter, but make sure you do so in a safe manner. Acting responsibly will help other people see that actually, escooters are ok to use.

While UK law still needs to catch up with the laws in some parts of Europe, if you’re sensible, you could use your escooter to go to the shops. Just make sure you’re seen, you’re safe, and you ride responsibly. Sooner or later, you’ll be a legal escooter rider and you can take it wherever you need to go.