Does Your Business Need An Instagram Page


In the modern world, many industries are defined by their marketing. Some businesses allocate a hefty amount of their funds to marketing. This is to accurately showcase their services or products to the public. This practice is abundant in the Smartphone industry because marketing matters there

Other businesses such as milk suppliers are less reliant on marketing. There are even some businesses that rely on word of mouth and focus on the quality of their product. These businesses can market their products on Instagram.

Instagram started as a social media platform that offered users simplicity and accessibility. It has quickly evolved into a viable platform for small and large businesses. Many businesses are better suited for Instagram than other methods.

This is because Instagram offers a host of benefits to businesses at a minimal cost. The main question that arises is which business can benefit most from an Instagram page. Fortunately, today we have compiled which industries can grow with Instagram. Benefits of making a page are also summarised upon.

Which Businesses Benefit Most

Making an Instagram professional account brings many advantages to the business. Depending on the business this can be advantageous or a waste of time. Normally businesses that offer finished products are successful on Instagram.

Businesses that supply wholesale and custom services such as bags in box suppliers or can packaging machines benefit more from websites. Click here for more information. Here are three businesses that would get assistance from Instagram.

1. Clothes Businesses


One of the biggest gains in industries from Instagram is the clothing industry. Both small and well-known businesses are benefiting immensely from Instagram. People follow what they like and can potentially purchase from Instagram if they like something.

Thrifting stores offer consumers many used and new options. The ability to even sell your clothes can be attractive too. Simply put, people love clothes and certain designs can impulse them to purchase instantly.

2. Accessories Businesses


Many struggles to make big-budget transactions online. This is especially apparent on Instagram where reliability can be an issue. This is also why businesses that offer accessories flourish from Instagram.

These can be accessories such as watches or rings that people like. Accessories such as these at a lower value have high chances of being sold. Consumers will see designs that are not available nearby and purchase them based on the price.

Other accessories such as mobile phone covers or chargers also have a big market on Instagram. There’s something about not needing to put in much effort that makes these options more attractive.

3. Mobile Videogames


The mobile market for games has been growing rapidly. The market has evolved from small simple tapping games to full-fledged experiences. These experiences find Instagram to be a great way to advertise themselves.

Every other story on Instagram is an advertisement for a mobile game. Instagram has been giving these games a platform to showcase and advertise themselves. Games on Instagram have likely gained many new players over time.

Benefits Of Being On Instagram

Now that we know some examples of the type of businesses on Instagram. It is time to delve into the profound benefits it offers. These are going to benefit professional and business accounts. Instagram offers more advantages to business pages in comparison to normal pages that only provide tips such as gaming guides or home improvement tips.

1. Analytics


Instagram businesses accounts have better control over their analytics and statistics. This means they have access to information such as their post reach in regions. This can help businesses know which regions support their products more.

This can help them focus marketing for those regions more. Other statistics such as profile views and post interactions are also displayed. This can help businesses judge if their page is growing and at what rate.

2. Low Effort


A key advantage of Instagram is that most businesses do not need to spend much time setting it up. The format is already given and businesses only need to post their pictures and link their website. It takes little time to do all of this which allows the business to focus on other aspects.

3. Low Value


Perhaps the biggest advantage of Instagram business pages is the low cost attached to making them. In a world where businesses spend millions on marketing, Instagram stories and posts are a godsend.

There have been many success stories of small businesses making it big that started on Instagram. These are businesses that allocated their budget on quality and depended on Instagram for marketing and reach.

4. Sponsors


A tactic many businesses take is to invest in Instagram celebrities to advertise their product is service. This has been a growing practice by many companies that benefit both the business and the individual.

These accounts usually have well over a million followers and a single post or story can be beneficial. This allows businesses to spend less on marketing as their product or service is already advertised.


Instagram has been growing in popularity and size ever since it was created. Many realized its huge potential and have grown businesses out of it. Others have showcased their talents and raised millions of followers over time.

Instagram is on its way to becoming the go-to place for social interactions and also shopping. We hope you have learned about which businesses are on Instagram and how they benefit.