6 Things to Know Before Buying A Jewelry Gift

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Buying jewelry is an expensive endeavor that will cost you money. Thus, you should know what you’re buying before committing.

Jewelry is one of those things that can be the perfect gift for the perfect occasion. But simply buying the first thing you see isn’t a smart thing to do.

And with the holiday seasons slowly, very slowly, approaching, it is important to remember that nearly 1 in 3 people return their gifts.

Naturally, it would work in your best interest not to humiliate yourself and prevent such a thing. To help out, we’ve pieced together a list of the 6 things to know before buying a jewelry gift.

This article will help you select the perfect jewelry gift for the right person, and make sure that they love it.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Does the Person Even Like Jewelry?

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This is a very important thing to know as what use would a necklace serve is the person doesn’t wear it? Understanding whether the recipient of the gift truly has a thing for jewelry can potentially make or break your gift.

Sure, they might not wear jewelry on a daily bases, but that has nothing to do with the fact that they indeed like wearing. Making sure that your gift doesn’t go to vain is a very important thing that can be prevented early on.

2. What Type of Jewelry Do They Like?

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Picture this for a moment, you buy a pair of earrings but the person’s ears aren’t pierced. What do you do next? This is yet another situation that you’d likely want to avoid.

It’s safe to say that certain people love and hate a certain type of jewelry. And this solely stems from the fact that different people have different tastes.

Some might prefer necklaces, others might prefer earrings. A whole different section of the earth prefers to wear bracelets and so on. It’s safe to say that you have to make the right purchasing decision for the right person.

And to refer back to the previous section, you’d likely want to avoid the person returning the gift for something else.

3. Do You Know Their Jewelry Size?

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Same as with clothes, certain jewelry pieces have different size needs. This is most likely the case with rings and bracelets. If you’re buying a ring for a special someone, then you have to know their size.

It would work against you if you miss this up as you’ll likely end up being an embarrassment.

But how would you know their ring or bracelet size? Well, that’s easy. You can ask someone close to them if they know it, or always go for a slightly bigger ring if you’re unsure of it.

If this person is your mother or your spouse or any other family member, then you can take one of their rings for examination.

But, as we mentioned, it’s always better to go for a bigger than a smaller size.

There are dozens of online stores that you can buy any type of jewelry. One that we’ll recommend is Nano Jewelry, a place where you can buy gold jewelry online.

4. Understand Their Wearing Habits to Uncover the Perfect Gift

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Certain people never leave the house without a ring on them. Others prefer the necklace, while some prefer the bracelet. But it’s safe to say that not every person wears the same type of jewelry nor wears it every single day.

Most people, women, wear jewelry based on her outfits. They combine styles and make them matching to get the most out of both worlds.

Judging by this logic, you can try and uncover what the best type of jewelry would be. She might wear only sentimental pieces, so it’s best to look for something that mostly gives out those vibes.

Others might be more into fashion-pieces and certain gals prefer gold.

It’s safe to say that this is a rather tricky and hard thing to do, so might have to put in the hours just to make sure.

5. Is the Person Allergic to Metal?

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It’s obvious that people are allergic to all sorts of stuff. But one allergy that you’d hate to have and be a jewelry fanatic is metal allergy.

Out of the various metals that exist, nickel is the most common one out there. And that’s why you should make sure that the person that intends on wearing the ring isn’t allergic to metal.

Apart from nickel, other allergic materials include gold-filled wire, sterling silver, and every other high-quality metal piece. Eliminating the risk is very easy, fortunately.

All you need to do is look for pieces that aren’t comprised of these metals. Wood, ceramic, and even stone make for brilliant jewelry pieces and one that looks very exotic.

6. Things To Consider In Regards to Each Piece

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And finally, let’s look at more important things such as quality, style, and even return policy.

· Quality

It’s safe to say that certain pieces are made out of higher quality than others. This is the most important thing to look for when buying any piece as a gift. Making sure that you’re buying quality means you care for the person. We already know that moisture can have a detrimental effect on the quality of any jewellery, so you want to make sure this is avoided. You’ll also want to ensure that you take into mind the material you are cleaning. For example, you can check out Silpada’s guide to learn how to care for sterling silver.

· Budget

While the higher the quality the more you care for the person, it’s good to know that higher-quality pieces cost a lot of money. That’s why you need to create your budget and go in accordance with it.

And we’re certain that purchasing something very expensive as a gift won’t be that pleasant for the recipient.

· Return Policy

Remember when we said that you’d hate it if the person would return the gift? Well if everything we just said failed, then the person will most definitely return the gift.

In this case, you should research the store’s return policy and whether they allow pieces to be returned or exchanged. This is very important as you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive ring that no one is willing to wear it.