Residential Architecture: Building a House in Lahore


This blog will address some interesting questions for those considering buying or building their house in Lahore. This includes the why, the how and our expert advice on it.

Lahore is a city that never sleeps and has hundreds of marvels. It is known for its food, culture, art, and architecture.  These are a few reasons why everyone likes Lahore. However, the city is also known for its lavish bungalows and residential architecture. is on a quest to introduce you to the city’s changing architecture, the trends, and the top reasons one should build a house in Lahore.

Why Construct a House in Lahore?


Lahore is the second largest city after Karachi. It is an ever-growing city that attracts millions, and thousands want to build their own houses here. But what attracts them to Lahore?

Here are a few reasons one should build a house in Lahore:

Lahore is a Melting Pot of Culture

Lahore has a rich history resulting from millions of people coming to it from various cultures throughout the millennia. The city is adorned with architectural marvels that date back to the earliest people here, the Hindus, the Arabs, the Mughals and the Britishers. All of them gave Lahore its present shape.

This is also evident in its architecture as well. The house construction in Lahore is the perfect example of all cultures living in harmony. You will find old heritage sites in old Lahore and new and modern houses in the suburbs, a perfect example of transitioning culture.

Lahore is known for Construction

In Lahore, there is always something building. There are always construction activities, and they are focused on developing the city. The emergence of new housing societies in the city exemplifies this sprawl. The Lahore suburbs are becoming the hub of these residential construction activities, improving the city.

Lahore Residential Architecture is Unique

The architecture of Lahore is unique. It is reflected in this residential construction. Enter any residential society in the suburbs of Lahore, and you will find houses built on Spanish architecture, modern minimalistic design, Italian architecture and Victorian-style architecture.

This makes it the best place to witness the harmony of modern architecture.

How the Residential Architecture of Lahore is Evolving


Lahore Accept new residential ideas

Since Lahore has witnessed a massive cultural shift, the amalgamation of modern and classic architecture makes it a perfect example of acceptance of new ideas. You will find almost every style of construction and architecture in Lahore, and people like it.

For example, Bahria Town has a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower, which people like. This shows the curiosity that people have for new, fresh ideas.

Minimalist Architecture is on the Rise

Recently, polls suggest the new houses in Lahore are built on minimalistic design. People like to have spaces that are less showy and are purpose-built rather than focusing on the lavish nature. This is mainly seen in prominent housing societies like Lake City, DHA, and Bahria Town.

This shift is marked by a steady rise of smaller homes, such as 5 Marla houses, rather than the big mansions.

Apartment Culture

Apartment culture is new to the architectural landscape of Lahore. In Pakistan, especially Punjab, people focus on “owning” the land rather than living in a multi-storey building. This is one of the reasons apartment culture in Lahore could not get the attention it should have.

This, however, is changing with more residential societies, especially in the heart of Lahore, getting apartment buildings. This is a new trend in the residential architecture of Lahore.

Problems with Residential Architecture in Lahore


However, some apparent problems with Lahore’s residential architecture must be addressed to make it a city worth living even in the future.

Here are a few examples of the problems that may halt this progress:

  • Planning: The city lakes planning. There are so many societies, and yet there are too few regulations. This has given rise to a mushroom growth of residential societies.
  • Pollution: The problem of pollution has somewhat diluted the charm of Lahore as a metropolitan city. Smog in Lahore has engulfed the beauty of once-attractive places and, if not addressed, will harm the citizens.
  • Policies: Policies related to architecture in Lahore must be addressed as this will improve the livability, attraction and infrastructure. The current policies must have strict behaviour for the city to survive.

The Future of Residential Architects in Lahore

At the current pace of the changing architectural landscape in Lahore, it can be said that the future of residential architecture in Lahore will be a unique sight. There will be high rises like the ones we see in metropolitan areas of the world and economic houses in the suburbs. There will also be more modern styles as people get familiar with more cultures, but the unique South Asian style of architecture will remain in fashion for the foreseeable future.

The architects in Lahore will play an essential role in developing this landscape. Modern architecture is complex, requiring deft hands to make unique, mesmerising, yet blending ideas.


How Design Studio Helps Its Clients

If you are a resident of Lahore and planning to construct your own house, seeking professional architectural services can be a significant step in making your dream home a reality. Architectural firms are known for their deep understanding of clients’ needs, reflecting the city’s unique style, rich history, and potential future in their designs.

When embarking on the journey of building a house, it’s crucial to have a team that guides you through the process, from the initial discussions to detailed architectural planning. These services not only help in conceptualizing your vision but also in executing it with precision. Many firms offer comprehensive construction services, ensuring a seamless transition from design to reality.