Tips for Bringing Nature to Your Living Room Space


There is nothing more boring than living in a space that has no plants inside. Without the effect to lively up the space that they offer, you are set with a design that you will have a hard time finding comfort. As people, we still have that feeling that we need to be close with natural things outside us, even if our lives demand us to live in a way that we are in the moment.

Not only as things to design your place and make it more beautiful, but they also serve a purpose in making it cleaner, and bringing a healthier environment for you because of the things they do with the air, and the scents that will calm you down depending on what plants you choose.

Bringing nature into your living room space is not easy, and is highly dependent on what are the living conditions that you are in, or in other words where do you live. If you are living in an apartment that is small, you can’t have as many or as big plants as when you are living in a house or a place with big ceilings.

To make things easier, we have made this article to show you some of the tips that you should try to bring nature closer to your living space.

Have plants in every place you can put them

There is not too much nature involvement in your home if you are really into it. Placing plants everywhere in your home can give you a feeling of being free, and you will enjoy staying there more. However, you should think about places where you can put them to have your home look larger, and not to overcrowd it with greenery because you will not have space for other essential things.

To have your room look larger, you can place a mirror next to the plant so it reflects it and it will give you that sensation. Also, you have to think about having different kinds of greenery inside so it gives dynamics and makes it look better. Besides regular greenery, you should also think about flowers, so you add a little bit more color and make things more interesting.

Add Art


If you don’t have a lot of space in your apartment, you can always use paintings or prints. In case you are interested in Natural Park Art, or you simple love the paintings with nature theme, you can visit and choose a print/painting that suits you.

Have a tree


Depending on where you live, and how did you designed your place, you might have a problem with bringing trees into your living place. However, if you are preparing to build your home, you should think about having higher ceilings so you can fit a tree inside. That way you will feel like you are living in the woods while still being close to everything that you need.

In case you don’t have space for a tree that might grow big, you can have one that grows smaller or called a baby. You can place them in the corner, or near the windows so you can create an interesting place in your home.

Another thing that you should do, that many people are now hearing of, is having trees that develop fruits on them. Some of them might become too big for growing them in a room, however, there are some who are specially made to not become as high as the others. You can get them in any store that sells things like these and they will be an interesting asset to your living space because of the color that they give, and the smell as well.

Use materials in your furniture that came from the nature


If you plan on renovating or having some things replaced, you can think of using things that can be found in nature, so you can bring them in your home as well. Firstly, you can have the wood on your floors and you can choose the type that suits you the most both with the pattern and with the color. Also, you can have other elements, like having the top of the island of your kitchen made with stone or something similar to have something other than woods and plants around.

Think about having more and larger windows


In case you are preparing to build yourself the place for living, or you are making arrangements to change a couple of things, if you live in a house you can think about replacing the windows and getting larger ones so you can have more light come inside during the period where there is shine, and when there is no sun, you can still have it pretty bright inside. The greenery that you were planning to place inside will need that, and you will also have a better feeling staying there.

Another thing that involves the windows is adding ones above your head. That way you can look at the sky before you go to sleep which will calm you down, and you will feel like you are outside even though you are comfortable inside.

Think about plants that grow on a wall

An interesting thing that you can do is to get plants that grow on a wall, or get artificial ones if you don’t want yours ruined. You can have them on the wall that is behind your sitting place, to give an accent to the place, and to be the first thing that everyone notices when they come inside. Having a wall like that will give you a feeling like you are outside, making both yourself and the place where you live livelily.

Have fruits on the top of your tables


This is one of the easiest things that you can do to have your place looking better. Placing fruits or other products from nature in a bowl or another decorative piece can make a huge difference. The difference of color will attract everyone to look at that and admire the detail while wanting to have a taste of some of those products.



It is not that difficult to bring nature inside your living room space, however, there might be some challenges. You don’t have to do everything from this list because they are just some ways that it can be done. Depending on how much is enough for you, there you stop and admire your place. It is easy to transform afterward so you don’t have to worry that you might be stuck with this. We hope that you got some ideas from here and that you will have your space looking great.