5 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Coffee Maker

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For those of us who like coffee, we really know how important it is in our lives. In fact, it could be said that our day to day revolves around this delicious drink. The day starts when we drink our first one. If there is one drink that has stood out worldwide, despite all cultures, it is coffee. Especially in modern society, where coffee serve as gasoline for human beings, a way to socialize, and even an art form. A few simple roasted beans made into drink have become the basis of our daily life.

Thus, buying a new coffee maker to meet our demands for this liquid gold is not a trivial task. You should ponder and take into account some important factors before making the purchase.

How does the espresso machine work?

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Once the ground coffee is placed in the pot and lightly pressed, the machine does the rest of the work. Basically it heats the water so that it reaches a lot of pressure (12 -15 bars) and makes it go through the pot where the ground coffee is. As the water is at a high temperature and pressure, coffee extraction is very fast.

The only task is to press it. If you press it too much, you will have very thick coffee. If, on the contrary, you leave it very loose, it will too much like water.

Regarding grinding, it is important that it has a fine grind.

Types of espresso machines

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Within the group of espresso machines we have three types of machines, according to Cuppabean.

-Semi-automatic: extraction must be controlled manually.

-Automatic: the extraction of it is done by the machine. In other words, you load the pot, lightly press the coffee, press a button and the machine does the rest. In this group are usually the, so fashionable, capsule machines. , instead of working with ground products, they work with capsules (which is basically ground coffee and vacuum packed so that it does not lose properties).

-Super-automatic: the machine itself grinds, presses it, and prepares it at the touch of a button. For more information on super-automatic espresso machines, you can click here.

If you are still not sure which type is best for you, before proceeding to the things you need to know, this website can help you narrow down your choice.

Things you need to know

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1. How much do you drink?

If you have a single cup in the morning to kick off your day with energy, a coffee maker that brews one by one would be the ideal model. However, If there are several at-home who drink it and more than one, perhaps one that prepares several cups at a time, like Italian coffee makers, it would be advisable, so as not to be preparing one followed by another and making a good tank at once.

In this sense, if you drink several, you can also opt for drip machines, which prepare a good tank and are electric. They are the typical ones that we see in American movies. They have a very simple operation and low prices. For more information click here.

2. Brewing temperature

If you like the good taste of coffee, the brewing temperature is another factor that you should consider before buying, since the correct temperature for an ideal preparation is usually around 80 degrees and some machines they do not reach such degrees. So, you must make sure that the machine you buy can prepare at this temperature, which, in general, all of them usually indicate it clearly on the box. If the model you like does not indicate it, or does not reach those degrees, it may be a good reason not to buy it.

3. Cleaning process

Something that has such frequent use and that is also to consume, you need to have perfect hygiene. For this reason, you also have to take into account how easy it is to clean since it is something that you will do practically constantly. Do you have time to dedicate it to it? Are you going to be able to keep it in good condition, require the cleaning it requires? You need to choose one that suits your lifestyle and not the other way around.

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4. Stainless steel or glass jug

In addition to aesthetics and design, there are other differences between a glass jug and a stainless steel one. The most important, it could be said, is the time they keep it hot once it is made. While a glass mug holds hot coffee for about 20 minutes or so, a stainless steel mug can hold it almost three times as long, also roughly.

Something that comes great when the one who gets up first prepares it and can leave it hot for the next to drink it, if he gets up a little later, and thus he does not have to reheat it or make one again.

However, a glass jug allows you to see how it is being made and also enjoy its aroma during the process. If for you the smell and seeing it before tasting it is something important, or not, it is something that you should also consider before choosing between a metal or glass jug.

5. Special characteristics

Another thing to consider when choosing the new one is what kind of features you want.

For example, if the first thing you do when you wake up is drinking coffee, a programmable machine that has everything ready as soon as your alarm clock rings, maybe what you need. You can also take into account, if after making coffee you have to clean it immediately, or not, in case you do not have time in the morning and what you do after drinking it, dressing and grooming, is running away without time for anything else.

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Today there are all kinds of machines with different characteristics, prices and designs to be limited to one that does not fully satisfy our demands. It is a relatively cheap investment, but of great personal importance to all of us who enjoy coffee. It is worth taking a few minutes to go through these things you need to know and then make a good purchase.